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Avatar movie

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

I saw saw Avatar finally last night!

It was amazing! The Navi are very cool people and Pandora is amazingly beautiful. What I would do for Eywa to make me a Na’vi! Sign me up!


Anyway I LOVED it and reccomend it to everyone. Yeah the story line maybe already played out but none the less it’s still amazing! Can’t wait to see more!

Che’za Ai’vi (lol)

Avatar The Last Airbender ::Live Action

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

Actually, I think they’re just calling it The Last Airbender, eh?

More so then about the movie, I’m hearing more criticizing of the cast. Apparently people are calling the film ‘white-washed’ due to this Asian fantasy being casted with predominately white actors.

I have to say myself I was just too excited to even hear that they were making an Avatar movie! ^.^! My uncle actually got me into the show and I loved it! So when I heard, I went crazy. No matter what this crazyness over the movie’s cast won’t stop me from going  to see it and love it.

Hehe, it is funny though, other people’s reaction to it. Many people are exclaiming that “What?! Aang’s not white??!”

Hahaha….I think that’s the funniest comment.

But not only the cast, apparently people are confused, maybe a bit worried about how M. Night Shyamalan is going to do a film of a cartoon. ( even his name is scary…he’s an odd ball I think)I don’t know to much of this director. I mean I’ve probably watched many of his movies but his name was never brought to mind until The Village came out. I just don’t pay attention to too much of all that.

More pictures and information here. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0938283/

Anyway, I am very excited to see this for myself!



Recent Movie Update

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com


The Terminal


I love this movie so I decided to watch again! It features Tom Hanks and Catherine Zeta-Jones. I love the story, and I couldn’t help but tear up when Tom Hanks character revealed the real reason why he had come to America. Tom Hanksn did an ‘amazing performance here, one of my favorite of his characters. He’s lovable and funny here. He brings so much emotion it’s an art, I would say. It can be broing at times, but overall it’s very touching. I highly recommend for those who havent seen it already. (It’s a good bit since it came out.)




Kiera Knightley was amazing here! I loved this movie! Not only was it an awesome movie but it was based on a real life female bounty hunter. Domino Harvey was actually the daughter of film actor and a previous Ford model. Being bored with thatshe decided to take up Bounty Hunting which she happens to be a natural at. This movie’s plot goes crazy though when mob boss children and money go missing. It crazy, sexy, cool. lol

I wanna be like Domino! hehe I mean I wanna have a career that’s more of a rush like hers. I think I need that, now a days.


X-Men Origins: Wolverine

th_star.gifth_star.gif th_star.gif

 This movie was actually the early released pirate copy borrowed from pirates, lol. They bought it over one day so we watched it. If you are familiar with the early released, like 25% of the editing was missing, maybe more, which made the movie a little more humourous than it should have been. At least for me, lol. Seeing the wires and was funny and how that one guy who teleports - his unedited scenes were funny as well. (Sorry if I don’t know the names. I just saw the movie and I have to be honest and say I dont know more than the main characters, but I’m learning.) ^.^ This movie was good I guess. I prefer the first one still, it was the best for me. But as far as the Orgins series goes, Wolverine is one of my favorite characters. I also have a new liking for this character Gambit. I have seen him in the comics before but I did not know anything about him. But now that I do, I LOVE him! Gambit is the best! haha. I think I like him only because I have a guilty pleasure for gambling and cards, I collect playing cards. So I’ll be looking forward to a Gambit Origin and a Storm, but really I’ll probably see them all or read up on the different X-men myself when I get a chance. I way interested now. ^.^ (Note:: The bad quality did not effect how I rated it at all! I can look past that.)




WAY BETTER that I originally thought! I was so shocked by some scenes. My jaw dropped at the climax. I was caught off guard and did not expect that to happen. Okay, Maybe I might have just and itsy bit because its a movie, its kinda expected, lol. For the sake of his innocent wife and child, I secretly wished his revenge as well. What they did was horrible! But the way he gets his revenge is nice, he was smart about it, although the detective I think knows what he done.




This was another movie not what I expected. Everyone has been raving about this movie, but I found it … awkward. I thought it was cute, but weird at times. I think I will be more excited about the second one though. The Wolf addition will be very neat. I do wish to see the story continue as well. Still, I’m not sure if I’love it’ as much as everyone else did. I think I would be one of those people who prefer the book if I had read it. Even I felt the movie left out alot. It was a nice fatasy for those bad boy ‘vampiric’ loving girls. ^.^ I do think that many of the characters were too predictable as well, but it’s still worth it. I say that because you need to see the first before the second and the second looks SPECTACULAR! Can’t wait!

(Still, my Vampire love goes to Lestat! or maybe Aaliyah!) (-.^)v





by chezkoi:hellokitty.com


Whoa! This movie was not what I expected at all! I was thinking it was going to be a pretty decent movie having to do with things around the lines of superman and spiderman, but it was way off. First of all I really wanted to see it alot because I was informed that it was going to be in 3-d when it was more like H-D, but still pretty cool movie. It was funny when the beggenning screen is of Dr. Manhattan, the big blue guy, is doing something and the camer comes up (literally) behind him…and he’s

naked and like hundreds of feet tall at the time! Oh dear…did not expect that. Besides that it was very edgy, the heros were alittle more realistic but odd as well. I don’t really want to babble on about the movie but, even if it’s not in 3-D, still manage to see it! It’s wild!


Race to Witch Mountain

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com



Originally we had planned to go see watchmen 3-D but there was no more showings so we instead chose this one because we had no clue what any of the other ones were about anyway, lol. I had heard of it before, and I think it’s even a book but I have to say I didn’t really expect it to be about aliens, I had no idea. I’m not much of an alien believer and I’m not crazy about the idea, but I did like the overall movie even though. Especially because I love AnnaSophia Robb. The rock wasn’t bad in the movie either. It was very cute and kind of gets you thinking a little more about the goverment and it’s cover ups rather than just the ailiens. It’s a neat movie, i do reccomend it.

Movie Update

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

So as an update from yesterday, here are the movies be have gotten so far, what they are about, and my thoughts on it::

  • sasquatch_gang.jpgth_star.gifth_star.gifth_star.gifth_star.gifThe Sasquatch Gang - This is about a group of nerds who one day go walking in the woods and find what they think is sasquatch footprints and doodie. hehe. Yeah, i know, this movie is hilarious!! This movie was the reason I went to blockbuster! I accidently caught it on demand and decided to watch it becasue the charming Jeremy Sumpter from the late Peter Pan movie was in it. I did not know what I was getting into. This movie is stupidly hilarious. It’s from the same people who did Napoleon Dynomite and he even makes a cameo. It’s so so funny I won’t stop till you see it!
  • death-race.jpgth_star.gifth_star.gifth_star.gifth_star.gifDeath Race - This movie is about a hardworking guy who is set up and fasely imprisoned for killing his wife. The prison he is sent to though it abit different that others. Here the warden has certain prisoners (mostly those with racing/automotive backgrounds) race customized cars built by other prisoners as she broadcasts it live from the prison for a fee. The rules are that if the racer wins 5 races, he will be released. It’s not as easy as it seems though. These cars have weapons that can be activated only by a signal when driven over the right cap in the ground. It’s kind of like the racing game in the newest Mortal Kombat game(I think). There are circles in the ground with symbols, either for a shield or a weapon use, which ever you get and when you drive over it, it becomes activated. So they battle it out, gruesomely as she makes a profit off it. Anywayb Jason Statham plays a racer pretending to be the late Frankestien - name coming from being in so many crashes that he is disfigured and has to wear a mask. He was one race away from winning but died in the infermatory but the warden wants to keep him (the name basically) alive for ratings. So she gets Jason Statham. So while he races he starts solving the murder of his wife. I really like this movie mostly because I love cars and these were tricked up to the max and had weapons! The overall story line wasn’t bad either but it is very much action pact which is always good. ^.^V But that is very much expected from a Jason Statham movie such as Transporter 1 & 2 and Crank.
  • crank.jpgth_star.gifth_star.gifth_star.gifth_star.gifCrank - This was another choice of mine. This is a movie where Jason Statham is injected with this chinese poison and he has to keep his adrenalie going to stay alive long enough for a cure. That’s all I think I have to say about this. Awesome action movie, a little dirty but very fast moving, exciting, and the fast beating heart in the background adds to your adrenaline as if you can feel what he’s going though. That was done very nicely. I really reccomend this movie.
  • forgetting-sarah-marshall.jpgth_star.gifth_star.gifForgetting Sarah Marshall - This is basically only about a guy who broke up with a girl and wants her back…pathetically. It’s pretty funny but the overall story line is not to special. This was chosen by a freind. She had seen it, said it was really funny and that she recommened it to us. I will say that is was way funnier than I thought I was and I even liked it which was not expected. When I first heard about it I read it as a billboard and I thought I was just a guy who broke up with someone and posted billboards about it all over the internet to get back. Then I found out it was a real movie but I did not expect much from it. I still reccomend it much.
  • righteous-kill.jpgRighteous Kill - This is about to longtime partners on the police force and one of them begins to kill 14 people because he can get away with it and part of it had to do with a longtime grudge over what one of them did in the past. That’s about all I got out of it. The same person suggested getting this movie. To me, the acting wasn’t bad and the story line is pretty good with a very unexpected but good twist at the end but how the came about putting it together or just the way the filmed it…it was too boring and dosen’t keep interest. Don’t get me wrong, I love Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro, I grew up watching them all the time in the Godfather because my dad liked it a lot. But this is probably my least favorite of any of their movies. In my opinion, it’s probably their worst but like a friend told me; “What do they care, they’re probably gonna retire soon anyway.” I kinda though it was funny but true. This definetly won’t hurt them though, that’s for sure.
  • crazy-8.jpgCrazyEights - This is a horror movie about these group of 6 old friends who meet up at the home of their other late friend and that friends sends them on a treasure hunt for a chest which ends up in them getting locked in a basement of a house and things start happenin…but you can’t see. So my best friend likes horror movies…alot. (Not particuarly me…too scary! lol) But i like to watch them and I have heard of these types of movies ’supposedly’ too horrific to show in theatre. This was horrific alright and I mean in the way it was made. It looks cheap which makes it dumb, you never really see anything but a doll*(*Which also had nothing to do with the story at all) leviating over a screaming girl in fog. The whole story dosen’t make sense. The characters were all stereotypical and so were the events that took place. And the ending was horrible and stupid. Just none of it made sense, it just made you look at it funny. I don’t reccommend even reading the title! (even my bestfriend was dissapointed)
  • jackass.jpgth_star.gifJackass (The first) - I got this one because I had only seen it once. This is basically self explanitory so I don’t think I have to go into any detail about what this movie might be about. Anyway it’s the first one and we’ll probably get the second next time we go. I like this one because I like the part when the dress like pandas and rat the streets of Japan and I like when then dress up as old people and do crazy things down the streets of SanFranciso and/or LA. (which ever it was)
  • my-bestfriends-girl.jpgth_star.gifth_star.gifth_star.gifMy Bestfriend’s Girl - This movie is about a guy(Dane Cook) is is hired by other guys to take their girl out on a date and be horrible to them so that their last boyfriend seemed better and they would go back to them. Well when his roomate asked him to do it, he ends up falling for her. This one I actually just watched last night when a friend left it for us to see. The story line is good, Dane is of course funny and overall it’s pretty fun movie watch.
  • family-guy-movie.jpgth_star.gifth_star.gifFamily Guy - [self explanitory] I got this because one of my friends (shockingly and sadly) was not familiar with family guy too well so, being the FamGuy Fan I am, had to get it for him to see. We aslo got a voulmn dvd too.
  • ufc1.jpgUFC 2 Classics - These were for San. This UFC dvd showed some of the best fights from when UFC had no rules.
  • ufc2.jpgFFC All Or Nothing - Also for San. This UFC dvd main fight was Silva vs. Lutter (who stood no chance!)
  • invaderzim.jpgInvader Zim - I got Volumn of Invader Zim beacuse it had been so long since I have seen it but I have all the epsidoes on my ipod but I was having trouble putting them on a dvd so we just rented them.
  • beetlejuce.jpgth_star.gifth_star.gifth_star.gifth_star.gifBeetlejuce - This was a movie my Bestfriend owned. It’s been atleast 7 years since I seen this. I LOVED this movie as a child and I’ve seen it three times in the last month, four in the last 2. ALWAYS RECCOMENDED! hehe
  • what-about-bob.jpgth_star.gifth_star.gifWhat about Bob? - This was an odd movie I had never heard of featuring Bill Murray. I say it’s odd because between a bunch of horror movies there’s this so it was kind of funny but apparently it was a gift?. No matter, it was not bad to watch and pretty funny. I did feel alittle bad for ‘Bob’ phychiatrist.
  • resident-evil.jpgth_star.gifth_star.gifResident Evil Extinction - This was another, perferab;y a favorite of my friends from her collections so she watches it alot. Besides that fact I had to endure watching this movie over and over again before so i’m knd of worn out of watching it but I still recommend it because I love Milla Jovovich ever since she played “Leeloo Multipass” lol. Good action, and you already know what she’s doing & what’s going on…killing zombies…duh…hehe
  • disturbia.jpgth_star.gifth_star.gifth_star.gifDisturbia - Finally, Disturbia is about a boy on house arrest and starts spying on neighbors out of bordom then starts noticing weird things happening with the new neighbor. This movie was better than I thought it was going to be too and Shia LaBeouf did a better job that i thought he would too. In the end, I liked it alot. This is probably one of the better one’s in her dark collection.

I already started a list for what I might want to get next time::

  • Inside Job
  • The Illusionist
  • The Prestige
  • Shoot ‘em Up

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

SO…yes..I have no udate lately! :(

Gomen Gomen!!!

Anyways…nothing really has happened:: nothing excited anyways. I mean I did go someplaces and did buy somethings…

Which by the way, here is an udate of just some random things I bought over the past 2 weeks…

One day, I think, last week I got a 2 spagetti strap shirts (one pink and one yellow) to go with this::

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
(Too Tired now, will rotate later…)

Hehe…its just another cute hoodie! :)

But i was only really there to get this Black Corset that my friend told me when we were there four days before. :p But I forget that she want red one so I say maybe we go exchange but haven’t gone back, i just hope the exchange date not retire yet!!! o.o!!

But here that is…

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

SEKUSHII NEE~E???!!! hehe…

HAI HAI! ^.^

Then there were these random things i got because i need. I got some earrings from Forever 21, HK bracelet and hair clips, a Cinnamanroll plush that moves!!! Then i got the XXL mascara and some cute pink hair extensions. (love things like that) I only got the belt because my other ones got lost when I moved::

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Some of the things i lost when i moved where some of my favorite things to wear so it sucks! One was a red Kakashi shirt (lol) that My grandmother bought for me when i (weirdly enough) found it while browsing the gift shop at the Rainforest Cafe????!!

That was weird to find it there I thought but i coulnt resist it! Then there was this cute gray hoodie zipper up with a mini ruffle skirt I got @ a Pink Frog? store in city somewhere…yea VERY favorite but gone too! T.T! Then i had this nice and comfty LARGE pink fluffy robe that was “HelloKitty” that my ex-stepmother found for me on Ebay. I was surprised to have lost such a large thing…i so wonder where these go??? :(….

So yea…besides that, while i was @ the mall i went by the Apple store because my ipod screen was broken that i noticed when i came home one day! I was up set because i’m sadly one of those people that are like in love with there ipod! lol. I just love music i guess. I usually only use it when i am riding in the car or walking around cause it keeps me interest if i get bored.

The Apple Genius told me visit some random sites that if i send my ipod to them, they can fix but it could cost anywhere from $50-$100 so I was like “Great…” Not only that but i would have to get a new front cover since i had dropped it on TAR and it marked it badly on the front! T.T

These have been sad ipod days for me…

Other than that I went for a quick Midnight dinner in the park with B, friend da RN , ex-classmate Connie, and ex-classmate…SORRY can’t seem to remember name…hmm… I never really talk to either in school Much. The one i had as a partner for a project and the other just was in one of my class and rode my bus…

Another day B and her friend da RN pick me up and we went and saw Knocked up. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Hmm, not sure what to say about it? I mean it wasn’t bad…but not ‘great’.

My friends B and da RN thought it was funny, but i thought it was only funny sometime. It thought it was much gross at times as well…

I guess it was Okay really…

I really rather/wanted to see Pirates. ^.^ Yes, a BIG Johnny Depp fan…as well as a HUGE Liu Chia-Hui (Gordon Liu) fan! But I heard his screen time was cut in half due to his character’s portrayal of a Chinese Pirate might have been a bit over the top due to when the story was created…America was not on well turn with China/Thailand? I dunno…something like so.

I was dissapointed in this since I and my father ar huge fans of Gordon Lui. I know him best by his old martial arts movies such as two of my favorite titles:: Shaolin Master Killer

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

and 36th Chamber of Shaolin.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Both hihgly acclaimed Martial Arts Movies. Yes he dose do mostly Shoalin Styles.

Many peole these days may know him as the leader of O-Ren’s personal army, the Crazy 88 in Kill bill Volume 1 and Pai Mei (the martial arts teacher) in Volume two. As well as the main Thailand Pirate in the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

Here is a website i recenlty found of him::


He is my favorite Martial Artist ever! ^.^

I do like Jackie, Jet and Bruce to though!

Lemmie just put in order for fun…

1. Gordon Lui

2.Bruce Lee

3.Jet Li

4.Jackie Chan

This list is also the order of the movies from them i love more. I like more of Bruce Lee’s older things. As well, I think the Jet Li is such a great and insipring morden martial artist and i do love every single one of his movies that came out because the syles and ways he uses them are creative. Jackie is just really funny…good at martial arts but funny–always has been—even in his older movies! ^.^

I just love martial arts I guess!!! ^.^

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