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by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

de mi amour’s hermana’s Inlaw familia.

So after work, my boyfriend and his sister and his brother in law picked me up and invited me over to his brother in law’s family weekend party. It was really fun! Everyone was dancing almost the whole night. I did not mingle much because I am a very shy person but I still had fun. Mostly we hung out outside with the dogs and the kids.




So my Dad emailed me back and basically gave me the “thumbs up” to go with my ideas but first get more clientele. I’m so excited. There was a comment he did make, but i’m not quite sure what he means by it but it sounded good.

But I am excited! I do realize already as it races through my mind as I type, all the work I’m gonna half to put into this but if I imagine it as just a little side project that I sometimes like to do I’ll keep with it! I just need to make it fun. That won’t be hard though considering I’m gonna be baking sweets and making coffee, two of my favorite things. (*∩-∩*)(#∩_∩#) ウンウン♪

Then I’ll make graphics and sell collectors coffee cups or something like that…

Well you know what I’m going to do? I’m going to update how it goes on my blog at various times. This will surely keep me with it! Wish me luck TAMA-S!!

So Last night, We had a Bed Paatii~! It’s a joke me and my bestfriend made because whenever we have a get together everyone ends up in a small spaced place in the house just talking as if nothing. Well yesterday aftenon, people we just coming over and joining in on a Heroes Season 1 Marathon and we all ended up laying in a bed watching Tv, and eating….basically just chillaxing. It’s more funny than fun I think because it’s just such a coincedence everytime! :p But yea, so one person left, then one came, and another left and four more came then another left as one came back. It was crazy last night….then again it usually is like that almost evernight lately. Why does everyone come to chill at our home? Hehe, I sure don’t mind though. Since we have no basic entertainment, they make up for that. They keep me unbored and I like it. They can leave a big mess though and sissuh dosen’t like that.

Anyway some of them want to go out tonight and I guess I all for it!



by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

Today I went to birthday party for this couple: one turn 32 other 33, and Italian restuarnt.
SO, I tried Muscles…It was gross. >.First it was the texture, the second time the taste got to me.
But, I was proud of myself for trying it! P^.^P

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