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The Kyushu Extravaganza!

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

Yay! Time to share my other travel tales!

 Brought to you proudly as I participate in


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This time, i would like to share about Kyushu. There’s so much to do there! I spent a good 15 days travelling around the entire area. Thankfully i bought the 15 day pass that allowed me to take on any train to anywhere in Kyushu!


I took a flight from Singapore to Taiwan so that i could take the Hello Kitty Plane to Kyushu. Never knew there was a Hello Kitty Plane until i was randomly yahooing on the net, and yes, i just had to sit in it! It was really exciting walking into a plane filled with Kitty tunes and Kitty food and Kitty seats and Kitty toiletries! It was like OMG!




When i finally arrived at Kyushu, i headed down to Ultraman Land. My husband simply loves Ultraman! He had to stay just opposite the land so that he could conveniently enter it everyday for the next 2 days we are spending here.

 untitled-3.jpgWe checked in here!

We didn’t really know the language well, but got some hints on the net on how to get to the place, and since it was raining, we took a cab to the hotel. And guess what’s next?

YES! Stood outside Ultraman land, waiting for it to be opened. It was about 1.5 hours! We hovered around the place and took lots of pictures. My husband even ran up the hotel again to take a pic of the entire area.


The wait was worthwhile though, the characters were really cool on stage. They had the fancy laser lighting, really good kungfu! Signature poses!


 The stage performance was filled with really great lighting effects! All the drama and exchange of blows. Wow wow wow! There are different show times, the ones in the weekend is more exciting! More characters would appear in particular all the old series one and they would be involved in a fight where the old series one are like advisors to the new ones.


Like Puroland, they also had the Meet and Greet session. The only difference was that Puroland is cute, but Ultraman had cool stunts and wow macho! We can choose to take pictures with them or request that they do some stunts for us.



They also had some cute mascots, apparently according to my husband, they are monsters helping the human race. Really Kawaii! Round and incredibly huggable. What amuses me most was when i saw Ultramen is Christmas Costumes doing the Meet and Greet and better yet DANCE! It really tickled me pink!

untitled-24.jpg High pitched kawaii monsters!untitled-25.jpguntitled-23.jpg

That wasn’t all! We soon found out that they had a cafe which served Ultraman delicacy. Not only does it taste good, it also looks terrific! I really must put more heart into cooking, never thought that rice could be shaped so wonderfully. With creativeness and more patience, I believe that i can whip up a combi of Ultraman and Hello Kitty meal. When i do, I’ll be sure to post it here. Loved the ambience, where the background was filled with animations on a screen. Many of which belonged to the old series, so naturally my husband was ecstatic, and they also had the masks of all the Ultraman as decor. So my husband was happily snapping all the photos he could possibly gather! The interesting part was Ultraman i think is Mebius came out to serve lunch to children celebrating their birthdays.


The hotel also gave us a really good offer for the Mitsui Green Theme Park(also decorated with Ultraman) just next door, so we went there the very next morning and rushed back in time for the Meet and Greet. Different characters turn up on different days!


The theme park’s rides were exhilirating! I never stood upright and rode on a roller coaster before! The 360 degree turn drove my adrenaline level to a MAX! Wow! I felt as if my whole body was flying away.


We also tried archery, golf, racing, heating monsters, and even catch dolls with what i nicknamed the catch catch machine!



Mine’s the 2nd one from the left!

There were also many buildings and activities to participate in. Like catching fish in a rotating belt! If i have had managed to catch 20, i would have won the grand prize and a 100cm doll! Ah! but my catching skills needs to be furthered improved. Guess i would start training on the Wii first. Haha!


I even had my fortune read by wandering into this Egyptian palace, where i had to make different choices and based on my choices, different doors were opened and led to various places. At first, i thought i would have a chance to see a real MUMMY, but ha, i was thinking too much.


After walking around this humongous park, I landed myself in front of a haunted house, Hospital themed. I really regretted agreeing to enter the place with my husband. But he kept persuading me to at least try it out once in my life. And yes, i lead myself to the fright of a lifetime. The roller coasters were much better.


We had to hold electronic flame torches to go in and that would calculate the fright level we experienced throughout the entire journey inside. The darkness really overwhelmed me, so did the soft squeashy floor. I nearly thought i was walking on intestines, since the operating theatre was just up front. Then, we had corpses swinging around and I had to jump around them to prevent being hit.

Out of the blue, a bandaged man jumped in front of me and i screamed my lungs out. So much so that the actor after jumping out and then went into hiding had to come out again to check that I haven’t fainted or died in any manner. My husband nearly had a heart attack, he said my screaming was much scarier than the haunted house. Trust me, haunted houses are a NO NO! I manged to survive the journey. Luck must have been on my side. When they did the calculation, i overshot the maximum score by 10 times……………………………………………….

They had really interesting posters too. Check this out!


The cute thing about this theme park was I had the chance to live like a penguin, well at least for a while. It was already rather cold outside, inside, i froze!


All in all, a really nice theme park. Well, when we got back to the hotel, guess who we caught in action?



We should have booked the Ultraman room earlier, but who would have know that we had to book at least 1 year in advance? Oh well, it was still quite an adventure!  

Food was great as usual. There was this bear place with excellent noodles! They had this self-service machine where we had to buy tickets for the food. There weren;t any pictures of the food so we just tried our luck! Thankfully, ramen noodles and curry rice came out.


Another theme park that we went had this extremely curved roller coaster! Can’t really remember the exact name of the theme park, Astroworld or something…

Back to the ride, the speed of the roller coaster was so incredibly fast that at the first ride, i didn’t even had the chance to scream. I was too stunned. Just look at the angle!


WOW isn’t it? Really love roller coasters! There was another indoor alien adventure we went for, we enter a little spaceship and they had this 360 degree view of the battle scene we were supposed to be engaged in! So much better than computer games, it’s LIVE!


And after touring around these theme parks, how can i miss out on the most important theme park. Hello Kitty LAND!! or otherwise better known as HarmonyLAnd.


It’s a different feel from Puroland since it is an outdoor theme park. Yes, got there by cab again from the station, there wasn’t any bus to take unlike UltramanLand. The adrenaline rush as i neared the place is the best feeling one can get. I think screaming had become a common phenomena this trip. Haha!

The Kitty Palace, though similar to that of Kitty house in Puroland had a touch of difference.


There was this grand fountain place, lots of jewellery and bags on display! But mostly things stayed the same. I really love this couch on the right. Just had to fall into it every time i see it, no matter Puroland or Harmonyland.


The outdoor nature of it, not only sends delightful breezes over, but it helped me to find my youth back! Look at all those sweet rides…… so sweet.



In order to get to the water ride, we climbed mountains and sat escalators down to another section of the park.


All the sweat was definitely worth the while! How i wished that I could just keep staying in the river of LOVE!

The restaurant was really cool. Kitty all over! Yeah!


And needless to say, the performance was spectacular!! The whole performance was about Noah, who is played by Dear Daniel.





Ok, Kyushu doesn’t only have theme parks, it is also filled with many natural wonders. In Beppu, geysers, hot springs, boiling mud pools are aplenty.




Always saw these on TV, geography books, it’s good to see the real thing.

untitled-34.jpg& guess who is looking?

And since we were at the hot spring area, we must have hot spring eggs!


I ate 5 and my husband at 12! talk about cholesterol!

Here are some other sights we caught along the way!

 untitled-30.jpgnot sure what this is, but i like the architecture!





For shopping, especially for pets’ stuff, I loved Aeon shopping mall. Hope to go back soon.

That’s all for Kyushu, hoped that you would have a chance to experience the delights I have had! :)