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since i rarely go on here i still want to keep up with it therefore i’ll post questions using the writing block on livejournal feel free to answer in comments ^_^!

i have decided

November 13th, 2009 by cross_star_luv:hellokitty.com

for the future of the blog I’m discontinuing writing here; I have recently gotten addicted to another site that lets me keep a diary and that’s where i will continue the questions of the day

another decade

November 6th, 2009 by cross_star_luv:hellokitty.com

Nov 1st 2009

If you could go back in time to another decade, which decade would you choose and why? Would you want to return or stay there? What if you could bring one other person with you?

I guess for me it’s always been a dream to go back to the 60s and experience everything about it..

I’ve been interested in it for a long long time and I would probably want to stay there but I doubt i would bring anyone with me for fear that it might cause some sort of change that can’t be unchanged.


October 30th, 2009 by cross_star_luv:hellokitty.com

Do you tend to forgive and forget or hold grudges? What is the longest you’ve ever stayed angry with someone? Is there anything the other person could say or do to win back your friendship and trust?

I tend to hold grudges a lot; I guess the longest I’ve stayed angry at someone tended to be more than a few years and all the other person would have had to do was apologize

astrology time!

October 23rd, 2009 by cross_star_luv:hellokitty.com

 september 26 2009’s question of the day:

Do you believe in astrology? If so, how often do you check your horoscope and how does it impact your life? If not, do you get annoyed when people make assumptions about you based on your sign?

I believe in astrology and I suppose i check my sign quite often but i don’t base decisions around it like if it’s a bad day to go outside as far as my sign would say I’d still be likely to go outside.

It’s probably just for the conversation someone would have if they asked me about it.

soul mates?

October 16th, 2009 by cross_star_luv:hellokitty.com

October 9th 2009: Do you believe in the concept of a soulmate? Do you think you’ve met him or her? Do you ever worry that “the one” got away?

I do believe in the concept of a soulmate but i also believe people can meet many people who are like that.

So with that in mind, I think I’ve met guys like that plenty of times and yes i still have that worry that one of them was the one that got away.

Question of the day for October 9th

October 9th, 2009 by cross_star_luv:hellokitty.com

Do you know someone who’s struggled with addiction? How did it affect your relationship with them?

A: Actually yes I have;  it never really occured to me at times that it was an addiction. (I’ll use my mother as an example i guess).

It hurt me a lot more than I’d like to admit because she didn’t talk about it till she got caught and I felt like in a way I had gotten betrayed by her..

She’s hit rock bottom numerous times  and she just won’t learn so it’s hard to talk to her anymore.

today’s question of the day

October 2nd, 2009 by cross_star_luv:hellokitty.com

note: i probably won’t be doing too many surveys on here anymore i’ve decided to do them on another site

October 2nd: Are you planning to dress up for Halloween? How long do you typically plan your costume? Do you keep it a secret?

Why is everyone asking this so early? I mean I haven’t even thought about it much less cared..I guess I’ll have to dress up seeing as how i got invited to a party yesterday but that would be my only reason.

I think I’m too old and adult costumes are so expensive I mean 20 dollars is fine but when it’s like 40 or 50 I cry because i won’t wear it ever again unless i wear it to a convention..

The one i probably really thought about getting realistically was Wonder Woman and that’s because i could maybe pull it off..

As you can tell it’s not a secret XD

just a little bolding thing

September 25th, 2009 by cross_star_luv:hellokitty.com

I went shopping today.
I need some new shoes.
I ate ice cream today.
I haven’t had dinner yet.
I am arguing with my dad.
I am wearing short sleeves.
I’m drinking Pepsi or Coke.
My hair is pulled up.
My cheeks are really red.
I crack my knuckles often.
I held hands with someone recently.
I like tight jeans.
I have a pair of skinny jeans.

My socks are short.
I have a lot of tube socks.
I am very athletic.
I don’t understand most sports.
I have asthma.
My hair needs washed.
I had an eyelash in my eye today.
My lips are chapped.
I need to tone up, badly.
I spent a lot of money recently.
I have my drivers license.
I love walking in the rain.
I don’t care what people think of me.
I am disappointed in someone.
Today has been amazing so far.
My eyes are blue.
I am very pale.
I don’t like wearing bright colors.
I don’t mind socks & flip flops.
I have a really bad stomach ache.
I have had a sub sandwich recently.
I don’t like pickles.
I hate the taste of mayonnaise.
I prefer salty foods to sweet foods.
I prefer vegetables to fruits.
I have a summer job.
I have heard of The Ting Tings.
I watched the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show this year.

I wish it was summer, right now.
I used to love the show Growing Pains.
….and/or Step by Step.

I hate Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus.
My camera battery needs charged.
I love staying in hotels.
I enjoy long car rides.
I hate paying tolls.
I don’t like driving over bridges.

Question of the day for september 14th (monday)

September 18th, 2009 by cross_star_luv:hellokitty.com

 What is your dream job? Do you think you’ll ever have it?

I guess my dream job would fall between being a writer of some kind/being a musician of some kind I have a hard time deciding between the two of those and as it stands I’ve been not keeping up with my writing like I should be doing. I think it would be possible to achieve the goal if I wasn’t so afraid to go out and advertise my writing..

pick your favorite and least favorite

September 13th, 2009 by cross_star_luv:hellokitty.com

Pick your favorite out of the three choices.

carrots / tomatoes / cucumbers
strawberries / bananas / kiwis
oranges / apples / pears
lions / tigers / bears
trains / planes / automobiles
earphones / headphones / speakers
mice / hamsters / bunnies
cats / dogs / birds
reading for pleasure / reading for school / not reading at all
ocean / lake / pool
red / orange / yellow
green / blue / purple
pink / white / black
facebook / myspace / xanga
paint / markers / crayons
adidas / nike / reebok
soccer / football / field hockey
horses / cows / sheep
chickens / turkeys / pelicans
american eagle / a&f / hollister
coffee / tea / hot cocoa
salt / pepper / neither
romance / comedy / horror
hot / cute / charming
green eyes / blue eyes / grey eyes
the starting line / we the kings / coldplay
morning / noon / night
skiing / snowboarding / ice skating
coke / sprite / pepsi (unless it’s diet)
blonde hair / brown hair / auburn hair
rose art / crayola / sharpie
text / IM / e-mail
couch / chair / bed
camera / cell / ipod
xbox / wii / ps2
dora / boots / swiper
pretzels / chips / cheese doodles
guitar / drums / voice
hey / hello / hi
daisies / poppies / sunflowers
cabin / hotel / beach house
french toast / waffles / pancakes
baked potatoes / mashed potatoes / sweet potatoes
sandals / sneakers / heels
twister / connect four / sorry
uno / go fish / old maid
extra / bubbilicious / juicy fruit
lemon heads / lemonade / lemons

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