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Chez Update

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

Lately, I’ve been down a little. Being back here I’ve been meeting so many people daily that I think it has brought me down. Every time someone knew comes over, I feel once again left out of new memories my friends made while I was away and now I feel so much like an outsider as they talk amongst themselves, forgetting about me basically. I mean not basically…it just feels that way. I wish here I could for once invite people over, introduce my friends to more like they have done for me. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful because I have met so many people, but I feel like I desperately need to be by people I am more familiar with and feel more at ease with. That’s why I trying to schedule a quick escape to maybe my dad’s so I can chill with my brother like good old days. So I’m a bit excited. The thing is I was planning to actually leave this weekend, but I fear leaving this month. A friend…(a boy friend actually, but shhh!) is having probelms at the moment. He recently I belive lost his home because his father is very ill and so his father and his little sister went to live with his other older sister but there was no room for him so moved in with his cousin and my bff. Well, they have been disputing lately and she wants to kick him out and I can’t possibly leave and come back to him being gone. I will worry too much where he is because he has no direct place as of now. I can’t let this happen. So I think I might stay, just till the end of the month when I know for sure he will be alright if I leave him behind. If not, I want to try and bring him with me to visit my dad for a few days but you know how ‘fathers’ can be.

I am so STILL trying to get a charger for my camera! Why are you being so difficult!!

So, speaking of this ‘boyfriend’ of mine. I am sad a little about this subject too. I don’t feel needed. His last girfirend (who is still in love obsessed with him) hangs out with us everyday. I know for a fact she still is in love, she told me already that she is and will always cause of their past and because if their past and to not be rude, I allow them to still hang together and be friends and she comes over like I said almost everyday. In fact she gives me rides to work. We’re all cool about it (as far as I know). But she makes my feel unneeded by him. She still lets him borrow her car almost everday while she is at work, she buys him things still, like daily necesities and extra. He gets anything he really needs from her. What hurts is that everyone keeps bringing it up, especially last night how he ‘had the life’ and I don’t want to be in a ‘group relationship?’. Besides that, he claims to have not liked her as much as he did me. But as they were breaking up he still said I love you. I wish I knew a little deeper how close they were. During X-mas time or actually a little before it, he spoke to me about making a relationship work because I was a bit less comunicative in that area and he was too but we agreed to work on it. The only real fight we had so far was a misunderstaning that led to us not talking for about 3-4 days? And i hear later, from her that they were together for X-mas. What? I know she wasn’t just saying that to break us up because at that time no one really knew yet. Still to this day I have kept quiet. I don’t want to let that ruin everything now with a stupid fight. She has already said that while she is sad about not being with him that she is happy for me because he is a great guy and we had two talks about him and she kind of wants to get away from him but just enough to where she puts herself first again and not him and get her life back on track.

-sigh- It’s a tough subject to talk about just one part without understading the rest. Yes she still loves him, Supposedly no he dose not return the love anymore and hasn’t for a while. Yes we are cool for the most part, (but I’m sure part of her dose hate me). No I am not jealous or else I would not let them hang together, but I will admit that I am starting to get aggravated with her antics to try and win him back. They were funy to watch at first, now it’s getting annoying because it’s as if she realized how I don’t do anything when she tries and so she’s gonna do it more or whatnot. -sigh- This is all too much. I’ll maybe update on this subject later. I don’t really feel much like ( or have time to) get into this subject but I think what I was really trying to say was I didn’t feel needed and I guess a little down because a girl likes to be told sweet and romantic things like I love you even if they don’t truly mean in like that yet it’s still an affectionate thing that isn’t so uncommon for many couples to say, especially as young and naive to love as we may be at a youthful age. But why did he say it to her when he did not mean it but did it out of force to be nice. Why not to me too? Just to make me feel good…

Does he…?

Would he…?


{ Let her know, boy!}~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ChezKoi

Chez Dai…

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

Hmm…I just noticed that I had never even posted my resolutions. It’s not like I had been following as I promised. I mean i really can’t follow because I forgot to make them anyway. But and idea I had in my mind was to get abit more excercise to gain strength. That’s what I really want this year, to gain strenght and improve skills.

Well, that wasn’t too hard to think about…

So lately I’ve been down. I’m not quite sure why yet thou… I’ve been just feeling down, and sometimes I find myself verymuch agitated with ‘life’ in gerneral and the things that happen on a daily basis. Especially with the ppl I live with. I believe it is because I have no space and no solitude at all. This is why I am so determined to move and get a bigger place. I ‘need’ my own space, my own room to escape to when I need to do so. Sometimes I can barley take it and I get agitated and snap sometimes. Usually I listen to my ipod and use music as a remedy for these feeling. I put my headphones on and I’m gone. But I can’t even seem to do that. Either I hve to share, whch I don’t mind, but then they want to start requesting things I may not be feeling like listening to at the moment or they keep changing the songs and I then get annoyed and no longer want to even listen. Sometimes if i don’t offer to share, then they stare at me with a rude look or get mad at me. I’m not trying to be mean or a ‘lone wolf’ I just need SOME amount of time to just myself to calm and rejuvinate in a way. I guess what I’m trying to say is I feel smothered? maybe?…just a bit?

Anyway, besides that we decided to rent a bunch of movies since we don’t currently have cable. I’ll have to update that later though because I forgot already! (^-^? But i’ll do that tommorw. Today we have to return them anyway and we’ll probably get more tonight also!

I did mean to post yesterday too, but my friends were here so i was abit occupied. As well I saw and old time friend! I was happy! I like seeing friends after being away for so long.

Today feels good though, kinda as if I’m going to be doing something tonight that might be unexpected. I guess I’ll find out eventually.

Despite the few down moments, Everthing is just peachy at the moment. I don’t have too many ‘true’ worries and I like where I am and what I’m doing! Although, I could spend my free time a little better. hehe..

AiAiAiAi Ai Rabu JUUU!!!!!

Cheza <3’s U & mini moni*


So my Dad emailed me back and basically gave me the “thumbs up” to go with my ideas but first get more clientele. I’m so excited. There was a comment he did make, but i’m not quite sure what he means by it but it sounded good.

But I am excited! I do realize already as it races through my mind as I type, all the work I’m gonna half to put into this but if I imagine it as just a little side project that I sometimes like to do I’ll keep with it! I just need to make it fun. That won’t be hard though considering I’m gonna be baking sweets and making coffee, two of my favorite things. (*∩-∩*)(#∩_∩#) ウンウン♪

Then I’ll make graphics and sell collectors coffee cups or something like that…

Well you know what I’m going to do? I’m going to update how it goes on my blog at various times. This will surely keep me with it! Wish me luck TAMA-S!!

So Last night, We had a Bed Paatii~! It’s a joke me and my bestfriend made because whenever we have a get together everyone ends up in a small spaced place in the house just talking as if nothing. Well yesterday aftenon, people we just coming over and joining in on a Heroes Season 1 Marathon and we all ended up laying in a bed watching Tv, and eating….basically just chillaxing. It’s more funny than fun I think because it’s just such a coincedence everytime! :p But yea, so one person left, then one came, and another left and four more came then another left as one came back. It was crazy last night….then again it usually is like that almost evernight lately. Why does everyone come to chill at our home? Hehe, I sure don’t mind though. Since we have no basic entertainment, they make up for that. They keep me unbored and I like it. They can leave a big mess though and sissuh dosen’t like that.

Anyway some of them want to go out tonight and I guess I all for it!


d=(´▽`)=b ィェーィ♪

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com


Just checking in. (^.^)

I’m so excited. I am moving soon again.

It’s sad too though.. (T_T) I will miss my new friends here too. But of course I will be back to visit around holidays.

But I will get to be with my bestfriend again! So I am very happ~ii!! (^o^)/ So happy I already started planning everything! Oh how will I decorate my room and riding the train!

I love the city!

Chicago が大好き! (*^-^*)


I saw these today! かわいい! I wanted them Instantly!



by chezkoi:hellokitty.com


It’s been a few days huh?

Well i’ve been pretty busy lately w/ my summer job and when I do have free time to get on the internet I’m usually on Neopets anyway… (-.-”)! I made new pets so I have to take care of them i guess! I mostly been addicted to my favorite game on there called Evil Fuzzles from beyond…or somethingh like that. But yes, as I mentioned I did creat new pets! I created Zabuza_Kunz a day or two after Chez_Aoki. I wanted to just name him Zabuza but of course it was taken then Zabuza Kun was taken so I added the Z to kunz. :p Then yeasterday night I created two more! I couldn’t help it! I wish I could have more! (^.^)! So i’ll post them right now::


Chez_Aoki likes reading and learning. For her I decided to collect books to make her really smart. She is the oldest sibling.

Chez_Aoki wishes:: Books and to one day be painted either cloud or striped. I personally think she would look so cute w/ the pink paintbrush but she dosen’t really favor the color much.


Zabuza_Kunz, named after the fierce Nemisis Zabuza of Naruto caring the tough exterior personality but he is really protective of those close to hi, especially his siblings. He is going to be my battle pet. I always wanted to battle but never did. Currently he is training to raise a level at the training school. The only thing was I bought a Bri? Codestone but he needs the Tai Kai? Codesyone. I didn’t know there was a certain on for each subject. But before they never had the ninja school and I just saw that so I am going to make him train there form now on cause Ninjas are cool! :p I haven’t really decided on what I might paint him yet though…


Eien_No Ai, meaning “Eternal Love” is very friendly brother and very close to twin sister ChezKoi. (Their not the same species though but were created seconds apart.) He’s my little gambler. Basically he’s a good guy but with some bad habits but very friendly, caring, and loving. I’m thinking a bout painting him Pirate and having him be a collector of somehting but I haven’t decided on that either yet.


ChezKoi is the youngest. She’s basically the cute little sibling. She’s very adventerous and innocent but always has a knack for getting into trouble accidently. She is obsessed with Fearies and FearieLand as she likes to visit there alot. I want to paint her too someday but I might find one that sticks with the pinkish coulor. That’s what she request anyway since it’s her favorite color. She likes all things cute and loves plushies so that might be a thing for her.

I have some asperations for my neopets::

  • A Neohome

  • Petpets

  • Painted

There are some other things but I’m not sure on really how far I’m gonna go with this. I definetly want to craete their pages on the site and even give them personal pages on my blog sometime when I get bored and have time.

Other than that, nothing much has happened…well anythingexciting anyway. I’m already meeting lots of coold, fun, and nice people at work. It just sucks that I’m only here for the summer. Who knows, we could keep in touch and I’ll always come back.

Oooh… Yeasterday Caro called me! I haven’t talked to hers since a few months after I moved and my phone broke and I lost all my contacts. I’m so glad she called. She was one of my favorite friends from there.

Anyhoo I only have a few monents so I hoped on here really quick. I’ll try to get back on tomorrow or what not…well maybe b/c I have work eraly & get off late but maybe tonight if not then then tomorrow night in the early morning. That would make it the day after I guess but to me it’s never the next day until I got to sleep and wake up, not matter what the time! (~.^)

So baibai for now Sanrio people!



by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

Sorry for the lack of an update! I’ve been quite busy with work lately…an lazy. But now, that i’m here and awake, and my mind is running with thoughts, i guess i’ll get it out now before i go to sleep.

Not much has happen (besides the constant arrival of packages from Ebay ^.^) I’ll show what i have recieved so far.

IMA, i want to talk about my 1st trip to SIxFlag this past Sunday.

I went with Yes and her Cuz. It was free to get in and eat because it was a buiness realted thing, so we used our money to get a Flash Pass which was nice. I felt like VIP? It was fun! They best thing was though, i met a boy who i am going to call Gwen Stefani. Don’t ask, lol, it’s an inside thing. BTW She is the firend (Yes) who i usually make up nicknames for except for hers of course, and she came up with this name due to a similarities related to it. (Sorry, i’m really trying to not give out a name but explain where it comes from best i can.) I usually just call him Stefani for short.

ANYWAY, i was getting on the water ride and we went the way people go with the Flash Pass and you have to go down stairs to get to the platfprm that has another platfrom revoving around it wher you get inot the round boat thing. Anyways we all the way down the stair when he was like “Wait, STop! Go back up.” We did then he jokinly said. “Okay come back down, no just kidding.” As i noticed his slight humor, i noticed just how cute he was! *Blush* He has like golden hair and blue eye and a nice smile. He scanned mypass then led us down. Another asked me if i wanted to take off my jacket and i did not understand why at first and said “No.” I didn’t think i would get wet and didn’t believe him when he said i would because my friends said i wouldn’t and at the time i trusted them more. Besides that I was already convince that it would be a relaxing water ride since we just ate and wanted to wait before going back on the bigger rollercoaster. As well, Stefani promised i would not get wet. I never noticed then how everyone was kind of laughing at my oblivioin.

After i got off, soaked. I looked at him who kind of laughed. He then say, “Never listen to a white boy when he says you won’t get wet.” He say something smiliar to that but i don’t know, i didn’t understand what he meant anyway. Afterwards, as to pay him for basically lying, i hugged him to get him wet. It wasn’t until i had walked away that i noticed tow things. I liked him and i had never made such a bold move towards a boy before. I begged my freind to go again, since we were alrady wet and she agreed. When he saw me come back, he looked and smiled, wel it was more of a smirk maybe. “You hugged me and got me wet!” I say. “Yes, Would you like to get wet again?” He say “No.” I then asked him to hold my pass again as i had before. He say someone else would since he was going to the Superman ride and would not be there when i got back from the ride. I was just like whatever and think I say “See you there.” He kind of repeated that.

So minutes later, when i did get back, he was still there. I asked for my Pass and he kind of joked and said he lost it. He did give it back though. Yes and I then began to walk away and I saw this kid coming and she said to say something to him so I say “Hola Jesus!” Then we laugh.

**The “Hola Jesus!” Thing relates back to school when i use to randomly say it to people i did not know in the hallway and it began a daily thing with Mr.Poland’s (another nickname for a polish friend of mind who i cannot pronouce the polish name) Koren friend. It was fonny begacue he was Asian and not Spanish I guess. This asian guy would always be like. “Who are you? My name is not Jesus!” He knew i was joking an we kind of became friends from it. (He calls me Jesus now…???)

Okay, back to the story:: From behind I hear Stefani say, “Quit molesting little kids.” Something along that. (my memory is not too good with exact words, but you should get the picture.) I say, “I wasn’t but all day i had to sit with little kids. Such as the first ride, he needed someone to sit with him so I did then i just sat next to a kid on this ride.” He ask, “How old was he?” I say, “About 7″ and then he ask my age and say. “That’s nit a bad number.” joikinly. I say, “That would make me a pedophile!” He laughed and said. “So.” So we talked and ended up walking with him on the was to Superman. He walked pretty fast so i wasn’t sure if he wanted to walk with me or not but when i would slow down he would turn around and ask if i was coming or not. He did stop and talk to people on the way and I waited. While i did, Yes and her Cus didn’t really want to go — I think because they thought i was just following Sefani. But i did really want to ride that ride again. *Oh, on the way I forgot to mention how while we talked and because i was following him —WITH HIS PERMISSION or else i would not have—he did jokingly call me a stalker. BTW, he is about a half year younger he say to me.

So we ended up at Superman when he scan the pass and i went up. After the ride I went over and say to him “We are going to ride one more then leave.” He say, “Already? It’s too early.” And i said that I would come say goodbye before I left.

***During this time, i get off that ride and my purse was stolen so now i had to file a report and blah blah blah, i cried and blah blah blah***

AS I did promise, i went back. We talked about where i worked, i mostly talked to his coworker at this time who was cool to while Stefani kind of acted a little crazy and childlike but it was cute. He was just being silly. Then he (maybe them both) asked for free clothes from this one place I work and I said a discount and told his friend to come visit me at work but Stefani had to work .he was mean to his coworker to. Calling him a “Fat***” How rude of him! Anyway, i walked with him out where we talked about i do not remmeber what. Somthing about him being funny or i being funy and he beating me up and i like what?!. Finally he say, so i’m not going to see you anymore? And i said i could get your number. I didn’t have phone so he put it in Yes’s phone. Then he said by to my friends. (ALSO he thought i called hima Gringo??? lol I didn’t) He then tried to be agnster with Yes’s cuz. That was funny. Then he gave me a hugged and say bye. I called him maybe one or two days later.

This is where i get confused and lost about the Situation.

When i first called, we talke for loke 5 minutes before i found out he had guset and i said i would call back because iddnt want to be rude. He was like, “Are you sure?” And i say yes. Then when i did he say to call back in 5 minutes. He seemed in a hurry. He aslo apologized as well in the quick convo and i agreed. I did something and came back and called but he didnt answer. I called again today and hedidn’t anwer at first. Then he called abck said he was on break at worked. (I knew he was at work but i still wanted to see if he would pick up.) I said like two senetsces then he said he ahd to go and to call later. If someone ask me to do something, I usually will. So, just because he asid to call later, i did. Was i suppose to take this literally? Anyway, when i did no one answred.

And now, for some reason I feel stupid. I don’t want to seem like this obsessed person who calls all the time. Honestly, i’m just looking for a friendship. I like making friends and he is funny. I like him. Just now i feel stupid, and i’m older (just abit) and i don’t like/feel to comfortable about that and ME being the one calling him. I feel like an old woman who is being obsessed by overly calling a younger boy and i don’t want him to see me as that way. (I’m still a teenager just if your wandering but i wont say my age. I just mean older woman as i am older than him by almost 6 months). I am confused. I wander if he liked me and still dose?

I mean he was the one who said. “So we won’t see each other again?” As if he wanted to see me again and offered his number. But now it seems as if he dodnet want to talk to me on the phone or something? *sigh* I dont even know why i’m stressing this. I guess becaus ei just wanted him to like me, i just want people to like me. I was even going to get him someting for his Birthday because i LOVE celebrating people’s birthday. BUT this all depends on if we are ‘friend’ or not. I guess we will see as i am suppose to go to SixFlags this Monday.

ABOUT THAT TOO*** He said that he gets the same two days off every week, Monday and Thursday. This week I know he has Monday off and wanted to know if he wanted to go with us to six flags (lol) and he then say later that he had to work that day. I just want to know if he is or not. Because i am still going to Six flags on Monday, but i do want if he is working or not because i want to see him too. *sigh* I don’t know. He’s confusing He acts very childish at times which i don’t mind. Even a few times he seemed mean towards me. But then, i get the impression for reasons i just listed, that he may like to have me a a friend. I dunno, i just know I am confusedly. Help!

Back @ SixFlags…

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

So, through all that happen last time @ SixFlags, I still returned today. But this time, no Stefani and nothing was stolen. Good time? Sure. I like this SixFlags thing. What i mean by that is how i always get in cheeper somehow. The first time (last time), My friend’s dad’s company had a thing there so it was free to get in. Then this time, it was rain when we got there so we waited and when we did go it, we got free parking! NOT ONLY was it free, but it was UPGRADED parking which cost and extra $15 and we got it for free!! ^.^ Lucky Lucky. THEN, we decided to buy the Season passes. AND then, since it rained, many people left so we didnt even NEED then FlashPass!!! ^.^! Successful day I think! PLUS, i made a new (well two) new friends there. For some reason though, i cannot remember their names at the time. But yea, so now i only pay $20 or maybe a lil more for just the flash pass (well really i only pay this to make it gold since we go in groups) and thats it! SUGOI! So now, we decided to make the pass we payed $102 for worth it, we are going to go like once a week! Wanna come?? hehe…

Now i wanna talk about people I met. Actually, i’m being lazy so i’ll just note how in the past like week INCLUDING going to SixFlags, I have made 9 random friends. SUGOI! I like meeting people! ^.^

Well Ciao for now…i have to go zzzzz because i have to wake up in 7 and 1/2 hours though after i finish this i probably won’t go to sleep for another hour or so…


Boy Trouble…Help!

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

 I met this boy who gave me his number but can never talk when i ask. They details are mostly towards the bottom of that large entry, but it’s just confusing me and worries me because i don;t want to come off as something of a stalker or obsessed. I’m just trying to be firends. Is that was he wanted? As i mentioned he did say, “So are we not goign to see each other after this?” As if he wanted to see me again and he didnt mind me hugging him the first time and in fact he hugged me when we said good bye? What is it though? For now, I’m not going to call for probably until atleast Sunday before we go back. Maybe even Saturday. I just want to see if he is going to hang with us of if we’ll just see him working there.

*Sigh* Sooo confusing!!! >.

*blush* But domo KAWAII!!! ^.^!

That reminds me, i wander what ever happen to that cute guy i met who thought i was cute. He just said, “Your pretty.” With a smile and left. He was cute himself, but reminded me of someone… I dunno, but i hope he comes back. I’d like to hand with him and be his friend too! And I KNOW he likes me so blah! :P! hehe. I love making friends so much i make friends with complete strangers.


and i’ll update the ebay stuff again too! ^.^!

Okay, BAI BAI!

My 10 minute FRIEND!!!

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

Once upon a time, I met a cute little pink bear i just saw sitting in a basket.

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She was soo cute, we became instant best friends. I held her in my arms as we roamed the store.

Finally we came upon the electronics part. There we both discovered that we had a similar interest in electronics:: especially those dealing with music.

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Then i decided, since i was near the ipod section and my ipod was low on batteries…well you put two and two together, :p. It was a bit hard looking for the right plug through all those wires though…but finally i got it.

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There we got to know each other a little more…while we jammed to Matsuura Aya! (lol)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

After that I had to leave but I was sad to leave my new friend. I asked to take her home, but a last i could no do such a thing. It was sad…escpecially to leave her alone. i did no want that. Suddenly, out corner of my eye, i spot something pink….

It was nother pink bear. I was happy, my friend was happy. I left them to to be…said my goodbyes and wish we all live happily ever after!!!

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*Sophia*:: ….in ChezKoi’s mind.

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