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行きましょう! Quest Crew!

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com


So I’m very much into dance which makes sense that one of my reality favorites is the new America’s Best Dance Crew. As much as I love dancing myself, I love to watch other performers. This season, from the early beginning, Quest Crew has won me. Their style is very entertaining and they have me dreaming of doing the stunts they do.  So usually I don’t get involved with all the call in to vote but, my mom, who is currently into it too, loves Quest Crew also so I was kinda of convinced into doing it…on two phones at once! hehe… But they really do deserve it and I honestly think that they had no real real close competition. There were some like the Ring Masters (A very entertaining circus like group with amazing illusional stunts.), Team Millennia, and I have to admit, my favorite of all girl group, or mostly girls, was the Fly Kicks who I thought were pretty damn good that it would have been my choice to see the perform alongside Quest Crew in the final. They Beat Freaks do have awesome choreography but people I think enjoyed watching the Fly Kicks anyway…plus that’s a tight name! lol I have a feeling whether I voted or not, it’s a sure thing Quest Crew will probably win. If not, it’s a hoax. ;p!


This is my favorite member Hok Konishi. Whenever I watch them my eyes usually spot him out I think because of his style and he’s so funny to watch. Feng’s crazy but cool hair catches me too. And I think Dominic Sandoval (AKA: ‘D-Trix)’ was hilarious when he pulled his pants dance for the semi finals (I think it was.)

I hope this video works, but it probably is their best performance and probably a best on the show too!

Until next time…………………………………………………….Chezkoi

One More Day…

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

Happy New Year’s Eve Already???

The New Year is almost here, but I am a bit worried because I don’t feel completely ready. I still haven’t thought about resolutions like I said and I have alot of preparing to do tonight.

(´`)=3 -sigh-

I know that I do have alot planned soon.

  • We plan to move into a bigger house withing the next couple of months.
  • I want to get a new camera or a charger for it.
  • I still wanted to get a few gifts.
  • I do want to start being more active and get into shape. Lately I’ve been just hanging around the house. I want to either just join a gym, or maybe I’ll join a sport or activity this year round. Try something new I guess.
  • I would also like to be more organized.

Now my resolutions come to me…but I want to stop now to really think about it before I make a final decision for New Years. And this year I promise to keep to it!


One thing i may miss this year is a marathon. It was always a coincidence that I ended up watching one every year. That was how I came to love Naruto. (^.~)V

But this year, we just got a new tv for the house but we did not set up the cable yet so I fear i will watch no marathon this year…..

wait, as i was typing that I remembered that I was currently in the process of downloading a tv series to watch…Invader Zim!

I Love Gir!!!!


Well this all depends on if it even loads fast enough!

Well, till tomorrow…BaiBai.


Can YOU be hypnotized?

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

My friend showed me this video the other day and I thought it was wicked so I wanted to share it too!

Kar Show Video

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

I posted a car show video really late last night (or early this morning).

Its..okay. I just decided that i would just use sanriotown dream studio to make a cool slide show just to show some of what I seen instead of me uploading and posting all the picture in one big blog entry.

But, when i try to add effect to some of the picture, it no load so i guess it’s just like a plain slide show but that is okay with me.

I do really LOVE this song though! ^.^

Well, here it is…..

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