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OMG IT IS SOOOOOOO HOT! I cant believe it its like a mega heat wave…. I really need some ice cream right now! My pool’s getting cleaned so I cant use that…. ARGGGH! The air conditioning is doesn’t even help cool me off. I think I need to go buy some popsicles or something. Oh well.. I’m just going to live with it. At least theres no more tests….that’s a relief! Phewwwww! I’m wondering what elective I should take next year…..maybe Spanish or French??? So many worries…….. oh wellz :)

It’s summer vacation!!! W0ot W0ot!!! I am so happy No more school (Gets reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaallllllyyyy boring) .  More time 2 blog :) and watch tv do origami and so much more. And for once I get to go SWIMMING!!! Also lots and lots of ice cream…..YUMMY :p  I’m kinda sad cuz all my friends live further from here and I don’t get 2 visit them veyy often. Luckily I live really close 2 the mall and can visit Sanrio very very often. Speaking of Sanrio I recently went there and bougt a HK alarm clock, a kuromi stationary set and T-shirt (soooo cute) :D , and 100 sheet of special assortment stickers!!!!!!!!! Anyways I’m getting really bored around here so feel free to email me at cinamaroll@hellokitty.com.

Have A Great Summer (H.A.G.S.)

This article was taken from tentonhamster.com

1. Tell us about Hello Kitty Online the MMORPG.

Hello Kitty Online is an MMORPG that differs from most other MMORPGs in a couple ways: it is built with aspects of social networking, and it is technologically integrated with the Sanriotown.com web site. Sanriotown is the official Sanrio-themed online community offering a host of services to users, like email, casual gaming, blogs, video editing/sharing, etc.

An important attraction of HKO is the ability for players to explore the world of Hello Kitty and interact with Hello Kitty and other Sanrio characters. Also of interest, however, is the fact that HKO is centered around a community. The game contains social activities such as minigames that you can play with your friends, as well as features that let you view another player’s videos or blog from within the game.

HKO thus has broader social functionality than is normally found in a MMORPG because we have integrated aspects of the official Hello Kitty community inside the game client itself.

2. Hello Kitty Online has been a very popular IP for such a long time. What is it like to bring it to an online world?

When you’re dealing with highly popular intellectual property you have a responsibility to live up to the reputation of the materials involved. We absolutely did not want to create a generic game and then slap a Hello Kitty skin on it. We set out to build Hello Kitty’s fantasy world and the result is unique and distinctive. The imperative since day one was to make this game cute: everything including the game areas, the avatars, the music, and even the enemies had to be unequivocally cute, or we’d take it back to the drawing board.

3. Is there going to be leveling typical to an MMOG? If so, what will the level cap be?

HKO takes a slightly different approach to levels and gaining levels. In most games you gain substantial experience by defeating opponents and finishing quests, but in HKO levelling up is dependent not just on mission completion but also on resource gathering and crafting. This is a vital part of the game because most items such as clothes, furniture, tools, weapons, and food are made by players. There are four resource gathering skills (woodcutting, mining, planting, gathering) that players need to increase in order to access higher-level resources, mix better ingredients, and craft superior items. The maximum player level will be 99 (in the Closed Beta, the limit is 20).

4. What type of player rewards will there be in the game? Will it be loot based, skill based, or a combination of both?

Rewards are earned by looting, completing quests, and crafting. Pets are obtained primarily from looting pet cards from monsters you have knocked out. Players learn item “recipes” from skill books that are either sold or given out as quest rewards. Some items, especially food, require ingredients that can be procured on your farm. Weapons, clothes and tools require ingredients obtained from mob drops, mineral deposits, plants, and wood.

Production skills are broken down in Quest Items, Weapons, Food, and Clothes categories. You have to craft items at your current skill level or lower in order to improve your crafting abilities and use the best recipes.

5. How big will houses be? Can you buy a bigger home later or get an addition to make it bigger? How many houses can you own?

At this time all houses have the same layout, but differ on the exterior appearance. Like many other aspects of this game, Player housing is somewhat different in HKO from what you may be used to. Every player is entitled to a farm, where you can cultivate crops and store items (200 storage slots). Players who can afford and wish to do so may also build a House on their farm. There are different types of houses, whose exteriors indicate price and quality. Player Housing is used for social and cosmetic purposes, whereas the Farm delivers the functionalities usually associated with housing in other games (storage). Both your farm and your house may be decorated. Every map contains an NPC who will transport you to your Farm.

Click here to see some exclusive screenshots and concept art.

Click here to go to the Official Hello Kitty Online website

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Hello Kitty Online: An Exclusive Preview Of Closed Beta

an article takn out from www.tentonhamster.com

Beta Ends

Hello Kitty Online…Well, what can we say other than we loved it! It is a sweet fun MMORPG that is based on your favorite little character Hello Kitty and all her friends! If you are a Hello Kitty fan I think you will love this game. Be ready for lots of pink cute fun!

Creating your character, in Beta, was very simple with not too many choices. There are several faces, hairstyles and color, and eye options to choose from. It was very basic and we hope there are more choices once the game officially launches.

Sanrio_harbor Players will start at what is known as Sanrio Harbor. It is a pier where you will learn all the basics like how to use your interface, chat, shop, sell, friends, and your buddy list. Hint: You need to click the green check to acknowledge that you understand the quest. It took me a few minutes to figure out that simple task! It is a game that mostly uses your mouse to point-and-click for everything including moving around.

Combat in HKO is simple too. It is a basic click to attack style and in true HKO fashion, you don’t actually ‘kill’ the monsters, you simply stun them and they typically drop the item you need. A few seconds go by, and they are up and running around again. Players have three things to pay attention to: their Health, Magic energy, and stamina bars. Your character must eat every so often or their stamina runs low and you cannot complete whatever task you were working on. Players can sell/buy things from the local shopkeeper.

map_florapolisThe map interface is great! Players have many options that they can control. Players can opt to turn on/off the following things: NPC names, Shops, Farm Entrance, Skill Master, Mini-game, Guild, and other players names. We loved this option because it was so easy to change when we were looking for something specific. If we needed a certain NPC, we clicked off all the other options so that it was easier to just look at those few names to find him/her.

Hello Kitty Online is a skill based game. You level up by leveling up your various skills. There are many to choose from so that means lots and lots of work! You can level up any or all of the following skills: Lumbering, Tailoring, Craftwork, Gathering, Cooking, and Mining. It is all very simple but there are lots of things to gather. These quests usually need you to get 30 or more of some items to level up so get ready to spend some time doing it! The higher your skill the more access to cool stuff you get, so the reward is worth the work!

Initial_Farm All players will begin with their own basic farm. They will have to fertilize, buy seeds and plant them, and even use pesticides to keep their plants happy. As the game progresses, players can buy larger and fancier farms as they obtain enough money. Next to their farm, players can build their very own house! Players will have to buy a license to build a house, buy the raw materials, then start building! This takes a long time so it’s best that you bring along some friends to help you out!

The last thing we want to cover are pets. Pets in HKO are fun and easy to get. As you stun monsters sometimes they will drop a Pet Card. You can simply click on them to summon/release your pet. Pets will advance with you in level as you play.

We wanted to give a special cheer to all the GM’s in HKO. They were awesome! They told players when current GM’s were going off and new GM’s were coming on. They were helpful, answered all questions, and were so readily available it was great! They even helped players to build their houses. Thanks Sanriotown for a sweet fun game!

If you really like sanrio products here are a few stores that sell them. Sanrio Surprises sells a lot of sanrio products like bags, stationary,keychains,and small knickknacks. There is usually a sale on products and it sells a lot of hello kitty themed products. Sanrio also sells a lot of Sanrio products mostly themed hello kitty and little twin stars. They sell the same kind of things that Sanrio Surprises does but cheaper and more variety.Hot Topic sells a lot of products mostly kuromi and hello kitty this store  sells everything Sanrio and Sanrio Surprises does but also sells clothing articles. Happy Treasure sells stationary.


Well yesterday I went to the mall and I saw a store called Sanrio Surprises. So I went in and there was huge sale so I decided to buy something. So I bought a small carry purse fore my cellphone with a velcro opening wallet on the front. And I also bought a Kuromi pen with a kuromi keychain.


Hey everyone these are some cool websites I found.

  1. www.freewebs.com/cinamaroll101234
  2.  www.freewebs.com/toastermonkey
  3. www.imvu.com
  4. www.gaia.com
  5. www.kaiandtiffany.com


OMG!!!!! I totally did not expect this my best friend Julia went to Japan and as a surprise gift for my birthday she got me a hello kitty designer handbag , a kuromi sweater and a my melody coin purse. This is the nicest thing she’s ever done. And then … double surprise, she threw a surprise party themed Sanrio and all my friends came and brought me gifts also themed Sanrio—- it was so kawaii!!!


Well yesterday my family and I were coming back from Disneyland …. and I saw a sign that said Little Tokyo and I begged my mom to go there. So my mom agreed and we went and guess what  the place was full shops and restaurants. So as we were walking I saw a small store Japan Souvenirs. So I went in there and place was full of cool sanrio products. So I thought about buying 10 to 15 things since it would only cost me 31 dollars. This is what I bought — a hello kitty cellphone charm, a kuromi wallet , a my melody candy box , a hello kitty pencil pack, a keroppi pencil box, a little twin stars fountain , a kuromi designer handbag , a poccacho sweater , a a pompompurin stationary set , and a hello kitty mini backpack. So now my room is filled with sanrio products…. ah well I still love it!!!!

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