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by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

Those who know me, know I have a thing for cars. This is because I think, down inside, I value most my freedom. Freedom to do as I please when I please — no rule. If I had a car now, I would go wherevere I wanted when I wanted, perferably at night which is my peak hours of awakeness…if I’m alone.

I don’t know what it is. There is something about being alone at night that leaves me at ease more. At night, most all others are asleep…but this is when I like to be active. Sometimes I clean, sometimes I dance to music or sing to myself. I just enjoy time more because I feel freeest at night. This is also when my artistic side comes out most. It’s weird but I’m alone which means no one to bother me and iterrupt my precious time. If I treasured anytime, it would be nightime.

But with a car, i can escape harsh realities at home, when I may not be able to just ecape by leaving the room. Sometimes bad aura will follow and it is best to escape it by getting out the house till it clears…like a fog.

I also like to drive at night because that is when less people are out. Fave places are the highway/intersate– basically long roads that have higher speed limits. I also like to go site seeing around holidays.

Driving in general just makes me feel so free and helps me think and I love it!

I’m Cheza.

I like to drive.

I like Cars.

I love the feeling of freedom.

I’m a Freedom Driver


Kar Show Video

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

I posted a car show video really late last night (or early this morning).

Its..okay. I just decided that i would just use sanriotown dream studio to make a cool slide show just to show some of what I seen instead of me uploading and posting all the picture in one big blog entry.

But, when i try to add effect to some of the picture, it no load so i guess it’s just like a plain slide show but that is okay with me.

I do really LOVE this song though! ^.^

Well, here it is…..

This or that…

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

I need to get a phone, and these are the one’s I am considering::

Cherry Blossom RAZR V3 LG Strawberry Chocolate

iPhone The BlackBerry® Pearl

Hehe, i really do like pink…well its more of a girlie thing! ^.^ I want a girlie phone i guess… :p I just can no ever decide on things sometimes! -.-? I do wonder though, if get the iphone, do i have to use that phone company of if i have to use the phone part at all??? i might just get that one and then pick another on for the phone part-if i no can decide! -.-?!!! **decision decision**SIGH*Then, there is what car do I want? I guess i’m kind of picky (and expensive) when it come to it! Like i would love the Bently Continental GT! O.0….hehe I know i know. “Keep Dureemingu!”Anyways, here are some that i have decide on::

Nissan 350Z Audi TT coupe

Hyundai Tiburon(GS or GT) Infiniti G37 (or G35)

I’m not so sure about the Infiniti because I have a friend who is getting that car and I don’t want same. My original choice was the new mustang but then when i look around everyone seem to have that car here and i want something a little less common around. I like both very much the Nissan and the Hyundai because the look nice as bases and have larger variety of Body Kits. The Audi TT i just like. But I will do ANYTHING for any one of these cars! lol i really…really like KARS! ^.^!!! Very Very much! (okay okay…so yeah, i guess i may have to work much hard for them! -.-? hehe)

Well, for now…these are the only two i am deciding on between the four different. No good at making decision ever! >.

Oh well….

Nissan 350z

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

Lately, especially with my new job, i have been thinking about a car!!! My My first!!! Of course, since i going pay for it my self, i am not sure if i can afford brand new one—although-for my many odd reasons, i want the version 2003 and not the latest. First i have to see, since i got new job, what my regular schedule is once i done training to see how much i make. Then i try to get second job maybe. If it is good, i get brand new version (2006-2007) ORANGE!!!! I dunno what it is about orange cars but i really like them. Everytime I play Need for Speed (Underground 1 & 2) my car always end up being orange. whether or not i get orange car depends on my steady income. If i can affornd new Nissan 350Z-then i get it orange, but if i can only afford what i can, it will be what ever color I can. Another problem with getting orange kar is i want to ‘trick it out’. Lol, i know i know-me? I guess i watch too much Tokyo Drift along with playing the game too much as well! Lol. Daisuki… But yea, i think it would be a bit tougher to find and orange body kit? Hmmm…I shall think on it.Well, i was just thinking, just wondering…


by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

ああ! Odio la escuela! Thankgoodness it is almost over!


Hehe…Sch a cute song… ^.^

Soon, I want to get a car. I can not drive yet (-.-’) but i LOVE cars. I just want a car to “trick out”, a street racer. ;P. hehe….トオ バアド that this is more like a dream. -sigh-

しかし, Pensaba en diversos modelos y esto es lo que pensé so far::
2007 Civic Coupe
2007 Civic Sedan
2007 Civic Si???
2008 Mitsubishi Eclipse
2007 Eclipse Spyder
Dodge SRT-4
2008 TT Coupe
Nissan 350Z
Tiburon GSMSRP
Tiburon GT MSRP
Tiburon GT Limited
Tiburon SEMSRP

There was more, but mi comp restart before i could save y no los recuerdo. (hehe)

THEN there are the some that I just dream to have but can’t afford:
MY #1:: Bentley Continental GT ^.^ (Pienso que soy un pedacito expensive.) :p
Then there is the Audi TT which is no nearly expensive as the Bently, but a little out of my range by almost $10,000. 0.0!!!!!!!!!

ARRRGG!!! I do not remember much of them now…-double sigh-

多分, later i will post picture of cars…??? はい…

Then it is late once more and i will retire.

GOODNIGHT みんなさん!!! ^.^

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