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♥Rozen Maiden♥

February 10th, 2010 by chibiyukichan:hellokitty.com

I started watching Rozen Maiden, I think I’m three episodes into it, and it’s so cute! Shinku is an instant favorite, and Suiseiseki is adorable!!!! Love her name too! Hinaichigo is a little annoying but she’s SO CUTE too!
The story is really getting intriguing, and I think it’s a little weird that the kid never goes out of his house.. I have yet to find out why..
Anyone else watching/watched Rozen Maiden? There’s a C-ute song called Edo no Temari Uta ll where they’re all dressed as Rozen Maidens =D
Love the opening too! Such a good song, both C-ute and the opening =3


☆It’s Been A Whole Week!☆

February 7th, 2010 by chibiyukichan:hellokitty.com

I know no one cares but I’m losing my blog here, it’s been a week O.O

So, I got my Risa Niigaki picture, and my Strawberry News =D

I am so bored. We have FCAT this week, well the 8th graders do.. not me ^^

But I do have to take Reading & Math in a couple of weeks, just not the Writing..

FCAT is the most idiotic thing ever. Why not just take from what we’ve been doing all year instead of basing everything on the one day we sit down and take a 2 hour, 50 - 60 question test (or something)?

We finish in about 20 - 30 minutes and have to SIT there in our chairs for another hour and a half! It’s so useless! Last year they decided that we’re not even allowed to bring a book and READ! In school!

That’s how sterilized it is! It seems like we spend the whole year before FCAT studying FOR the FCAT and the whole year after it studying for next year’s!

The couple of months after winter break are spent vigorously doing “FCAT Prep” in endless FCAT Practice Workbooks so we pass the one *freaking* test!


………… I really don’t like the FCAT, and any kid who lives in Florida will tell you that. =(

I’m so bored I just had an outburst over the FCAT. (Pronounced EF-cat.) 0.0

As an apology, here’s an awesome picture of Morning Musume, which includes a very good picture of Risa’s nails. =D


♥HK Plushie Video Adventure♥

February 1st, 2010 by chibiyukichan:hellokitty.com

Hiii!!!! I love talking to no one =D

Speaking of no one, if there’s someone out there who reads my blog but never comments, feel free!!! I’d love to know all my efforts don’t go to waste!!!

So, I made a video of my HK leopard plushie, my friend’s HK bunny, and our Chococats at the park.

Watch it!! =D

♥~Shugo! Shugo! Dance Video~♥

January 26th, 2010 by chibiyukichan:hellokitty.com

I’m swwy for not posting for 3 days, Mr. Hot Air. =(


In redemption, I made a new Youtube video! And guess what?
I used a real mp3 file for the audio! No more iPod music for me! =3 It sounds great!!!!!!

Please, please comment! *gets down on knees and begs*
Here or on Youtube, either is wonderful!~ =D
And if you rated it on Youtube too, I’d be the happiest little girl in the world.. ^-^

♫Videos ~ Hello Kitty Room & Anime Dances!♫

January 23rd, 2010 by chibiyukichan:hellokitty.com

I haven’t blogged in three days D=

But I will redeem myself by posting my three new videos!

Remember how I said I’d take a video of my Hello Kitty room? I did! =D It’s unusual for me to be so productive! ^_^

My Sanrio Room:

My Hare Hare Yukai Dance (From The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)

My Motteke! Sailor Fuku Dance (From Lucky Star)

I know the dances aren’t the best, but a lot better than my old videos. And they’re really dark, but my camera isn’t that amazing, so… yeah. =3 If you have time, please go over to Youtube and rate / comment! And try not to pay attention to the darkness of the videos ^^

Please comment here too, I’d love to hear what you think of my room and my dancing!~ ^_^

Some Other Stuff =3

January 20th, 2010 by chibiyukichan:hellokitty.com

After not posting yesterday due to obsession with American Idol, I’m back with some random things to spout. =D

Would anyone be interested in seeing a video of my HK / Anime (kinda) room? I’m making a Youtube video anyway, and I’m posting it here anyway, just thought I’d ask XD

Also, I won something on eBay again! Seriously, don’t worry, because I’m not spending another nickel until Valentine’s Day, when my mom gives me a few dollars and I’ve racked up a little more Riley-sitting money.

Hey, there’s something to talk about in my boring life… so my grandma lives a street away, and her neighbor has two daughters, 3 and 1 and a half. Riley’s the 3 year old and Ainsley’s the 1 and a half year old. (Ainsley’s name is Jenna, don’t know why they call her by her middle name…) Despite her name, she’s really adorable, and so is Riley. XD My grandma takes them for an hour on Tuesdays and pays me to help watch them. It’s fun! Ainsley couldn’t even sit up when we started, and now she’s calling everything doggie and turtle, and she knows my name! ♥ And Riley’s gone from a grumpy two year old to a.. less grumpy three year old XD

Wow, I got incredibly off topic. =3 Again, I got something on eBay, last thing for three and a half weeks =)

It’s a Sanrio 2010 Datemate! It’s like a planner calendar, and I could’ve gotten it on Sanrio.com with a regularly priced item, but the shipping was really expensive, so I just got it on eBay =D

Oh, we started changing for gym. It’s not fun. I’m only a little thirteen year old =P So I go in the bathrooms and change… and we have to run a mile on our HUGE track every Wednesday. Which was today. It was HELL. I almost DIED. (Not that I’m out of shape or anything but…. I’m pretty much against all sports and any physical exertion whatsoever. I get my exercise from anime / J-Pop dancing, thank you very much. Speaking of dancing, I’ll post some videos here sometime, when I make them XD) For girls, you have to get it under 10 minutes for one of those popsicles in a tube. I got 12:10… I’m so slow! My chances of ever getting a popsicle are slim… =(

So… that’s all I got. =P

Sayonara, chikyuu! ^_^

I Bought eBay Stuff Again!♥

January 18th, 2010 by chibiyukichan:hellokitty.com

*Eats cheddar/sour cream ruffles chip* ♥

I kind of went on another eBay spree. Don’t worry, it was a pretty small one. Only got 3 things ~ *plus that thing from amazon…*

Sanrio Strawberry News No. 502 Dec.

My fourth Strawberry News magazine, and my last for a while. Of the four covers, two are bright and two are lighter in color, so I’m putting two bright and one light on my desk, and this one on my new display shelf.
*A video and pictures of my room are coming SOON!* *not that anyone cares…*

Morning Musume ‘Naichau Kamo’ Risa Niigaki Picture ♥

Love this picture!!!!! I felt like since she’s my favorite member, I needed a real picture of her!! (With long hair *sobs in corner*) It was a sad day when I found out that the only good H!P picture was $6.50 =(

Nightmare Before Christmas ‘Jack’ Plushie / Keychain

I actually got it for my mom, she’s turning 39 in early February, so I really hope it comes in time. *Crap, she only has so much of her 30’s left =’(* The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of her favorite movies, she’s quirky like that XD, and I’ve been trying to get her something with Jack on it for a long time =P

Hello Kitty Sticker Case (VERY SMALL ~ 3.5 x 2.5)

The reason that I bought this on Amazon wasn’t for the stickers, although I do collect a lot of HK stickers. I needed a REALLY small container to… contain… my gum. XD The only gum I ever, ever chew is the Trident Splash Strawberry with Lime:


Although this new flavor looks good….


So.. that’s the stuff I got. =)

Ja ne, hito!~ ^_^

♥C-ute, Buono!, S/mileage Members♥

January 17th, 2010 by chibiyukichan:hellokitty.com

Haiii everyone! (Probably no one, feels like I’m talking to hot air here XD)

It’s a three-day weekend, so no school tomorrow! =D

The reason why no one comes to my blog is probably because no one knows H!P, but whatever! I’ll stop making all my posts about it when I’m done with C-ute, Buono!, and S/mileage, which I’m going to finish today. So after today, all you air particles out there will get to hear about other, possibly more interesting stuff! =3


Airi Suzuki

Airi-chan!!!! =D Airi’s clearly my favorite member, not only of C-ute but of Hello!Project itself! (Well, she ties with Risa-chan XD) She’s so cute, and she’s an amazing singer too! =3 As much as people complain, she deserves the lines she gets. C-ute wouldn’t be complete without Airi-chan!!

Maimi Yajima

Maimi is my… second favorite, with Saki. I don’t really know that much about her, but she’s definitely gorgeous, and her voice is great too, so yeah XD

Saki Nakajima

Saki is my second favorite with Maimi. She’s so cute! =3 I wish she got more lines in C-ute, because she really is good. I’m so glad she’s in Pucchimoni V with Manoeri and Mai, because now she can actually sing more. XD I’m not sure what it’s called, but their first song that they performed at the 2009 summer concert was really good. *worships youtube*

Chisato Okai

I like Chisa, but I can’t say I’m a huge fan. I think she should be featured more in C-ute songs, so she can show off her vocals more. =) Hopefully she’ll be great in Tanpopo! mai.jpg
Mai Hagiwara

Again, I like Mai, but I’m not that familiar with her. I think she’ll really benefit from Pucchimoni V if it gets popular. I kind of wish she hadn’t cut her hair, Maimi too… =P


I LOVE BUONO!!!!!!!!!!

Airi Suzuki

Once again, I love Airi-chan!!!!! =D She has the cutest personality! I love that she’s in Buono, and of course I think she’s the best, and I’m so excited that she’s center in the newest songs! Obviously I think the new songs with her in center are the best ~ Bravo Bravo, and especially Our Songs. It’s definitely going to be their best single ever! momobuono.jpg
Momoko Tsugunaga

Momo-chan! =3 I really love Momo, she’s so cute and.. reliable? You can always rely on her to be adorable! She’s just so bouncy and energetic, even when she’s doing something she doesn’t like, like dancing. (Which is really surprising!) miyabuono.jpg
Miyabi Natsuyaki

Miya-chan’s so pretty! I love her extensions in Our Songs, I hope her real hair grows fast so it can be long again! =3 I think she’s one of the best singers in Berryz, so she’s perfect for Buono, with Airi and Momo ~ they’re all the best singers in their groups, and my favorites, so it was really lucky that they did that! =D


Yuuka Maeda

Yuuka used to be my favorite, but… maybe it’s because she always looked so serious..? I think both her and her voice are adorable, but there’s something missing for me. Still, I love her! It’s too bad that she doesn’t have a nickname… Yuuka-chan I guess. =3

Ayaka Wada

Dawa-chan is so pretty! I love her hair…. =) I think her personality is so funny, in the making of Suki-chan (WHICH I LOVE) video, she was baking a strawberry cake, and I just thought that was so cute! She’s always so happy too ~
Saki Ogawa

I used to not really like Saki, since she was the odd one out where I felt like Akari Saho should have been, who was my favorite in SCE ~ the one that wasn’t a former Shugo Chara Egg. But now, I love her just as much as the others. She’s so cute and pretty!! Especially in this picture =3

Kanon Fukuda

Kanon-chan’s my favorite member of S/mileage! =D Maybe it’s because she shares a name with one of my favorite animes, maybe it’s because she has an honestly disturbing resemblance to Aibon, I really don’t know. I just got attached to her when they moved from SCE to S/mileage, and my favorite, Akari, wasn’t in S/mileage, so maybe I moved to my second favorite. XD

So there’s my thoughts on all of the members of all of the popular groups~

It’s late, and I have nothing else to say, except if KawaiiStarz is reading this, PLEASE pick up the phone! I’m starting to think you died here! =’(

Ja ne, sekai!~ ^_^

♥Berryz Koubou Members!♥

January 16th, 2010 by chibiyukichan:hellokitty.com

I know my last post was somewhat… hateful to the world? But only because I was about to kill someone. Don’t worry, I disposed of the body. ;)

So, I’m going to talk about the Berryz Koubou members! In case you forgot, Berryz is the first of the two larger groups made out of the H!P Kids.

Saki Shimizu

Poor Captain. She’s the oldest, and the leader, but she never gets any lines, and is often lost in the background of other more produced members. It probably doesn’t help that she’s small, either. She’s a really good singer, so I think Tsunku should give her more lines, especially since she’s the leader. -.- She’s so cute! momo.jpg
Momoko Tsugunaga

Momo’s my favorite member of Berryz! Probably mostly because she’s in Buono (LOOOOVE BUONO) =3 But obviously, she’s adorable!! Especially how she acts, like she’s always the most energetic dancer, and you’d never guess that she really doesn’t like to dance. =O chinami.jpg
Chinami Tokunaga

I used to think that Chinami and Chisato were the same people…………. Yes, I was stupid. =3 I think she’s a good singer, and she’s pretty, especially in this one Youtube video I saw when they write about another member (with C-ute too) on whiteboards and then talk about them… I think she should be put in a small group where she can show off her personality. =)

Maasa Sudou

Maasa is a good singer I think, again… and I don’t have much of an opinion of her, so.. yeah. =l

Miyabi Natsuyaki

I really like Miya, especially in Buono… hehe… and in Berryz, I’m glad she gets a lot of lines, because obviously, again, she’s a great singer. Her personality is also cute, interacting with the other members of Buono especially XD

Yurina Kumai

I’m so glad that she was put in Guardians 4, because, as tall (TALL) as she is, sometimes she gets a little overshadowed by other members. (Which, literally, is impossible.) I also really like her with longer hair, I hope she doesn’t cut it like Risa-chan =’(

Risako Sugaya

I loved her version of ‘Memorable Summer Experience,’ but I can’t say I love her. I’m not too big a fan of Risako, which is unfortunate because minus two letters, she shares a name with my beloved Risa-chan. She just kind of lacks some personality for me. She also gets too many lines in Berryz, which is of course not her fault, but it makes me get kind of tired of her.

So there you go. Berryz Koubou. Not quite my favorite group, with Momusu, C-ute, and Buono coming before them, but I still like them. =)

Ja ne, minna~~♥

Risa Niigaki

January 15th, 2010 by chibiyukichan:hellokitty.com

For sooome reason, Sanriotown is NOT letting me post this, no matter how desperately I try. Risa’s my favorite member too! =l

Okay, so you know how under Risa in the last post, it only has one sentence? Here’s what was supposed to go there:

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH it’s just not showing up! How in the world will I share my feelings about my beloved Risa-chan????? I’m serious, I think that sentence is CURSED!!! I’ll try to summarize it…. so I loved her long hair but she cut it and so I’m VERY sad and I hope she graduates seperately and stays after Ai graduates to be the leader cuz Gaki-san + leader = PWNSOME.

You probably don’t care but there it is.

Hate my life.

Ja ne again. -.-

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