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Here and There… @.@;


Missing Kitten… :3

Hmhm… The International HKO Founders were invited to HKO-NA (North America) Closed Beta, the CB was begin since September 1, 2009. But… I failed attending this big reunion so far… T-T

My dial up connection didn’t want to cooperate with me, sobs…! T-T
I’ve tried almost every day since last week downloading the HKO Client using the Downloader they gave us, I left the the download running while I go to work, and every time I got home I always got this same message:

TimedOut T-T

I really prefer they gave us a torrent file to download the client, but I know 1 person who gonna against it, lol! ;)

I’ve decided to invade my sister’s place this weekend on the neighboring city, she got better internet connection, I’ll try downloading the Client from there. Wish me luck, guys! ^^

I have more to write… but I think I’ll continue and edit this post more later when I have more time… :P

SEA Commercial Preview


Wheeeee, just a quick post before going to bed >.<

Today is the HKO SEA Commercial Preview, finally we can check new stuff on Item Mall, and there’s events too on this CP, I just found out about the events today :p

The Item Mall using LP are so pricey though T-T ,  hm… I tried few items there, love the sunshine hat, it’s cute~ ^^


Later at night, Meow suggested lining for a word formation and somehow it was decided by all to form an HKO ^^ , aahahhah…, it seems like forever, the lines were messy at first, but bit by bit finally it started to form, thanks to GM-Jam too XD

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I really thought the extension would be longer, I didn’t expect it’d be ended that soon >.> , yeap… The SEA FB was closed on Wednesday, July 23, 2009, 11.59PM +8GMT until the next launch. I hope later at the Commercial Launch there will be a whole lot more people playing on SEA ^-^ . Until the CL, I guess I’ll be in my specialty mode, the “slumber” mode for now… :p

*poking his master to get up with no success :p

Adventure on SEA :D


And Then There Were Three >.<


The HKO SEA Founder’s Beta ;) , it was began on 22nd June 2009, and today is the last day, or so we thought… >.< We were gathering on Harbor, chatting aimlessly XD . As time goes by, one by one logging off T-T , it was an emo time…


Suddenly Ghost back online and GM_Kitolo got online too, without much delay, GM_Kitolo surprised us with his new announcement, yeap… the server won’t be closing today… there will be another extension XD


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A Scarecrow Story… :p


Ahahah! I’ve just read cross_star_luv’s Spirited Away review, I love that movie :3

Reading it reminds me of another Studio Ghibli’s movie, Howl’s Moving Castle, there’s a Scarecrow named Turnip in there, Sophie (the main character) accidentally found him upside down, thinking it was a nice wood stick good for a cane, and voila~ when she managed to pull it from the bush, she found out it’s actually a Scarecrow ^.^; The Scarecrow went *boink boink* following Sophie since then and helps much along her adventure :D

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Happy Birthday Badtz-Maru!


April 1st!!! Today is Misfits guild mascot birthday! Hahaha! ^.^ Actually, we share Badtz among several guilds as mascot, and I bet he enjoyed his popularity among these guilds :p

Happy birthday Badtz-Maru! <3


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My Favorite Spot in HKO :D


At this time, I don’t have much screenies of me in this comfy place (personally), yep…I always enjoy my times spent there, in the Kitty Bow in Sanrio Harbor =D

I love “wasting time” or sometimes spying quietly the map chat in there, and without I realized it I’ve started posing for a screenie everytime I got a “cool” gadget in there too, lol!

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Baaaad Spy


Okay, I was caught spying an HKO Bloggers’ Screenie Event held by Ripplecloud, and that’s why finally I create a blog, yup..yup… this is first post… :p

You can read more about the mini-event from Ripple’s blog, 40th entry.

Before and After My Undercover…

Before I came to Palaise de Versailles, Paris (where the mini-event took place), I was busy designing and sowing a maze in my farm, not really a maze because you can freely trespassing the trees, but well… I like it :p

Maze screenies before I went to Paris:



Maze screenies after I got back from the 2nd photoshoot at Madame Tussaud, London:

Bi and tigerlyly visited my maze =) From left to right: Bi, tigerlyly, Cipre.




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