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Kitties!!! ≦(∩ェ∩)≧...愛

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

So sometime at the beginning of October I adopted two kittens.

Well, at first I wanted just one to start. I called in about an ad I saw for a Kitty named Shoofly. (lol) The lady had just sold him but instead had two kittens ready to go. They were sisters so I couldn’t take them apart. I’m so happy I got both because I love them too much already!

So when i got them they were already 6weeks old. (I wish I had photos but I deleted them when I couldn’t get them off my sd card!)

But here are some I do have now and more to come of course.

Their names are Bella and Sophie.


They’re so cute together! (BTW Sophie is the one hugging Bella)


Fleur de lis Princesses! Sophie is to the left, Bella to the right.

I wish I had more of them but they are hard to keep still for a picture when awake. :p

Mas Mas Mas, Luego!!!


Hello Kitties!

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

So it’s been three nights now that I have adopted my new cute kittens. They were rescued and were sick but now they are all better and have a home with me! They were sisters so I had to take them together. Although, I have yet to name them. I was thinking Bella and Sophie since one is going to have long beautiful hair (Bella) and the other one is quite smart (Sophie) but they’re both really clumsy.  I want to add pictures but I lost the camera charger! I’m looking!


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