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One More Day…

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

Happy New Year’s Eve Already???

The New Year is almost here, but I am a bit worried because I don’t feel completely ready. I still haven’t thought about resolutions like I said and I have alot of preparing to do tonight.

(´`)=3 -sigh-

I know that I do have alot planned soon.

  • We plan to move into a bigger house withing the next couple of months.
  • I want to get a new camera or a charger for it.
  • I still wanted to get a few gifts.
  • I do want to start being more active and get into shape. Lately I’ve been just hanging around the house. I want to either just join a gym, or maybe I’ll join a sport or activity this year round. Try something new I guess.
  • I would also like to be more organized.

Now my resolutions come to me…but I want to stop now to really think about it before I make a final decision for New Years. And this year I promise to keep to it!


One thing i may miss this year is a marathon. It was always a coincidence that I ended up watching one every year. That was how I came to love Naruto. (^.~)V

But this year, we just got a new tv for the house but we did not set up the cable yet so I fear i will watch no marathon this year…..

wait, as i was typing that I remembered that I was currently in the process of downloading a tv series to watch…Invader Zim!

I Love Gir!!!!


Well this all depends on if it even loads fast enough!

Well, till tomorrow…BaiBai.


Last day!!!

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

So, Hoy era el mi día pasado de la escuela! ¡Yay! No more school! ^.^

But it was funny, as soon as I get home, I was like “Okay…今 あたし わ bored!!

He he, but i will miss some people lots.

But not only them but other people @ my other past schools. SHout outs to you too!




I dunno what i might do…

あたし は 夏 女の子 です!


by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

YAY! Summer Break is almost here! Can’t wait til school is over, but then i might get bored right?


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