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Return of the pink gypsy!!!

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

hi~loo again world!!!


I’m back! Again…again…again…. Lol I wonder how many times Ives said this in the bog’s lifetime! I remember starting off so well. Then I’d disappear from months to years only to pop back in, promise to be consistent and lie to myself anyone else who may pass by. Hence the title seemed perfect cuz that’s what I seem to do, move from place to place and pop in every so often with a new look each time. I finally died my hair pink thou! I don’t know If I’d mention that before but it’s how I always wanted my hair! Well, I’ve always wanted pink hair, my mine didn’t turn out exactly how I always wanted but I still love it now! It took a few days to grow into, as any new style I have but I am truly pleased as of today.

So here I am, I guess bored on another day thinking about my old blogs. That seems to be when I get on here, when I absolutely bored wii life and have nothing else to do…but at those times my blog seems to be some sort of motivation when all else are gone. Gives me something meaningless to do making my time and life seem less meaning less at the same time. Oh well, here I am again, hello, I miss you, see you later, never good bye!


Random Update

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

I have some pictures I took from Thanksgiving. I haven’t really had time to upload any lately, but I’m trying.




This is just a random picture while trying to take a good picture of myself, full shot, to show what I wore on Thanksgiving. Black, nothing special. It is a Korean Chiffon/Baby doll like dress I got on Ebay sometime back. I also have it in white.


Things have been hectic and stressful!


Kitties are still getting big thou. Will have to put up some pictures pretty soon.



Near X-mas I am suppose to be leaving where I am for a few days. I’ll have a computer there so I’ll try to update it then considering I’ll have a lot more time and privacy there. (the odds…)


It’s not that I’m being secretive or trying to hide anything from anyone that I write on here. I think I’m smart enough to know what I want to share and what i don’t if I’m posting it on the internet for the world to see, and then some! I just don’t want someone around me asking questions and just being nosy while I do it. Read it later, I don’t care just not over my shoulder or near me at all while I write it. It’s uncomfortable for me, not a secret being hidden from you!



It’s the internet I’m on…for crying out loud! There are NO secrets here!



Unless you know….




Ai, Cheza

Runaway love

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

Today I was thinking…

It was a memory I am quite sure happened, but when my mind replays the file it seems like a dream.

It was autumn, I was in a lightly wooded area, alone, and the trees were shades of autumn. It also, at the time was light out, perhaps the noon. I was running and I was sad but at the same time happy. I smiled with tears. It was because I was  hurt but now I was free. That was clear, that I was free. I had gotten away and I was happy at the moment but what they did still dwelled in the back of my mind.

But it was no ordinary moment. It felt magical and unreal…movie like almost.  I had and adventure that day. I travelled through the woods into green area by a small pond/lake, more spring like and somewhat windy. From there I went to a huge canyon with a river that I followed. It took me to the end where no one had travelled atleast for some time.

I went through and found myself closer to reality but still alone walking now behind homes of country rachers with their horses. A dirt road I followed that was decorated with the autumness that I experinced from the begenning.

It was orange, quite, and solitude of peace to think.

Eventually that eneded into a huge road. My way, home, was one direction, but I went the opposite. I walked for a few more hours (after all day) to the wendy’s were I was abducted by people I knew. (lol)

It was crazy when I think, all the things I saw that were hidden from roads in our own back yards. Some huge you would never know unless you got lost, like me.

At the time, To me, nothing else mattered but that moment in the woods that, magical moment of a dream.

Maybe it didnt happen at all?

Dosen’t matter,  Just  now I think back and smile on my adventure, it made life a tad bit more interesting for me. It made me thnk to look twice and where others had not much before.


My Dream.

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

Burning a new mix tape for the cafe.

Doing a lot of new things for the cafe, there are many changes that have happened. I am going to make the most of it being for the better. I want to drive my creativity into the cafe and make it a desirable hot spot. If I can do it with this cafe, one day I’ll be able to own my own someday. That’s my overall original dream if I do nothing else, I’ll be happy being a cafe owner, like cinnamoroll.


Although I adore Hellokitty very much and I always wanted to be n international ambassador like her, I love Cinnamoroll and We share the same love/dream of owning our own Cafe.

Secretly, he is my favorite.

Cheza Ai

Random Update…SOS!

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

Wow…My blog has turned into a Neopets/Art Blog….hehe

Not really my intentions, I just don’t really have much else to blog….nothing else is really going on.

Finally did get a charger for my camera about a month ago but I can’t seem to find how to video. I’m starting to think it dosent do that. What digital camera these days does not have that feature?! It’s a Casio Elixim. I might end up selling it to help pay for a Canon perhaps…like the one I use to have. I miss that camera. But this takes picturea still so I’m having some entertainment with it I guess.

There was a fire too. Two blocks down from us. Smoke filled the air so thick that it seemed the fire was a few doors down. It was a little frightint since there was a great fire that nearly destroyed our city years ago. It’s part of our history.

Recently…as in just a few minutes ago I had abit of an argument w/ my boyfriend. Sometimes he acts a little to cocky for my liking.

He’s one of those people who are good at everything, which I don’t mind because If I need help doing anything, such as playing games on neopets, I have one of those ‘ultimate people’ lol.

Just now he was saying again how he can do anything, I sarcastically started asking if he knew about creating websites usuing html. He ‘claimes’ he can. The basics are pretty normal for people who generally use computers to know now adays so I give him that. But he got cocky with it, especially when I said that one code error could make everything or atleast the majority of it not work. I said this because I know of one thing he cant do and that is spell, which is pretty crucial that you not mispell codes which is almost another language, a computer language. So if you can’t spell in this language….get where I was going with that? As well he’s not even a computer user. I could live on it, he’s gets bored with it, as if there is nothing to to on it where I have limtied time (I feel sometimes, lol) for all the internet has to offer me. He claims her knows html because his sister showed him on myspace, but it’s much harder than he thinks.

I guess I got a little upset again because I thought computers were the one thing I was better at than him, that he couldn’t surpass me in.

I have to be honest though, at times I do feel envious. Usually its when I think I pretty good at something, then he does it better. It didnt get to me at first, but when he seemed to do all I thought I was uniquely good at just as good or better, usually better. I don’t mean to be that way, but I have the emotion like others and it comes out sometimes and I get frustrated with him and I can be a bit rude about it.

I fear my envy might turn this into a competition between us, causing much tension. I really really don’t want that.

If anyone reads this, and has and idea of what I can do to not feel this way, please help.

S.O.S. ////ChezAi

Cheza’s A-Z Loves

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

 Mi amoures::

Bijou *my hamster (^.^)*
Chocolate Chip Frappacino
Quentin Tarantino

¡Y tú!!!

¿Te amo, Me amas?

Save me, Peter!

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

I can’t get a job because I have no transportation.

I can’t get a car because I have no credit.

I need a credit card to earn credit.

I can’t get a card without credit.


Life is cinfusing.

Growing up is scary.

This, on top of rent, car payments, car insurance, heath insurance, water, electricity, phone, food, nessecities???!!!

Life seems so impossible and I sometimes don’t think I can do it.

Life is harsh and I try not to be weak, but I get close to it.

I don’t have to worry about all that right at the moment.

Lucky to have no real bills right now, but the thought of it, in my future, it’s a bit frighning.

I don’t want to grow up.


I need a Hobby…

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

I need something to keep me occupied during these boring times I go thorugh.

I remember I use to love making things, so I’m thinking about going back into that. I want to make jewerly and perhaps progress from there. It would be cool if they sold too, I could use the extra money to get my self setteled in a place instead of crashing around…

I also might be going into a side buisness with Trey and I. It’s sales, but not sure on it yet.

I haven’t updated on the shop like I said I would, but not much has changed except for the fact that we sell more variety of things to eat. We still need an expresso machine though. This place is a tourist attraction mostly and forigners are big on expresso from what I observe so it works out, but my ideas have not yet been fully processed.

But as for my hobby, I have ideas like how people make the sweets jewerly collections. Just things like that. I have also though of selling cool funiture from ideas I thouhgt of one night. My dad was heavily into consturction growing up so I think that might be where this comes from. Maybe i’ll put up some blue prints are actual ones I make someday.

As for now it sucks because I proabably will not be able to be as creative as I want until I get setteled in a place with a consistent ride to and from work and ect. Then they madness will begin!


PS:: So lately these people have been coming to me for help with their music devices. The one claims to be a pirate and he says I’m a witch, but in a good way. o.O. Well it is fun to pretend sometimes. ^.^V

My Secret Day

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

Today is a special day for me in a way. Sometimes I’m not too proud of, especially lately, but I used to love it. Things were better then though. Times has been rough the past few years, too rough to enjoy. Either I had no money, or I had just been too miserable. Now, I just don’t think it’s worth the time, money…it doesn’t seem worth much no more because the reason or subject of this day seems worthless.

For now, I just would like to remember a dear friend their my whole childhood until 2006 who is no longer with me::


I miss you and I love you and I never forget you. There has not been a day so far I can rememeber (even though my memory is bad) that I have not thought, if even for a moment, of you. When I am happiest, for some reason I thank you, and when I am at my lowest times, I think of you, and cry to you. I talk it out with you in spirit, and I pray to you to make it better. And even though, when going through the tough times, I will cry a lot to you to take me with you, I do not really mean it. I guess in all I really do want to live out my life and when I die, we will be reunited again and I cannot wait til the day. But until, I still love you and I hope you know this and I thank you for continuing to be my guardian angel throuout my life.

Love Eternally, Cheza

I think I see the light now..

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

All this instability really got to me lately. Traveling from place to place, not quite sure how I’ll get to wherever it is I end up that night or how I’ll get to wherever it is when needed the next day. Where I’ll sleep that night,  where I will have to leave my stuff, when can I get my stuff. How to be with whom I want when I want.

How to make it all work…that is what I desire right now. I need some kind of guidance, but know one seems to have that…know one else can seem to help me, know one else knows.

I have thoughts…and no one is there to hear them so I can be helped.

But then, lady, a stranger, saw my despair and she prayed for me to have the strenght I need and the guidence I need.

Oddly, as realistic as it may seem, I sort of think it worked. Ever since that day, things have been easier for me. Everything seems to be falling into place now.

I was told that I would be rewarded for getting through these troubles. I hope so.

Already to start, I’m more stable. I sort of have two places to stay while I try to move(again) into a place more my own. I still have those days where my plans are changed at last moment and I switch nights I spend at each but I have a constant ride now for the most part.

I am still happily with my boyfriend but my relationshp with my BFF continues to fail. I went to visit her the other day and I had some stuff at her house so as I was leaving I decided to get some of it to bring to my mom’s house which is where I am ‘mainly’ living. She got mad instantly and then started complaining that she had to be the work soon but at the same time she told me that I might as well grab all my stuff.  ???? So what does she want? Does she want me to really take it all or does she want us to stop and bring her to work. So trying to be polite & bring out the last bag I had. The next thing I know she’s roughly grabbing my things and slightly throwing them together into the hall way for me to get. This made me mad. This is the main reason why I wish not too see her so much lately because she has been acting like this. But she complains that I never talk/visit her anymore. I hope she’ll one day realize why when I’ve stopped finally…along with alomost everyone else who has already.

Another thing I need to get off my chest is how she told me I don’t have anything compared to her. She thinks she’s better than me (or doing better) because she has her own place and I’m not. The only reason she has her own place (with nothing in it but a matress, a dresser, the smallest tv and her stuff in her room) is from the money she gets ’stripping’ and I refuse to take my clothes off for some money. Honestly I think I have it better. I have  a good job running an internet cafe that I might inherit someday and most importantly I have friends and people who enjoy beng around me. So in the end she may gloat about what she has but she won’t have anyone to share it with soit will be worth nothing while everything I will obtain, let it be a home, car, or whatever even personal things I will at least have people to show, share, and enjoy it with and in the end that will matter because I’ll be happy and she won’t.

So for now, I’ve kinda just let her go to do her own thing while I’ll do mine.

So right now my short term goals are to get another job for extra income. At the moment I do make enough to live good off of for my first job. What I want the second job for is to help get more income to save for things like a car and a place and I really want to but some people things that I had to pass up since I had just moved close to Christmas time and had no more to buy for others.

Well wish me luck! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Cheza

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