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My Dream.

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

Burning a new mix tape for the cafe.

Doing a lot of new things for the cafe, there are many changes that have happened. I am going to make the most of it being for the better. I want to drive my creativity into the cafe and make it a desirable hot spot. If I can do it with this cafe, one day I’ll be able to own my own someday. That’s my overall original dream if I do nothing else, I’ll be happy being a cafe owner, like cinnamoroll.


Although I adore Hellokitty very much and I always wanted to be n international ambassador like her, I love Cinnamoroll and We share the same love/dream of owning our own Cafe.

Secretly, he is my favorite.

Cheza Ai


So my Dad emailed me back and basically gave me the “thumbs up” to go with my ideas but first get more clientele. I’m so excited. There was a comment he did make, but i’m not quite sure what he means by it but it sounded good.

But I am excited! I do realize already as it races through my mind as I type, all the work I’m gonna half to put into this but if I imagine it as just a little side project that I sometimes like to do I’ll keep with it! I just need to make it fun. That won’t be hard though considering I’m gonna be baking sweets and making coffee, two of my favorite things. (*∩-∩*)(#∩_∩#) ウンウン♪

Then I’ll make graphics and sell collectors coffee cups or something like that…

Well you know what I’m going to do? I’m going to update how it goes on my blog at various times. This will surely keep me with it! Wish me luck TAMA-S!!

So Last night, We had a Bed Paatii~! It’s a joke me and my bestfriend made because whenever we have a get together everyone ends up in a small spaced place in the house just talking as if nothing. Well yesterday aftenon, people we just coming over and joining in on a Heroes Season 1 Marathon and we all ended up laying in a bed watching Tv, and eating….basically just chillaxing. It’s more funny than fun I think because it’s just such a coincedence everytime! :p But yea, so one person left, then one came, and another left and four more came then another left as one came back. It was crazy last night….then again it usually is like that almost evernight lately. Why does everyone come to chill at our home? Hehe, I sure don’t mind though. Since we have no basic entertainment, they make up for that. They keep me unbored and I like it. They can leave a big mess though and sissuh dosen’t like that.

Anyway some of them want to go out tonight and I guess I all for it!


Abra-Ka-DUH CHEZ’!!!!

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

So, one of my dream goals in life was to open a cafe. It took me until today to realize just how close I am to this dream. For about two weeks now I have been part-time working in my father’s computer cafe. The other day he asked for my ideas so I typed of a page full of my listed ideas and just sent them to him. I now realize that if he agrees to expand the cafe part, that I would have more control over what I can sell there to please people and eventually I want to sell my own created sweets to my customers. It will be a begenning to a good future, my future! I’m so excited. For the past two years I have been planning and planning to mearly get started to where I wanted to be, and that was a cafe owner. And two years later (and wasted) I have not even begun step one or really begun anything. Something always happens, or my plans always fall through. And for almost 10 years this shop has been with us and I just realize this a few moments ago that I can make this shop better and into what I visulize more and make it my own and more successful!

(^.^) I’m so excited! I’m gonna start thinking of ideas tonight!

Update…work…random…BLAH BLAH

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

Okay, so not much has really happen since my last post. Maybe a few major but I do not wish to talk on that at the moment.

I am excited to say I got a part time job four days a week at a computer cafe so I can post more! V(●⌒∇⌒●)V YAAY!!! hehe…

Then I waitress on weekend nights, but that’s getting a bit too lame. First of all they already had two waitresses and I’m just the extra 3rd they need on the weekends at this club, but I find it a waste of my time. They don’t really do anything so I just basically end up just hanging out in a club I shouldn’t even be in because I not even old enough to enter but I guess I am to work there. I only did it b/c I wanted a job but didn’t have an id or social! (*´[]`)=3 -溜め息-!!!

Anyway they hired me on the spot of me just showing up one day cause they thought I was cute or something but I honestly don’t think the jobs for me. It just kills me though that I’m a very good waitress in my own opinion but I guess it’s either not in a place like this or I was just use to having the whole restuant where I worked to myself and here they don’t really need me too much so…i dunno…it just dosen’t seem to mesh.

But I am excited for this job because it envolves what I love and i get paid!

★ヘ(^−^へ)☆♪♪☆(ノ^o^)ノ☆♪♪☆ ヘ(^−^へ)★

★(ノ^o^)ノ☆♪♪☆ ヘ(^−^へ)☆♪♪☆(ノ^o^)ノ ★

**Do a little dance. Sing a little song.**

OKAAEEE….so I can’t really think of much to say right now, i just wanted to update because I really want to follow through with this because I made a promise to and i wanna have something to follow up with since I quit almost everything. But um…yea I think I will be able to post again on Monday? If not I’ll probably post maybe even sooner??!!

So TTYL (lol) v( ̄∇ ̄)…………………………………………Chez愛

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