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Did Everyone have a good X-mas??

Mine was alright.

Favorite things I got was a new Tokidoki Purse and the Harajuku Girls Perfume Set! Kawaii!!


While I went a relative home for the holidays, I found some old pics of Baby CK.


Merry Christmas Everyone Across the World!

Love Cheza

Happi Halloween!

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com



Today was another odd celebration where men and women go from bar to bar for free beer and wear only red dresses. It’s a crazy one! Morale was high, but so was the nudity!Σ(O_O;)Shock!!Lol

Next year?? I want in! hehe. I just want to wear a red dress and celebrate too!

I was thinking…so much happens here, that maybe at the start of the new year. I want to blog on every time something is celebrated and get pictures so that I can share with you the fun mess I live in!

I do love it here, for the most part.


(You can see even the males have to wear them, lol)




Happy Cybunny Day! Neopians

The Cybunny Carnival is here!
On this day, the such cute Cybunnies come down from the mountain tops to enjoy their day of celebration and the freed food of mostly any cooked/baked carrots. I ‘love’ the cybunnies myself and wish to have one but they are more rarer of neopets that they don’t offer dailiy. (T.T)

Someday I shall have one, for I plan to turn ChezAoki into one!




Happy Kougra Day!!

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

Happy Kougra Day!!


Having a yellow Kougra, Eien_no_Ai, of course I would celebrate Kougra Day in honor of him! So today Eien and I wanted to just wish every neopian, and their kougras a happy Kougra Day! Kougra’s have always been a favorite neopian species of mine and every Neopets account I’ve ever had included a Kougra.

I think these are the two I’ve decided between for what I would like to paint him. I love pirates and white tigers…but I’m not sure yet. I’ve probably had/have enough to paint at least one pet but I still trying to figure out distinct personalities for them.



Of most all the animals, maybe just except the tweetok, I love Kougra themed food because it’s usually cool looking to me and it seems like something yummy I would eat! (^.^)V. Also Kougra themed toys are the cutest! Here are the blocks and I also had a neat Kougra pogo stick I came across one day that I bought for Eien.



This is a Kougra/Neopets item bought at stores like claire’s. There are baby Kougra door hangers and I think they are too cute also!


Til the next Neopian holiday!!!

<<<333 Chez&Eien KOI

Happi Lutari Dai!!!

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

Happi Lutari Dai!!!!


Picture by Suta-Raito.com


I just wanted to wish all other Neopians a Happi Lutari Dai because the Lutaris are a favorite species of mine on Neopets. I also love the new Island themed items as well as the new Paintbrush to go along with it. Sadly it’s the most expensive but it is much the worth because I loved the look Of Lutari painted Neopets the most!!! Lutari’s appreared when their mysterious Lutari island first did. Apparently the Lutari’s have a love for bright colorful things as many of the Lutari themed items are bright different colors and decorated in colorful feathers as well. That could be a major reason why I like them alot! (^.^)!

At the moment, I could only dream of an Island Lutari.


Anyway in celebration here is a list of my favorite Lutari Items.


You can see just how colorful and feathery they are, nee?

Sadly I wanted to show you what my neopets whould look like painted with the Lutari Paintbrush but at this time I believe the paintbrush is not yet available to coulour yet. I searched but did not find anything *yet* but when I do I will probably show you in the furture! Lo Siento!!!!!


Love, ChezaAli

Happy Grey Day… whoo hoo (-.-)

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com


Today Neopets celebrates Grey day. I’m not really sure why, I just assume it’s to celebrate all things Grey in Neopia. I believe it was started around the time the faerie above, named Baelia appeared first. She was the begennining of all things grey that begin popping up in Neopia, like food and even as a clor option for your pet.

I wouldn’t blame Baelia intirely for a day, sort of based upos sadness it seems. Acoording to Neopets this grey fearie, the only one at this time, had her wings removed Baelia was stripped of her magical powers imprisoned by a Dark Faerie named Jennumara. She was then freed by Tavi, a mountain climber who tricked the lock of her cage. They say she will regain her powers when she receives a new name.

At this time, Baelia is supposedly the only one yet there may be more in hiding. Neopets has yet to release any more informations on this, or anything grey except that in the future there will be more about it.

I personally am very interested in this particular faerie. I want to know most why she has antennas. Also, she has a few feathered wings. There is another neopet that has them, but there is no relation mentioned yet. I wonder though, especially since a grey faeires loses it’s wings and ability to fly when they turn grey, yet this one still has reminesinces of her wings left, but they are fearthered. I was trying to think of a scientific reason but you never know with Neopets.

ANYWAY, if you are an advid Neopian, you may join in with me to celebrate Grey day not with sadness, but as a day to pray for all things grey to regain their color, life, and rarity.

Hi! I’m Michiru!

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

Did you know….

Today is name yourself day! (^.^)

When I was younger, I named myself Serena, because I wanted to be Sailormoon. :p I was so young! hehe

But today, I am Michiru, Sailor Neptune! Because Jupiter rules us, and the violin is my favorite instrument! lol


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Michiru(aka SailorNeptune)


Happ!Illusen Day!!o(^▽^)o

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com



Illusen is an Earth fearie who resides in her glade located in Meridell, a land of Neopia. She spends most of her day tending to her garden and rewarding neopians who complete the tasks she gives them. As a major day in Neopia and as one of my favorite neopia fearies, I decided to also show appriaction for such a kind person, even though she’s fictional. I’m not an avid neopets player, but Neopets remains to have a grasp on me. Especially when I work at a computer place and have nothing but the internet to keep me occupied. I magange to complete my dailies 3 maybe 4 times a week, usually at work. But I live a more uneventful life than I wish I did so I dediced to celebrate random holidays not known to many as well as major Neopia days so I have a reason to smile everyday! (o^−^o) .

Of course, today also happens to be St. Patty’s Day. At the same time, it’s still cool that I get to celebrate Illusen’s day since I work all day and have no time for St. Patrick activies going on throught the day. I just need me to go find some Neopias to celebrate with! (*^-^) *Ciao*

Illusen’s Gallery of Heroes portrait


Happy Illusen Day!

Love Cheza!

Happi!St.Patricks Day!!(∩_∩)

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com


So have a beer (or a root beer!), don’t forget to wear green, and enjoy the day because everyone is Irish on St. Patty’s Day!

♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣Love Cheza♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣

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