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Today was… nothing out of the blue. Made plans for tomorrow, talked on the phone for Hours, spray painted a little. Oh & it was Soo nice outside tonight.

So tomorrow Teal’s Probably coming over during the day & maybe possibly if she does, is waking me up as I will be leaving the key outside for her to get in XD Then when my mom gets home she’s taking Teal home & I’m headed over to Jamie’s to spend the night, where we will go insane & take lots of pictures of mainly Nessie. Then the next day we will rise at the sound of the rooster (Not really, but XD)  & will drive to Tampa where we will spend Hooourrrs in the Korean food store. ^^ After that instead of going to church for Mutual I will be going with Jamie to Her ward’s Mutual to go fishing since we’re not going to the church. Hoorah XD
Oh! & Remember the basket that all my birthday/moving up stuff came in?? Well I spray painted it to beautiful-ness! I Was gonna’ just spray paint it white since it was missing some paint in a lot of places, but I found some awesome pink spray paint instead! Then I sprayed it with some ‘webbing’ gold glitter spray paint stuff & it looks Amazing. & The paint has like enamel stuff in it so it kinda’ sealed the basket stuff & is much sturdier ^^ I’m using it for letters I get since it’s like the Perfect size.

photos-020.jpg *Sheen sheen* I guess “XD

photos-022.jpg Wooh la la XD

So, that’s today! ^^ Lot’s of bloggin’ tomorrow! XD! Byyye!

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