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by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

SO…yes..I have no udate lately! :(

Gomen Gomen!!!

Anyways…nothing really has happened:: nothing excited anyways. I mean I did go someplaces and did buy somethings…

Which by the way, here is an udate of just some random things I bought over the past 2 weeks…

One day, I think, last week I got a 2 spagetti strap shirts (one pink and one yellow) to go with this::

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(Too Tired now, will rotate later…)

Hehe…its just another cute hoodie! :)

But i was only really there to get this Black Corset that my friend told me when we were there four days before. :p But I forget that she want red one so I say maybe we go exchange but haven’t gone back, i just hope the exchange date not retire yet!!! o.o!!

But here that is…

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SEKUSHII NEE~E???!!! hehe…

HAI HAI! ^.^

Then there were these random things i got because i need. I got some earrings from Forever 21, HK bracelet and hair clips, a Cinnamanroll plush that moves!!! Then i got the XXL mascara and some cute pink hair extensions. (love things like that) I only got the belt because my other ones got lost when I moved::

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Some of the things i lost when i moved where some of my favorite things to wear so it sucks! One was a red Kakashi shirt (lol) that My grandmother bought for me when i (weirdly enough) found it while browsing the gift shop at the Rainforest Cafe????!!

That was weird to find it there I thought but i coulnt resist it! Then there was this cute gray hoodie zipper up with a mini ruffle skirt I got @ a Pink Frog? store in city somewhere…yea VERY favorite but gone too! T.T! Then i had this nice and comfty LARGE pink fluffy robe that was “HelloKitty” that my ex-stepmother found for me on Ebay. I was surprised to have lost such a large thing…i so wonder where these go??? :(….

So yea…besides that, while i was @ the mall i went by the Apple store because my ipod screen was broken that i noticed when i came home one day! I was up set because i’m sadly one of those people that are like in love with there ipod! lol. I just love music i guess. I usually only use it when i am riding in the car or walking around cause it keeps me interest if i get bored.

The Apple Genius told me visit some random sites that if i send my ipod to them, they can fix but it could cost anywhere from $50-$100 so I was like “Great…” Not only that but i would have to get a new front cover since i had dropped it on TAR and it marked it badly on the front! T.T

These have been sad ipod days for me…

Other than that I went for a quick Midnight dinner in the park with B, friend da RN , ex-classmate Connie, and ex-classmate…SORRY can’t seem to remember name…hmm… I never really talk to either in school Much. The one i had as a partner for a project and the other just was in one of my class and rode my bus…

Another day B and her friend da RN pick me up and we went and saw Knocked up. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Hmm, not sure what to say about it? I mean it wasn’t bad…but not ‘great’.

My friends B and da RN thought it was funny, but i thought it was only funny sometime. It thought it was much gross at times as well…

I guess it was Okay really…

I really rather/wanted to see Pirates. ^.^ Yes, a BIG Johnny Depp fan…as well as a HUGE Liu Chia-Hui (Gordon Liu) fan! But I heard his screen time was cut in half due to his character’s portrayal of a Chinese Pirate might have been a bit over the top due to when the story was created…America was not on well turn with China/Thailand? I dunno…something like so.

I was dissapointed in this since I and my father ar huge fans of Gordon Lui. I know him best by his old martial arts movies such as two of my favorite titles:: Shaolin Master Killer

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and 36th Chamber of Shaolin.

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Both hihgly acclaimed Martial Arts Movies. Yes he dose do mostly Shoalin Styles.

Many peole these days may know him as the leader of O-Ren’s personal army, the Crazy 88 in Kill bill Volume 1 and Pai Mei (the martial arts teacher) in Volume two. As well as the main Thailand Pirate in the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

Here is a website i recenlty found of him::


He is my favorite Martial Artist ever! ^.^

I do like Jackie, Jet and Bruce to though!

Lemmie just put in order for fun…

1. Gordon Lui

2.Bruce Lee

3.Jet Li

4.Jackie Chan

This list is also the order of the movies from them i love more. I like more of Bruce Lee’s older things. As well, I think the Jet Li is such a great and insipring morden martial artist and i do love every single one of his movies that came out because the syles and ways he uses them are creative. Jackie is just really funny…good at martial arts but funny–always has been—even in his older movies! ^.^

I just love martial arts I guess!!! ^.^

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