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January 14th, 2009 by

I love snowboarding and I finally got to go last saturday after 2 years of not going!  My friend David ask me if I wanted to join them going to Blue Mountain so of course I said yea.  We went for night snowboarding because no one ever wants to wake up early especially because I went clubbing the night before and so did Jon, another friend who went snowboarding.  It was definitely a very lucky day for me because David found a snowboard for me so I didn’t have to rent a board, only those snowboard boots.  When we got there, I got lucky as well, some group of 3 people got day passes that includes day and night and was selling it to me for $25 so I immediately bought it.  I checked that lift ticket for night snowboarding is about $35-$40 so I saved some money.  All night of snowboarding costed me a little less than $50 so it’s amazing!  I would’ve had to spend close to $100 if it wasn’t for the spare board and the cheap ticket.  That was my snowboarding day!  I think that’s all I have for updating and I am still in pain after 3 days because of all the snowboarding.  I got a bruise on my left knee and it hurts.  It’s ok, I love snowboarding so much so that I want to go again once more before the season is done.  I wish I got pictures but I don’t.  Sorry!  Hope you enjoy!

My New Years!

January 3rd, 2009 by

Let’s say goodbye to 2008 and hello to 2009!  I had a very good new years eve/new years!!!!!  First time in my life that I have spent it with my friends and partying as well!  At first, I didn’t think my new years would be the best but it turned out to be the greatest that I ever had!  At first, me and my best friend Anie were going to go to Liberty Grand (a club which cost $60) but then it’s far from the hotel we were in for hotel party with friends so we flopped on our friend Jeremy, but whatever.  We then were just going to go to the hotel party, get trashed and that’s it.  The day of new years eve, she called me up and decided that we should do both clubbing and hotel party!  Then she quickly called up a few promotors asking for tickets to clubs.  With the help of Jan, one of the people that were going to be at the hotel parties, we managed to find a place that was hosting an Asian night.  Anie told me that she called 2 clubs which are Level Nightclub and Seven Lounge.  We ended up getting tickets for Seven Lounge which was $40, way better than $60 at Liberty Grand.

My brother drove me and anie to hotel party at around 9pm and got there almost 10pm.  We were kind of late but that’s ok since a lot of them haven’t showed up yet when we got there.  Then we were getting ready at the hotel for clubbing while also chilling with people there.  We were wearing the lingerie that we got at La Senza since we wanted to match.  We then found out about this wrist band policy that was going on at the hotel after 11pm where everyone who enters the hotel requires wristbands to get in.  That’s not cool because if we go clubbing, we will be back at around 3-4am which means we will need wristbands.  The room only got 2 wristbands and not everyone was there before 11pm so it was an issue.  We still went clubbing without worrying about that anyways.  Me and Anie had some alcohol before leaving the hotel.  I had 1 mix drink of Baileys and chocolate milk and also a Malibu mixed with mango juice.  Very yummy!

We left the hotel at around 11:15pm, we were supposed to leave at the latest 11pm but we were 15 minutes late for our schedule.  We took the taxi to Seven Lounge which was like a 5 minute drive there so the taxi ride was under $10 which is good!  Got to the club, we had to wait outside because the coat check area was full and they need to get people in first.  It was so cold outside, -12 degree Celsius and in lingerie!  When we got in, we did the coat check, then went into the club.  I thought it would be great because it’s new years eve but the music they were playing wasn’t so exciting, the crowd was alright but not enough people and no one was really dancing.  Then we found the dance floor which was SOOO SMALL, very unbelievable!  Then me and Anie got each of us a Smirnoff ice, started drinking.  Since it’s a lounge, there’s a lot of sitting areas so we sat somewhere started just chilling and drinking because it wasn’t so hyped.  Random guys started trying to pick us up and it was annoying because they are ugly and just annoying!  I pretty much ignored them but Anie kept talking to them.  After a while, they left.  Then we camwhored a little bit, then it was count down.  The count down wasn’t anything special, but after the count down, the music got so much better so me and Anie started dancing!  After a little bit, some random guy picked me up!  He’s Vietnamese, so he was Asian, his name is Tommy!  Anie said he was ok looking so I just danced with him.  Then he brought me and Anie to his booth for some alcohol!  YAYs TO FREE ALCOHOL!  He mixed some Alizee for us and we chugged it down of course!  Then took some pics.  He kept telling me not to drink too much because he didn’t want me to be drunk!  Very funny for a guy I met at club saying that!  Then after a while, we danced again, he introduced his friends to me and Anie, which I already have forgotten their names.  Then he brought me back to the booth, we sat down to rest.  He all of a sudden said happy new year to me and asked “where’s my new years kiss?”  I was like WTF?!?!  Then he pretty much cornered me and like kissed me, more like made out with me, same thing!  Then after that for the whole night, we made out so much, I drank more mix drinks but never got to a very buzzed point so I bought myself another Smirnoff and chugged it. Anie kept taking pictures of me and that guy making out!!! SOO BAD!  After that, I was trashed!  I told him I wanted fresh air so we went to the patio and I was playing snow with him!  I was like throwing snow at him and he was doing the same to me, it was fun!  Then it got too cold so we went back in.  After a while, we left the club.  Me and Anie got a taxi back to the hotel.

At the hotel, this is really funny and stupid.  Remember we got no wristbands?  We went into the elevator full of people who are about to go up, we were hoping the securities wouldn’t check us but she did.  She asked me where our wristbands were and I said we lost it at the club.  Then she was like do you go IDs with you?  I told her no I don’t, she then said she will go up with us to check IDs.  At that point, me and Anie were kind of scared because if we don’t get in, we have to go home which means more $$ spent.  We got to the room, Johnny and Serena answered the door, then the security asked if we were part of the room and they said yea.  They asked for our IDs and they said they didn’t have them.  Then they said that we are visitors, but the security guard was like “well they don’t have wristbands so they can’t stay!”  Then we were shipped back to the lobby and we left the hotel.  When we were outside, I saw that at the side of the hotel, there’s an escalator going up to the second floor that isn’t running with absolutely no security guard there!  So I told Anie “let’s quickly and quietly run up those escalators and walk around to see if there’s an elevator there!”  We then enter the hotel again really quietly through the side doors, run up the escalators as fast as we could so no one sees us, then quietly ran to find an elevator, and we did.  Then we pressed the button hoping the elevator come asap and it did too!  So then we went up to the room which was 1221, our friends were very surprised and glad we were back!  I was glad too and happy!  I was trashed when all this was happening btw.

Since we were back in the hotel, first thing was that I was drunk and running around, my friends weren’t happy about that but soon enough, I saw cup noodles, I made a bunch of them.  I made 1 for myself, then my friends wanted some so I made them more.  I ended up having 3 cup noodles!  Then after a short time, I started sobering up.  I was also wearing a bathrobe because I felt like a slut with my outfit on.  It was then time to sleep since it was like around 4am.  I changed into my shirt and was wearing really short shorts that I was wearing to the club and brushed my teeth and took off my makeup.  The sleeping arrangement was HORRIBLE!  We had 10 of us, there was only 1 king size bed in the room.  5 of us shared the bed, and the other 5 on the floor.  Charisma and Tin (they are a couple and my friends) stayed in the corner of the room together with 2 pillows and blankets.  Then Lester, Thinesh, and another girl were on the floor on the other side of the room close to the door with blankets and pillows.  Anie, Yang, me, Serena, and Johnny were all on the bed with just 1 blanket and 1 pillow!  You see how bad that is?  I wasn’t even supposed to be on the bed but Thinesh backed out of the bed since Johnny was soo trashed and started touching him which scared him and we all laughed!  Anie was supposed to sleep next to Lester on the ground but she moved to the bed with me.  I was pretty much on top of Yang and Serena (Yang is a guy btw).  It was SO EMBARRASSING since I just met Yang…  I was literary ON TOP OF HIM!  My friend Anie thought that I was going to flirt with him.  HELL NO!  Serena and Johnny were literary having sex next to me, like how do you expect me to sleep?  It was too crazy!  Then we all just couldn’t sleep since we were talking a bit.  Lester and Thinesh pretended to snore very loud which then obviously became reality!  Everyone on the bed, sweating buckets, just couldn’t sleep.  Me, Anie, and Yang shared a pillow which wasn’t even enough pillow for me so I ended using Yang’s chest as a pillow, sooooo embarrassing and awkward.  Lester and Thinesh were having a snoring contest which was also another reason for no sleep.  I never even got into a comfy position since there was no space for me pretty much.  At around 6am or so, the stupid fire alarm went off!  WHO THE HELL IS UP AT 6AM TO SOUND SOME ALARM?  At first, it was just beeping sounds which I can take, then it became some weird alarm sound which was very annoying, woke everyone up!  Then this guy was on PA saying why there was an alarm, my friends started telling him to shut up and stuff.  When the alarm ended, the guy was using big words saying how the problem was solved.  I totally remember Thinesh was saying “WTF is he doing?  Like practicing his English or something?”  I started laughing!  Then everyone tried to go back to sleep again, snoring people went back to snoring and people on the bed were all sweating.  Then I did fall asleep for some time but not long.  Then at around 10am, EVERYONE’S PHONE STARTED RINGING!  OMFG!  Check out is at noon but still!  It was really annoying.  Then eventually we all got up because we couldn’t sleep anyways.  Then we got dressed, Johnny took FOREVER in the shower.  Everyone was complaining about back pains, how no one slept.  What’s funny is that the snoring 2 kept saying how they never slept, BS!  Surprisingly, people on the bed couldn’t sleep at all except for Johnny since he was trashed, passed out, and took most of the bed too.  We cleaned up the room, then we left.  Went to eat at a Japanese restaurant which was really cheap!  $5 for teriyaki beef with rice!  It wasn’t the best but alright.  Then we subway home.  Right when I got home, I crashed!  Soooooo tired!  Then after that, I went out with family to sushi all you can eat half asleep.  I ate too much but the food was soo yummy!  That was my new years!

    Here are some pictures of my new years! Hope you enjoy them! Thanks for reading! I know it’s sooooo super long! Hope I didn’t bore you!

    Here are the pictures, the descriptions are below the pictures. Click them for bigger and clearer size!:

    Me sitting on a sofa at Seven.

      Anie sitting on a sofa at Seven. She’s hot! I really like this picture!

        Me and Tommy
        This is a picture of me and that guy I met at the club. I usually NEVER show pictures of guys I meet. Maybe because I like how I look in the picture.

          Me and Anie
          This is taken when we were about to leave. I was so trashed but thank god I didn’t look like I was.

            This is a picture of all the bottles that were emptied that night while me and Anie were at the club. Tons of drinking going on at the party!

              Morning after the party
              This was a picture taken the morning after the hotel party. Look at how trashy it looks, lol! Everyone was extremely tired.

              it’s been a while

              December 23rd, 2008 by

              As you can tell, time flies, I haven’t updated this blog for a while so it’s time to update! I am doing pretty good right now, just kind of messed up my sleeping time. I wish people would read this blog because I feel that it is very pointless of me updating when no one reads at all. It was Kenny’s birthday today and also the end of HKO Christmas event! I had a lot of fun that for sure! I made new friends and joined a new guild since the old one I am in was closed. I used to be in “Is Awesome!!!” but now I am in Sailoria! Sailoria got tons of amazing people and I love them! I just wish open beta will be up soon!

                Recently, I found out an online friend from Maple Story likes me. It was very surprising because I wouldn’t have thought ever. He’s like 3 years younger than me, I feel like a jail bait! He lives far from me anyways so it doesn’t matter, nothing can really happen. Finally I went clubbing on friday and it was fun! I went to Embassy nightclub with Anie and my new friend Janice! It was amazing! I just hope that I will be able to go more during the break before school starts again!

                  Other than school is out, nothing has really been going on for me. I just hope everything goes well for everyone and I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

                    Here’s some pics from HKO, click them to see larger version:

                      Sailoria Photoshoot
                      This is a screenshot of Sailoria the guild in the last moments of this Christmas event.

                        HKO Last 60 Seconds
                        This is a screen shot during the last 60 seconds of the Christmas event on HKO.

                        Cory’s House Party

                        November 22nd, 2008 by

                        Today started stupid and ended stupid. I needed the car so I can drive Anie to school and back home because she had almost no time to go to get ready for work so she ended up having to skip work at school and go home to pack up. Then she went to school while I went back to bed. I called Gavin at around noon and asked him when he was going to come here and he said when his sister wakes up. Then I called him at almost 2pm and he said any minute, she will wake up. I was waiting at my house until about 5:15pm when he showed up. I almost thought he wasn’t going to show up so I was getting very irritated and annoyed. I didn’t even dress up to see him, just in pjs because I lost hopes. I think it’s because of the time of the month, everything is crazy. Then we chilled, he left at 6:15pm because my mom was going to be home. I gave him that stupid screw driver that I made so he can drink it. After he left, me and my mom drove to pick up my brother and then had dinner at Richmond Hill with my family because it was a birthday dinner for my grandma who’s going to Hong Kong soon. It was a good dinner! We had shark fin soup and it was yummy! We left that place at almost 11pm. On the way back, arguments was flying everywhere during the car ride so it was stupid. I wanted to drive but my mom always thinks I don’t know the direction when I actually do. Then we got home, I got something, went to Cory’s place. I wanted to drive but my mom was being lame. This time, I knew the direction and she still didn’t let me drive, whatever. Then got to party, it was a mess! It was definitely a sausage fest. People hitting on the girls except me, thank god! Then I tried to talk to Gavin, he just almost kept telling me to go away and it really bothered me. Whatever, I drank only a little bit because I wasn’t having so much fun. Then Cory’s dad called the cops on us so everyone left. I had a ride with Brian, I wanted Gavin to come with me because I am kinda scared of Brian. He refused and just rudely said “find your own ride home!” I was really mad and upset so I went up to him and whacked him across the face. He just seemed like he didn’t care about me so I was really mad. Whatever. Then we dropped off Christina and then went to pick up Anie. Then Kenny called and he seemed to be mad at me. Then Brian dropped me off home. Me and Anie went on Youtube to watch videos and she was talking to Yuri as well. Then she fell asleep. I was on msn and stuff and I found out one of my Maple Story friends likes me. His name is Ben… He’s a really cool guy but I don’t think it will ever happen because one, I don’t feel the same for him, two, he lives on the other side of the world (New Zealand), three, he’s 17. After a while, I was thinking of how I whacked Gavin across the face and felt really bad so I sent him a sorry email and hopefully he will be able to read it tomorrow. I am just really sorry about what happened and hopefully he understands. After that, I just updated my entries! Now about to sleep! I will post the pictures for each journal up tomorrow! Comment please!


                        November 21st, 2008 by

                        updating both tomorrow…  tooo tired…  went clubbing

                        As you can all read, it was a super tiring day for me and really stupid too. Anyways, to start off the day, I woke up soo late that I missed my calculus class at 11am-12pm. Whatever… Then I had time to go to my CCT204 class but what happened was, my mom took the car keys without knowing she did and so I couldn’t go to class. It is driving distance, so if I took the bus, I would be get there more than halfway through the class and that’s really not good so I decided to not go again. Then I went to calculus at 3pm-4pm, after that, I went straight home. Then I went to my CCT204 tutorial at 6pm-7pm, also finished the lab assignment so I was really happy about that! Before I headed home, I went to one of the labs and printed off 25 copies of my resume! Yea, I am trying to look for a job, I am very low on cash. Right when that’s done, I hopped into my car and drove home. While that, I called up Jessica because she texted me while I was printing my resume and she asked me if me and Anie wanted to go clubbing. It was a crazy story actually, my friends bought tickets to this clubbing event by my school without knowing it was a brown event. They provide transportation for only $10 there and back and also cover. What was going to happen was that they would take the bus there and go to a different club and head back there at the time where they would leave to go home. So I called Anie back and told her the situation and made up a bunch of lies to tell my mom that I need the car. What I said was that it was school pub night and I forgot that I got tickets because I have been busy (more like busy gaming ^-^). Then I quickly ate dinner and went to Anie’s house to pick her up. Here’s the thing, we had less than 2 hours to get ready. We didn’t get to my school on time to take the bus so I drove down there.

                          When we got there, we pre-drank in the car! I did make myself some alcohol, 2 water bottles of mix drinks. One was screw driver and the other was just vodka mixed with some blueberry juice? I don’t even know what juice it was. The screw driver was AWFUL! I think I put too much so I didn’t drink that. I drank the other drink, more like chugged it. Then we walked to the club and it was soo cold while we also parked far. Why we parked far? Because it was for free! We got in for free at the club and then did coat check, then walked in. We walked into a bunch of old and ugly guys just sitting around! We were the only girls there when we first walked in! Yea, very bad. Then we went to the washroom first and came back out to take some really nice pictures! After that, we started dancing like crazy! One of these guys started taking pictures of us dancing, and according to my friends, videos as well. We totally felt like the centre of attention. Then more girls came in and guys too, but still no one cute or hot, it doesn’t matter because that’s not what I was going there for anyways. Then, this promoter got us drinks, Sarah told him to get us Tequilla shots, I can’t drink because I was the designated driver. Then we just danced more and more, these random guys wanted pictures with us. Eventually, me and Anie went to the dj to request songs because he wasn’t playing much good songs. Then the dj said that Sarah’s hot and wanted us to give his number to her, but he didn’t have a pen so we have to go back for it. After a while, our music wasn’t on still so we went back to the dj, and I took the number and he told me he will do anything I want if I give Sarah his number! That was soo funny! After a while, I found out my car keys weren’t in our pockets and purse that we carried around so I got very worried. Then we were looking around, then we even checked the coat check place and it was in one of our coats thank god! Then we danced for a little more and left. I made out with Sarah… and she made out with Jessica! It was a fun night!

                            We then walked to Mcdonalds, ordered our food and sat down to eat. I had to sober up so I got a Jr. chicken meal with large fries and I ate it soo fast. While eating, some random dude was trying to flirt with us, then he tried to steal our food! WHO STEALS FOOD AT MCD? Then there were random guys trying to hit on Jessica and Sarah got pissed and just say Jessica’s her girl friend. Then comes these random black guys. At first, I was kinda scared but after a while, they are soo chill and stuff so we chilled with them while we were sitting there. The one that started talking to us seemed like a gay guy but he’s cool. He didn’t even ask for our number! That’s a good thing! Then a random dude came up to us and commented on how Sarah shouldn’t drive at that time because she wasn’t sobered up. She isn’t even driving in the first place so it was funny! I think that guy was trying to hit on her! After that, I asked him if I looked ok to drive, and he said with those girls at the back, I will get pulled over. Then I ask him what makes you say that? and are you a cop? He said I can’t answer that. I assumed he’s an undercover cop so we sat for longer chilling with those black guys just incase I get busted. At around 3:30am, I drove home a bit tipsy, totally not a good idea. Then we got to school, we saw a deer run across the road! It was the first time I seen a deer at school and I have been there for 3 years now! It was amazing! I took a picture of that which I will post tomorrow. Then me and Anie went to gas station, got gas, and then went home and crashed. That’s all! Comment please!


                            November 20th, 2008 by

                            too tired to write…  so I will write later…

                            I am finally updating this… this is an entry for Wednesday! It’s Friday night right now. I didn’t really do much on Wednesday, I surely did skip school again! I played Maple Story all day and also talked to Gavin for a bit as well. Anyways, I started flipping out on Gavin a lot because I think it’s just the time of the month soon and it just sucks when it happens. I was crying a bit and stuff, yelling at him over the phone which isn’t the best thing to do. I just wish he was more soft to me sometimes and also know how to comfort a girl better. After a while, it was fine so I wasn’t so sad. I finally got a zhelm for my cleric on Maple Story! I had to attack using Glen’s nightlord while AJ bped for me! Thanks! After the zrun, me and a bunch of friends started ZPQing again! I think I leveled once? I don’t remember. Anyways, comment! No pictures today!

                            Pretty Exciting for me.

                            November 19th, 2008 by

                            As you can read the title, I was pretty happy yesterday except for the fact that I skipped 2 of my classes.  I woke up so late and then I finished my cct204 lab that’s due at 5pm.  It was drawing a lamp on Adobe Illustrator so it wasn’t so bad.  After that was handed in, I was CPQing on Maple Story.  After that, I went to school to my cct260 tutorial and it ended early, the prof was teaching us to use cascade stylesheet.  It’s sooo easy on Dreamweaver!  I don’t know how I did it on notepad before!  Anyways, after class, I picked up my cct204 assignment, the board game, and I got 82% on it!  I was sooo happy when I got it back because it’s a really high mark!  Then I picked up Anie at Fraeya’s house and drove her home, then went to pick up my mom.

                              When I got home, I started playing Maple Story again like usual.  AJ was helping my pirate girl level up so we CPQed together with Bell as well.  You see, CPQ requires 2 teams, good thing I got 2 computers and a CPQ mule so it worked out fine!  My pirate leveled up 3 times!  It was great!  Then AJ had to leave because apparently, he’s sick -_-’  I shouldn’t have kept him helping me.  I felt bad.  Then Long wanted me to go Zak with him and the group because people in the guild wanted zhelms.  He wanted attackers so I used Glenny’s nightlord.  What happened was, we needed a DK and a bishop.  We were able to find a bishop but not DK so Long told me to go on his DK so I did.  This is my first time using my laptop to Zak.  I already had a feeling this run was going to be a failed one and I was right!  Everyone died…  I ran out of pots so I had no choice of course.  Long soloed Zakum and I saw it!  It was amazing!  Something that totally made my day!  Congrats to him!  After that, I was going to go CPQ but instead, I chilled on Maple Story instead.  Went to bed at like 7am.  That’s it!  Here’s a picture of Long soloing Zakum.  I will also post a picture of my board game! Please comment if you read!

                                Click the image below for clearer view of Long soloing
                                Longie510 is PRO!

                                  Click the image below for clearer view of my board game
                                  Rainbow Hop

                                  Just Another Normal Day

                                  November 18th, 2008 by

                                  It’s like 7am here already.  It’s not a good thing that I am still up.  I am finally level 30 on my pirate on Maple Story!  I choose gunslinger because it sounds cool!  Anyways, all day today, I pretty much slept.  Gavin called me at around noonish and I told him to call me back at 3pm to wake me up because I got class at 4pm.  He then called me back at 3pm, woke me up, and I kept him on the phone for a bit because I know if I don’t,  I will fall right back asleep which I totally don’t want.  Then I went to class late again since I didn’t have enough time to get ready.  I ate my lunch on the 1C, and my lunch was sooo big that I stuffed it all in within 10 minutes.  It sure was a good lunch!  Class was as usual super boring.  Whatever, it’s class.  After class, I went to South Common, finally mailed out the letter for Gavin’s dad.  My mom offered to pick me up so I told her to go there.  I stayed in Shoppers and then tried on this lip gloss that gives a minty feel to my lip and it smelled like cakes!  Very cool thing!  I think this lip gloss is supposed to make your lips swell with that minty/burning feeling so it looks bigger.  This sales person kept asking me if I needed help with anything and it was very annoying!  Then my mom came and picked me up.  I got home, all I did was play Maple Story and talk on the phone with Gavin.  I multi-task very well!  Maple, phone, and msn all at the same time!  It’s very hard to keep up actually.  I was talking to Andrea today, I think I am meeting up with her next tuesday!  She also told me she posted the pictures of us and our meetup up on LiveJournal!  Then after, I just kept gaming and gaming on Maple Story.  I can’t believe my Maple hubby (Irishhero) went online!  That almost never happens!  We chilled for a while and this random duded though he’s a girl cuz his character got long hair, lol!  Then he got defamed and so did I just because I defamed him.  Yea, very stupid isn’t it?  Then he helped me train a bit and I leveled and got my job advancement.  After that, Cindy (YoursTrulyxd) said that this guy stole her cactus so I was trying to get it back for her but that idiot didn’t give it back.  She just kept talking to him and stuff because she found out he lives in the same city as her.  I almost got it back but she sorta left it go.  So sad.  Anyways, here’s today’s pictures, and yes, it’s pictures today!!  Me and my friends in lolita!  <333333s  Please comment if you read!

                                    Me in Lolita

                                      me and Bailey
                                      Me and Bailey

                                        me and Andrea
                                        Me and Andrea

                                        Diren Grey in Toronto?

                                        November 17th, 2008 by

                                        too much happened…  going to write about this tomorrow, I am half asleep. _____________________________________________

                                        Now, it’s tomorrow so I am going to write about yesterday! I am still so very tired of course. I started my day with waking up sooo late, Melissa called me at around noon and telling me that it’s already noon, and I told her to call me at about 1:30pm to wake me up so we can both get ready. She did that and then came over to my house. Then we got dressed, that took a while actually! I totally didn’t expect that! We were supposed to pick up our ticket for Diren Grey from this girl that’s selling her ticket at 4:30 at Dundas station! This girl is selling her ticket for $35. I am not a fan of Diren Grey or Jrock in general so Melissa paid for the ticket. We left my house at around the same time we were supposed to be at Dundas station! That’s really bad because it does take about 1 hour to get there and also, it’s sunday! Buses are extremely messed up on Sundays. We got to Dundas station at 6:30pm, yea, 2 hours late. We have been calling that girl numerous of times saying and even texted her, but no answer. Then when she decides to pick up her call, she told us that she decided to go to the concert! So we were like thinking what we should do because I needed a ticket to get in. We then went straight to Guvernment nightclub, where the concert is held. There were people selling tickets, and I am saying overpriced tickets! Thank god I can bargin! This guy was like selling it for $60, I was like “we don’t have $60, how about $35? Because that’s all we have.” He was like no, the tickets are sold for $41 so I want to make a profit. Then I told him fine, $45! Then he gave it to us. We were left with soo little amount of money to the point where I was scared we won’t be able to get home T___T. We were waiting in line in the cold to get inside the place. There was this random creepy guy talking about God and stuff and it did creep me out!

                                          When we got inside, first thing I said was “OMFG! This place definitely brings back memories! First time clubbing!” The opening band were still playing so me and Melissa were just chilling. After a while, I saw a lolita walk by! I was like OMFG! LOLITA! <3333s It was a girl that I met at Anime North this year at my panel and my lolita tea party! I was very glad to see her there so I chilled with her for a bit. Then when the opening band was done, people came out to fix the drums and equips to make sure everything is working properly. This one guy who had blonde hair looked like the drummer for Diren Grey so people were screaming and stuff. Whatever… Then when they came out, it was crazy! I can’t believe these fans are just CRAZY! Then I told Melissa that I will go more to the front so I can take some pictures for her. As I was going into this craze, I was practically squished. I was trying to take pictures but it was very hard. Only a few of the pictures turned out alright, not even excellent. It was very hard to stand still in that crowd so it was very hard to take good pictures. Plus it’s really dark in there so even with flash, pictures turn out blurry so no flash is a definite nono. After a while of taking pictures, this lady was trying to find a 9 year old girl who’s got asthma in this mosh pit. I don’t know how I was going to help her but I tried to get further into the crowd and try to get her in as well. She couldn’t find her at all though. I wanted to leave the crowd because it is just a dangerous place to be, I could’ve died any minute there! As I was leaving, this 16-17 year old boy was trying to get out of the crowd and screamed something like “OMFG! LET ME OUT! I AM GOING TO DIE!” He did look like he was going to faint or something, he was falling over too. I then took his wrist, and quickly told him I was going to get him out of there. Then, I pushed people around and shoved too and because I am small, it was easier for me to go around places so I managed to drag this kid out really fast and of course he thanked me. Wow! I have become some lifesaver! Then I ran into that woman trying to find her kid so I went with her to the other side of the crowd and started searching again. This time around, it was harder to get through so we gave up after a while hoping they will reunion after the concert. At this time, I don’t know where Melissa went. This isn’t great because her cellphone ran out of battery and she was holding my because I accidently answered the phone when her mom called (I didn’t know it was her mom’s number) so she was holding it. So I went around the whole place looking for her, I didn’t want to go back to the mosh pit area though so I was like ok, I will see her after concert. I was afraid that she left the place.

                                            Then after the concert, we went home. Waited for the bus in the cold. We then got on the bus. This random psycho dude got into the bus after a few stops from the one I got on. He kept saying fuck and stuff really loud, then he got kicked off the bus and everyone was laughing. What’s bad was that Melissa and I don’t know where to get off because we are familiar with Toronto so she wants me to go ask the driver. In order to get to the driver, I have to walk past that psycho dude! That was something I totally didn’t want to do but you know, I sucked it up and went to the driver and asked him. Just like 2 stops or so after, the driver yelled at that crazy guy and kicked him out. When we got to subway station, I called up my mom saying I was at Sherbourne station and told her to start coming and she said ok. Then we got on the subway, and started camwhoring a bit then got to Kipling. My mom wasn’t there so I was sooo pissed off, I called her and she said she didn’t leave the house yet. I was like OMFG! It was soooo cold and Melissa had to go home. Then I drove Melissa home after taking her bag from my house and then I got home, ate like a pig, played some Maple Story and waited for Gavin to call but he never did. Then I went to bed because I was sooo tired. That was my day! Here’s a picture I took at the concert! Please comment if you read!

                                              Click the image below to see it in a bigger size kyo

                                              Just Chilling yoyo~…

                                              November 16th, 2008 by

                                              Today was just a chilling day for me, didn’t do much.  I slept over at Anie’s house and then woke up at almost 2pm.  Well we had a night of clubbing so we usually just wake up late.  First thing we did was talk about the night and just have our girl talks, lol!  Then we went off doing our own thing for a bit, then cooked food to eat.  I was playing Maple Story at her house while she was talking to me and also eating.  I was cooking while playing Maple!  That was definitely cool!  After food, she decided to take a nape because she was having a headache so I stayed in her room and played Maple Story and also downloaded Ventrilo and talked on that with friends for a while.  I am not much ahead for levels today, only level 28.  T__T  I need to train harder!

                                                I got home at around 7:20pm because Anie had work so of course I go home. When I got home, I just of course went on Maple Story again like usual.  Then wanted to go out again!  Yes, again!  I love to go out and party!  I called up my guy friends and they wanted to go to the bar.  At first, I wanted to go as well but then later on found out that only a few of them are going so I kinda flopped on them.  I am definitely not a bar person that’s for sure!  So after dinner, all I did was Maple Story.  I was training at those Wooden Masks and Stone Masks, I got ksed (kill steal) after like 2 hours of being there.  Basically I was there for almost as long as I was talking to Gavin for <333s.  I got sooooooo mad!  Then friends came to my rescue, they include Marty, Cal Cal, and Glenny!  Without knowing anything, behind those noob ksers, they got people from the Veng guild so this whole thing became some big ks war for a while and I laughed!  I can’t believe someone from their side said “who are we ksing again?”  I just can’t believe someone is trying to ks someone without knowing who.  Whatever, it’s over now, it was funny to me!  I just can’t believe I was talking to Saad on the phone while all this was happening!  It was definitely good talks with Saad!  Then after, Maple Story Scania server decides to be a bitch and it crashed!  No more training and nothing so now I am writing this entry!   Did I have fun today?  I really don’t know…  It was definitely a day to rest!  Here’s a picture from last night going clubbing at Body English with Anie, Cathy, and of course myself! Thanks for reading! Please comment if you do!

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                                                  Body English Clubbing

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