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Kitty Yum Yum

Saturday, September 27th, 2008


Found couple of my old pictures and realise that kitty has a huge variety of snacks and foodstuff. Really reminsence the days when i had kitty meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner :)


Won’t it be wonderful if there is a kitty outlet for food and beverages for every country? Well, at least one outlet where sanrio fans can spend their day enjoying the sweetness of every bite?


Hello Kittying all weekend!

Sunday, September 21st, 2008


WOW! I just managed to buy a copy of the 3D animation series! I waited for so long for it to be launched in stores. I was wowing the whole time, managed to watch till episode 8 before i decided to blog and share my happiness. I really loved the movement of Kitty’s ears, so adorable and unbelievably causing me to have an adrenaline rush and i want so much to hug her!

Even thought the stories are more for children but, the images were really good! Wonder if there would be a movie for Kitty and friends in 3D?

Thumbs up for the team that made Kitty so lovable in 3D!!

Really hope to own them…..

Sunday, September 21st, 2008

Kitty comes out with stuff quite often, but because i am not in Japan, it is just so difficult to own them since many are for sale in Japan only. Haiz……

Stuff i wish to own:

260568_1.jpg 059196_1.jpg




The list just goes on and on!

Life is only complete with Kitty

Saturday, September 20th, 2008

As they say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, for me it’s a Kitty picture a day keeps me smiling all day!

Plus if i can immerse myself in a Kitty Shop all day, that’s LIFE!

I really love the Kitty deco in Japan, they do put a lot of effort into it.


The huge pictures of Melody and Kitty are so alluring. The pinkness of the entire store layout is HEAVEN! I could just camp in the store.

I wonder if I should open my own Kitty store, if i do, i’ll definitely have one of those candy vending machine.



Little bits of paradise

Saturday, September 6th, 2008


I am really glad that the Travel the World contest is being conducted. It gives me an opportunity to share with all my little bits of paradise :)

SanrioTown Travel the World event -

My paradise lies in Puroland. A world of happiness and constant immersion in happy tunes. At the break of dawn, I took a quick breakfast at the hotel and took the train there, continuously transferring trains(though there was a straight line, but apparently only arrives at a much later timing) in order to reach Puroland at the fastest possible time!

Train trip

I really loved the Mascot interactions and performances! The Mascots were really up close and personal! Bad badtz banged itself to my camera, Kerropi jumping around me, i also attempted to see what was in Cinamonroll’s flamboyant head attire. Wow, an indescribable experience. 

The performaces were awesome!! A display of magical wonder which is acrobatic in nature and not to mention, spectacular and beautiful! I couldn’t help feeling extremely excited when Kitty made her way in her lovely carriage to where I was seated at. At that point of time, i was contemplating if i should wave to her or take a picture. What a difficult decision!

There were also interesting areas in the park, like the bell of happiness. The chimes wonderfully sends good wishes especially for couples in love :D 

kt    bb

Look how Kitty grooves in her dances! Wow! This was part of her Angel performace where she, Daniel and Melody convinced Kuromi out of her misendeavours. So sweet.


There were lots of plushes displayed, how i wish they were all mine!(hmm, may redecorate my room) Aren’t they incredibly cute?b

Hunger is not a problem, tastefuly designed foodstuff are readily available! I especially loved the Hello Kitty foodstuff. Check it out! Haha, kitty attacking kitty buns!




In fact, I also joined the dancing contest held there. Though not a good dancer, but I was eagerly doing my best to the Christmas song played with Kitty by my side! The best part was when Kitty presented my prize to me. It was as though time came to a standstill and Kitty held me warmly in her arms.

Puroland really caters to adults and children alike!

Banzai Puroland!!