Wow, i was looking through the website and found a Christmas card with a badtz maru farm!! its probably going to come out in open beta or the founders Christmas reunion if were lucky~

Hehe! cant wait till the reunion~~ well i guess thats all! i’ll see you all at the reunion! buh-bye~

WOw, im so happy!! i just found out the results for the Frightspinners event!~ it turns out there was a tie for 3ed place so there are 4 winners!! wow, grats everyone~~
AND congrats to ME!! i got first place!! WOOT hehe, sooo happy wow cant believe it!!

These are the stuff i get:

Wow, im so excited~~ i just found out that i got “blog of the week” from the congratulation comments in the previous post?!! woot im a blog all star?!! i cant belive it hehe, so happy!! Thank you so much for choosing me sanrio!! ^^

Doll Base Credit: Angy-chan

As promised I’m posting what i got from the event, and amazingly i actually got something– i mean things! (woot plural?!). Anyways i took a pic of my inventory:

Im too lazy to name all the items but yea~ i got alot of sheep pet cards and.. boys clothing…. sigh, and im not a big fan of the skirt~ oh well, i really like the girls hair!! im debating on weather or not i should wear it.. knowing i would lose my orange newbie hair forever if i do. ahh decisions decisions.

Wow, my guild (HKO Founder) did so well building NY, Congratulations!!
Oh, and Congrats to the other guilds that won! but then again.. everyone did a great job so congrats to everyone!!~~ ^^

Some pics of the guild building ny.
unfortunately i was sleeping at the time of the event
I got these pics from the guild form~

i didnt get any pics of the other buildings yet.. but im sure you know how they look Anyways, thats all for now If i get anything from the event today ill be sure to post! Untill then..

(with the event, DUHH)

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‘Be nice, guys!’ is a event that started on October 24, 10pm EST and will end on October 26 at 10pm EST.

Required items:
3 newbie wands
3 white tees
3 traveler pants
10 traveler shoes <—you can make these yourself!!

Leopard Glasses!!

You can find out more about this event HERE.

Getting the items were pretty hard for me, the newbies really wanted to keep their stuff, one even said i was trying to get them naked lol, oh well~ but then i got some tips by some random person (cant remember your name, sorry ) anyways, his tip was to trade higher level items for theirs, that method worked once for me  ~~ i think its a really good idea if you can make ‘Bee stingers (wand)’ and trade that for their newbie wand because theres a good chance that the newbie might be level 3, unfortunately i didn’t have the ‘bee singers book’ (and no one remembers where they got it from.. maybe im missing a quest?!) i saw some people using this method and pretty soon alot of the newbies i saw had bee stingers so im guessing it worked really well for them..

i managed to get all the required items before the event started and then when it started i had trouble finding the GM (i was running circles around the wooden area in the harbor when he was just outside it lol)  … eventually i found him.. and a BIG line!!! so i went to the back and waited~

line up

Me wearing the leopard glasses!!

Leopard glasses

Just posting a random screen shot again.. this time its a pic of my farm!!! it was taken a while ago.. and my farm sorta changed.. things died.. and i planted new things (like lemon trees!! which i think are really cute) so yea it currently looks a little different than the pic below.

my farm

Basic Tips:
Auto Attack: hold down ‘T’
Key Shortcut to Map: ‘A’
Key Shortcut to Inventory: ‘I’
Key Shortcut to Character Information: ‘C’
Key Shortcut to My Pets: ‘E’
Key Shortcut to Buddy List: ‘F’
Key Shortcut to Guild: ‘G’
Key Shortcut to Inventory: ‘I’
Key Shortcut to Sit Down: ‘J’
Key Shortcut to Key Collection: ‘K’
Key Shortcut to Crystals: ‘M’
Key Shortcut to Production: ‘P’
Key Shortcut to Zone Quest: ‘Q’
Key Shortcut to Skill Information: ‘S’
Key Shortcut to World Map: ‘W’
Key Shortcut to Use Items at the Top: the numbers ‘0′ through ‘9′
Key Shortcut for something about farm & house: F9
Key Shortcut to Pause Game: F10
Key Shortcut to Screenshot Save: F11

i also found some guides a while ago that really helped me out and can be useful to you too!

Farming guides:
Farming Primer - by: GM Neverender
Farming in HKO - by: Divaina

Drop guides:
Florapolis area - by: naifu
London area - by: naifu

Quest guides:
Sanrio Harbor quests - by: rinsama
Florapolis quests - by: rinsama
London quests - by: rinsama
Event quest - by: rinsama
Quest help for newbies - by: KekorangaR

i haven’t been blogging much since hello kitty online came out… because its REALLY addicting hehe and fun ^^ im currently level 19!! almost lvl 20!! i don’t really have anything interesting to say… so ill show you some screen shots i took~



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