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About that apology……. I’m so sorry I haven’t been blogging, er, well, blogged in a week!!!!! I feel terrible D; I kept telling myself “Blog. Just blog.” But, no. T^T So I’m dedicating today’s blog to Jamie-wa! because she Really wanted me to blog today XD So here goes.

Okay, school wasn’t that good this week, it kinda’ sucked actually. But then as I was walking home from the bus stop & I see this package in front of my door & try not to get excited about what I thought it was, but it Was what I was thinking it was! Last week I ordered some kawaii school supplies offline & they finally arrived! Yay! -Blows party thingy- So I took Loooots of pictures for Jamie & everyone to see! ^^

photos-229.jpg The stash…

photos-230.jpg It really does smell like strawberries!

photos-231.jpg Isn’t that super cool?!

photos-234.jpg Adorable Mamegoma HB pencils! (I won’t use anything else XD)

photos-235.jpg Pretty!!

photos-236.jpg They gave me a free button-pin with my order! How nice of them! :3

photos-237.jpg English notebook…

photos-238.jpg The back.

photos-239.jpg Math notebook?? I dunno’ yet…

photos-240.jpg & The back.

photos-241.jpg My French notebook! (Makes sense no?)

photos-242.jpg & The back.

photos-243.jpg   Folder!

photos-244.jpg Folder!!

photos-245.jpg Folder!!!

photos-246.jpg Foldeeeer!!!!!

photos-247.jpg Notebook for Music when I have it next semester.

photos-248.jpg  Kawaii!!
So that’s my stuff! I wouldn’t use any American stuff this year. Or for the rest of my life… XD Even my pencil sharpener is Korean ^^

So I hope you’re happy Jamie! Byyyyye!

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