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Tanuki, the Dream Pet

 Tanuki design

My entry for the HKO Dream Pet Event!

A dream pet should be cute, not clash with my outfits (yes, it’s an accessory), make me giggle and help carry my stufflove. I like the idea of a little unpredictability during a pet hunt, too.

So allow me to intoduce happy noteTanuki:

Tanuki card

Since Tanuki is a famous shape-shifter, he can disguise himself as any creature in Sanrioland. That means you can’t just find a Tanuki, run up to it and start bashing it for a few days in order to get a Tanuki card. Tanuki is too devious for that.

That cute little Squeet you just hit? It’s possible that Squeet was a Tanuki in disguise. Tanuki is cunning, and he’ll drop the same items as the creature he’s posing as. That’s what makes him such a sought-after pethappier note.

 If you know anything about Tanuki, you’ll know that a part of his body is rather over-sized. This allows Tanuki to possess a large, ten slot inventory.

Tanuki has a large tummy, too, and it makes a great sound, like a drumhappy note. If you have a Tanuki as a pet, you’d better pay attention to his hunger levels. Other pets may simply let you know they want food, but Tanuki simply isn’t satisfied with that!

Hungry Tanuki causes mischief

The Tanuki of legends used to turn leaves into money, and venture into towns to buy sake. Then the vendor would discover they’d been tricked when the money turned back into leaves.

A pet Tanuki can do that, too. But he’ll turn all his inventory items to leaves until you satisfy his hunger. Serves you right!

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9 Responses to “Tanuki, the Dream Pet”

  1. Says:

    Wow! This is the most detailed one so far!! Nice job! ;) Tanuki is very cute. :3

  2. Says:

    woooooo Tanuki issssss sooooo cuteeeeeee. Good job!!!!!!. Congrats!!! :)

  3. Says:

    aww ! so cute sana ! great job !

  4. Says:

    Sweet comments ^w^ Thank you!!

  5. Says:

    omg! i want one now!

  6. kirke_nl Says:

    congrats on 2nd plade my co! very well deserved!!! hurrah!!!!! xo kir

  7. Says:

    Thank you!!! Tanuki changed leaves into LP, yay!

  8. Says:

    hey 5ana this is cute

  9. phyto youth 450 Says:

    I couldn’t resist commenting. Well written!

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