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Hello, Today I am Mizz Understood

That’s how I feel lately.

My boyfriend keeps saying I’m weird, because of the things I like.

He thinks I’m childish because I listen to Jpop, while one of his main hobbies lately is to make paperplanes.

And if they do fly, he gets all giddy. “Look look! Did you see that!”

I nodd, trying to be as polite as possible, but even sometimes I tire of watching his countless paper creations crash.

But he never tires of my Jpop, why? He never gives it a chance.

Well, he claims him giving it a ‘chance’ was sampling from what he heard brieftly.

But okay, your a male and American, so your not going to like it, but don’t make fun of me for what I like. I don’t even listent to it much anymore, but it still refelcts on me.

Still with the Gackt thing. I thought I got over this years ago, being tormented for likeing Gackt. People think I’m in love with him. I did admit to people that he has a ‘nice body’ with beautiful looks, but if Gackt physical features were a mystery, I would still love him because I fell in love with his music…not neccesairly him. To tell you the truth, I can’t really tell if I like Gackt, because I don’t know him and he’s hard to read.  Personality wise, from what I took in watching interviews and even just from his music it seems like it would be a dream to maybe share interest, but no more. To have Gackt as a good friend would be nice, but I DO NOT believe that I am in love with him.

But if his music were a real…lol. This is making no sense. lol

Anyway, I think people may get confused. When I say I love Gackt, I really am talking about his wounderful music.

Then there is the common question that pops up: How can I enjoy music I don’t understand?

Words really  don’t matter.

Is Rammestein not a popular band to the rockers of America, yet they speak German. This is not weird for my friends to like this band, but for me to like Japanese music makes me and outcast in a way? Not too fair neh?

One of our most famous musicians used no words at all, yet let the music do the talking.

You will have songs that have amazing lyrics, but If that rhythm behind it, is not pleasing, than it will do no good. Forget the words, the first thing people experince from music is it’s sound. From that alone they will determine wheather they like it or not.

But this is a general theory of mine. There are a few songs I think may go against this theory, but for general use it works.

I may not always know what Gackt’s saying, of course there is numerous lyric translations, but  it feels like I do. Something with his musis is different to me, it clicks in my head a new place. I swear I feel his words, I feel emotion in his music. It’s so odd at times, like it’s a drug.

I want to stop now.

I was just meaning to type a max 5 sentence post, but my passion for his music must of taken over. I even sensed myself being defensive in my blog, which I didnt mean to.

-sigh- Just forget this one…

His Dear ,

Cheza Ai

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