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Return of the pink gypsy!!!

hi~loo again world!!!


I’m back! Again…again…again…. Lol I wonder how many times Ives said this in the bog’s lifetime! I remember starting off so well. Then I’d disappear from months to years only to pop back in, promise to be consistent and lie to myself anyone else who may pass by. Hence the title seemed perfect cuz that’s what I seem to do, move from place to place and pop in every so often with a new look each time. I finally died my hair pink thou! I don’t know If I’d mention that before but it’s how I always wanted my hair! Well, I’ve always wanted pink hair, my mine didn’t turn out exactly how I always wanted but I still love it now! It took a few days to grow into, as any new style I have but I am truly pleased as of today.

So here I am, I guess bored on another day thinking about my old blogs. That seems to be when I get on here, when I absolutely bored wii life and have nothing else to do…but at those times my blog seems to be some sort of motivation when all else are gone. Gives me something meaningless to do making my time and life seem less meaning less at the same time. Oh well, here I am again, hello, I miss you, see you later, never good bye!


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