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Pretty Exciting for me.

As you can read the title, I was pretty happy yesterday except for the fact that I skipped 2 of my classes.  I woke up so late and then I finished my cct204 lab that’s due at 5pm.  It was drawing a lamp on Adobe Illustrator so it wasn’t so bad.  After that was handed in, I was CPQing on Maple Story.  After that, I went to school to my cct260 tutorial and it ended early, the prof was teaching us to use cascade stylesheet.  It’s sooo easy on Dreamweaver!  I don’t know how I did it on notepad before!  Anyways, after class, I picked up my cct204 assignment, the board game, and I got 82% on it!  I was sooo happy when I got it back because it’s a really high mark!  Then I picked up Anie at Fraeya’s house and drove her home, then went to pick up my mom.

    When I got home, I started playing Maple Story again like usual.  AJ was helping my pirate girl level up so we CPQed together with Bell as well.  You see, CPQ requires 2 teams, good thing I got 2 computers and a CPQ mule so it worked out fine!  My pirate leveled up 3 times!  It was great!  Then AJ had to leave because apparently, he’s sick -_-’  I shouldn’t have kept him helping me.  I felt bad.  Then Long wanted me to go Zak with him and the group because people in the guild wanted zhelms.  He wanted attackers so I used Glenny’s nightlord.  What happened was, we needed a DK and a bishop.  We were able to find a bishop but not DK so Long told me to go on his DK so I did.  This is my first time using my laptop to Zak.  I already had a feeling this run was going to be a failed one and I was right!  Everyone died…  I ran out of pots so I had no choice of course.  Long soloed Zakum and I saw it!  It was amazing!  Something that totally made my day!  Congrats to him!  After that, I was going to go CPQ but instead, I chilled on Maple Story instead.  Went to bed at like 7am.  That’s it!  Here’s a picture of Long soloing Zakum.  I will also post a picture of my board game! Please comment if you read!

      Click the image below for clearer view of Long soloing
      Longie510 is PRO!

        Click the image below for clearer view of my board game
        Rainbow Hop

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