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my first fave is the cinnamoangels my second fave is chococat and my third fave


Sugarbunnies Image - sugarbunnies photo

theyre cute and lovable and hey they can bake and heres a little info about them

Sugarbunnies (シュガーバニーズ, Shugābanīzu?) are a character duo created by Sanrio in 2004.[18] The duo are composed of twins Shirousa and Kurousa (Both born on May 26, 2004), who specialize on making sweets and pastries. After the success of the franchise, more characters from the series were created and each specializes on their own jobs. They all live in the magical world of Bunniesfield.

In 2007, Toei Animation created an anime series based on the franchise which aired on TV Tokyo and Kids Station on April 3, 2007 and ended later that year with 27 episodes. After the anime’s success, the series gained two sequels in 2008 (Sugarbunnies: Chocolat!) and in 2009 (Sugarbunnies: Fleur), each having 27 episodes

Sugarbunnies Wallpaper - sugarbunnies wallpaper

and heres a question for all of you who reads this “whats your favorite Sugar bunnie and if you dont know them check out this vid in sanriotown

well thanks for reading

Sugarbunnies Wallpaper - sugarbunnies wallpaper

Sugarbunnies Image - sugarbunnies photokurousa recommeds you see my videos

well thanks gain for reading *LONG LIVE SUGAR BUNNIES*

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  1. Says:

    my faovrite sugarbunnie is shirousa due to his bow tie and hanausa due to her flowers she wear

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