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Diren Grey in Toronto?

too much happened…  going to write about this tomorrow, I am half asleep. _____________________________________________

Now, it’s tomorrow so I am going to write about yesterday! I am still so very tired of course. I started my day with waking up sooo late, Melissa called me at around noon and telling me that it’s already noon, and I told her to call me at about 1:30pm to wake me up so we can both get ready. She did that and then came over to my house. Then we got dressed, that took a while actually! I totally didn’t expect that! We were supposed to pick up our ticket for Diren Grey from this girl that’s selling her ticket at 4:30 at Dundas station! This girl is selling her ticket for $35. I am not a fan of Diren Grey or Jrock in general so Melissa paid for the ticket. We left my house at around the same time we were supposed to be at Dundas station! That’s really bad because it does take about 1 hour to get there and also, it’s sunday! Buses are extremely messed up on Sundays. We got to Dundas station at 6:30pm, yea, 2 hours late. We have been calling that girl numerous of times saying and even texted her, but no answer. Then when she decides to pick up her call, she told us that she decided to go to the concert! So we were like thinking what we should do because I needed a ticket to get in. We then went straight to Guvernment nightclub, where the concert is held. There were people selling tickets, and I am saying overpriced tickets! Thank god I can bargin! This guy was like selling it for $60, I was like “we don’t have $60, how about $35? Because that’s all we have.” He was like no, the tickets are sold for $41 so I want to make a profit. Then I told him fine, $45! Then he gave it to us. We were left with soo little amount of money to the point where I was scared we won’t be able to get home T___T. We were waiting in line in the cold to get inside the place. There was this random creepy guy talking about God and stuff and it did creep me out!

    When we got inside, first thing I said was “OMFG! This place definitely brings back memories! First time clubbing!” The opening band were still playing so me and Melissa were just chilling. After a while, I saw a lolita walk by! I was like OMFG! LOLITA! <3333s It was a girl that I met at Anime North this year at my panel and my lolita tea party! I was very glad to see her there so I chilled with her for a bit. Then when the opening band was done, people came out to fix the drums and equips to make sure everything is working properly. This one guy who had blonde hair looked like the drummer for Diren Grey so people were screaming and stuff. Whatever… Then when they came out, it was crazy! I can’t believe these fans are just CRAZY! Then I told Melissa that I will go more to the front so I can take some pictures for her. As I was going into this craze, I was practically squished. I was trying to take pictures but it was very hard. Only a few of the pictures turned out alright, not even excellent. It was very hard to stand still in that crowd so it was very hard to take good pictures. Plus it’s really dark in there so even with flash, pictures turn out blurry so no flash is a definite nono. After a while of taking pictures, this lady was trying to find a 9 year old girl who’s got asthma in this mosh pit. I don’t know how I was going to help her but I tried to get further into the crowd and try to get her in as well. She couldn’t find her at all though. I wanted to leave the crowd because it is just a dangerous place to be, I could’ve died any minute there! As I was leaving, this 16-17 year old boy was trying to get out of the crowd and screamed something like “OMFG! LET ME OUT! I AM GOING TO DIE!” He did look like he was going to faint or something, he was falling over too. I then took his wrist, and quickly told him I was going to get him out of there. Then, I pushed people around and shoved too and because I am small, it was easier for me to go around places so I managed to drag this kid out really fast and of course he thanked me. Wow! I have become some lifesaver! Then I ran into that woman trying to find her kid so I went with her to the other side of the crowd and started searching again. This time around, it was harder to get through so we gave up after a while hoping they will reunion after the concert. At this time, I don’t know where Melissa went. This isn’t great because her cellphone ran out of battery and she was holding my because I accidently answered the phone when her mom called (I didn’t know it was her mom’s number) so she was holding it. So I went around the whole place looking for her, I didn’t want to go back to the mosh pit area though so I was like ok, I will see her after concert. I was afraid that she left the place.

      Then after the concert, we went home. Waited for the bus in the cold. We then got on the bus. This random psycho dude got into the bus after a few stops from the one I got on. He kept saying fuck and stuff really loud, then he got kicked off the bus and everyone was laughing. What’s bad was that Melissa and I don’t know where to get off because we are familiar with Toronto so she wants me to go ask the driver. In order to get to the driver, I have to walk past that psycho dude! That was something I totally didn’t want to do but you know, I sucked it up and went to the driver and asked him. Just like 2 stops or so after, the driver yelled at that crazy guy and kicked him out. When we got to subway station, I called up my mom saying I was at Sherbourne station and told her to start coming and she said ok. Then we got on the subway, and started camwhoring a bit then got to Kipling. My mom wasn’t there so I was sooo pissed off, I called her and she said she didn’t leave the house yet. I was like OMFG! It was soooo cold and Melissa had to go home. Then I drove Melissa home after taking her bag from my house and then I got home, ate like a pig, played some Maple Story and waited for Gavin to call but he never did. Then I went to bed because I was sooo tired. That was my day! Here’s a picture I took at the concert! Please comment if you read!

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