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Return of the pink gypsy!!!

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

hi~loo again world!!!


I’m back! Again…again…again…. Lol I wonder how many times Ives said this in the bog’s lifetime! I remember starting off so well. Then I’d disappear from months to years only to pop back in, promise to be consistent and lie to myself anyone else who may pass by. Hence the title seemed perfect cuz that’s what I seem to do, move from place to place and pop in every so often with a new look each time. I finally died my hair pink thou! I don’t know If I’d mention that before but it’s how I always wanted my hair! Well, I’ve always wanted pink hair, my mine didn’t turn out exactly how I always wanted but I still love it now! It took a few days to grow into, as any new style I have but I am truly pleased as of today.

So here I am, I guess bored on another day thinking about my old blogs. That seems to be when I get on here, when I absolutely bored wii life and have nothing else to do…but at those times my blog seems to be some sort of motivation when all else are gone. Gives me something meaningless to do making my time and life seem less meaning less at the same time. Oh well, here I am again, hello, I miss you, see you later, never good bye!


Did Everyone have a good X-mas??

Mine was alright.

Favorite things I got was a new Tokidoki Purse and the Harajuku Girls Perfume Set! Kawaii!!


While I went a relative home for the holidays, I found some old pics of Baby CK.


Merry Christmas Everyone Across the World!

Love Cheza

Random Update

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

I have some pictures I took from Thanksgiving. I haven’t really had time to upload any lately, but I’m trying.




This is just a random picture while trying to take a good picture of myself, full shot, to show what I wore on Thanksgiving. Black, nothing special. It is a Korean Chiffon/Baby doll like dress I got on Ebay sometime back. I also have it in white.


Things have been hectic and stressful!


Kitties are still getting big thou. Will have to put up some pictures pretty soon.



Near X-mas I am suppose to be leaving where I am for a few days. I’ll have a computer there so I’ll try to update it then considering I’ll have a lot more time and privacy there. (the odds…)


It’s not that I’m being secretive or trying to hide anything from anyone that I write on here. I think I’m smart enough to know what I want to share and what i don’t if I’m posting it on the internet for the world to see, and then some! I just don’t want someone around me asking questions and just being nosy while I do it. Read it later, I don’t care just not over my shoulder or near me at all while I write it. It’s uncomfortable for me, not a secret being hidden from you!



It’s the internet I’m on…for crying out loud! There are NO secrets here!



Unless you know….




Ai, Cheza

Kitties!!! ≦(∩ェ∩)≧...愛

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

So sometime at the beginning of October I adopted two kittens.

Well, at first I wanted just one to start. I called in about an ad I saw for a Kitty named Shoofly. (lol) The lady had just sold him but instead had two kittens ready to go. They were sisters so I couldn’t take them apart. I’m so happy I got both because I love them too much already!

So when i got them they were already 6weeks old. (I wish I had photos but I deleted them when I couldn’t get them off my sd card!)

But here are some I do have now and more to come of course.

Their names are Bella and Sophie.


They’re so cute together! (BTW Sophie is the one hugging Bella)


Fleur de lis Princesses! Sophie is to the left, Bella to the right.

I wish I had more of them but they are hard to keep still for a picture when awake. :p

Mas Mas Mas, Luego!!!


Happi Halloween!

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com




by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

de mi amour’s hermana’s Inlaw familia.

So after work, my boyfriend and his sister and his brother in law picked me up and invited me over to his brother in law’s family weekend party. It was really fun! Everyone was dancing almost the whole night. I did not mingle much because I am a very shy person but I still had fun. Mostly we hung out outside with the dogs and the kids.



Happi ♔Mardi♚Gras♔!

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

Happy Mardi Gras/ Fat Tuesday! I hope everyone here had some king cake! lol. I just wanted to wish a Happy Mardi Gras. I took some pictures of the parades I saw today but I have to go get them develped. (Since I lost my phone and the pictures on it already!) I will post pictures asap! Till then, enjoy today NewOrleaneans and to everyone I wish a Happi Mardi Gras.


I love Venetian Masks!


Krewe de Barkus! Woof!??!?!

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

I’m sad. (T.T)!

This year I missed my favorite parade ::

The Krewe of Barkus.

I’m an animal lover so of course I absolutely love the only parade of dogs! People dress up their dogs and walked them around town in a mini parade. It’s the cutest ever and if you ever get a chance to come see it, DO! Since I missed it, I instead posted some pics I got from Nola and google search so show and idea.



Hopefully I’ll see you next year!



(No credit for these pictures go to me.)

My Valentines

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

This I would say I felt is my first true and special Valentines.  I didn’t do anything too special, but I was with some one extremely special. He got me a very adorable red bear that he stuck a chocolate rose in the grip of its arms but someone in the house unfortunately has eaten the chocolate rose. (T.T)

He also got me chocolates and smothered me in XOXOXOX which I loved best! (^.^)V!

Then, as my gift to him since he doesn’t particularly care for chocolate or stuffed animals, I took him out to eat.

Things got a little crazy on Valentines so the day after I treated dinner @ La Carreta (Mexican food). He loved it and i did too! I enjoyed most of the dinner that it was just the two of us.  ~  ロマンチック!!! (^.^)VVVVV!!!

He ordered the shrimp and steak fajita and I ordered a Bean and cheese burrito with rice.

Later we went to a parade. (My first in years!)

I took some pictures of today but I didn’t have time to upload and post.

This one I saved for today:


Bumper Cars!

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

So yesterday, I had a friend coming to pick me up from work and a few minutes after she tried to stop at a red light and the car hydroplaned into the one in front. It wasn’t so bad though. The car in front just got a crack and some paint scratches on the bumper in primarily the one spot. But my friend’s car was all messed up in the front. The hood was smashed up and the lights broke out. She still managed to drive it home though. I saw it coming. Believe it or not I was thinking of a similar scenario as I was waiting for her to come. But it was something that made my day abit more interesting.

So my phone came in yesterday too! Just this morning I took some pictures to try out on the phone. Then I edited them in photoshop.




Also I tried takin a picture of my nail design but it did not show good. Maybe I’ll try again to take better ones but it is a bit difficult on a phone camera due to its lack of quality in most cases compared to a regular digital camera.


It was V shaped gold and black tip design and three fingers had the jewels on it. This has to be one of my least favorite designs I have had done. The people first of all did not give me what I wanted and told me (well tried) telling me what to do and get and they were mean and rude.

I use to document all my nail designs on my phone before this but it was lost before I could save the photos…which sucks because I had some good ones.

Well this is all for now…I have something i have to do right quick. Same time tommorrw? lol…okay!


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