My favorite anime show is…. Tokyo Mew Mew

My favorite anime show this time is Tokyo Mew Mew. It’s about 5 girls who try to saved the earth from the aliens. I go just explain everything to you but just go to Wikipedia and learn more information.  zerochantokyomewmew15566.jpg

SPP: Super Poke Pets!!

There is this cute website called or called SuperPoke Pets. Here is a picture of my pet called Kiki and she’s a kitty. That’s all byehabitat.jpg

What I want for My BFF to Have???

88409-200903_471×314.jpgHello it’s Samira or Samantha again. Anyway I want to buy this product for my best friend Salma and I to have. Bye and enjoy!!!

My favorite cat breed….. Singapura

Hello there again I have a new topic to talk about. I have a favorite cat breed called the Singapura cat. My cat Winx is an American Short Hair Cat. The Singapura is the smallest cat breed in the world. It’s a Abyssinian and another cat breed that I forget on about. Anyway that’s all.4040.jpg


hello.gifThere is an app on facebook called BuddyPoke….. you create an avater do things with your friends and more. Here is an example


chibi_by_kira_chan53.jpgI started drawing anime. It’s hard but on a website called I found a good drawing on anime and chibi together. That’s all bye.

Bella Sara

There is a website called This website is awesome because you can adopt a foal. Name it and take care of it. win awards and more. That’s all!!! Bye


Sorry I didn’t wrote a blog for a looong time. I am also happy that I won Blog Of The Week. I am sooooo excited. Anyway I love this website and I am hoping that this website will change lifes. BYE!!!! And Have Fun Everyone

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