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Random Update…SOS!

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

Wow…My blog has turned into a Neopets/Art Blog….hehe

Not really my intentions, I just don’t really have much else to blog….nothing else is really going on.

Finally did get a charger for my camera about a month ago but I can’t seem to find how to video. I’m starting to think it dosent do that. What digital camera these days does not have that feature?! It’s a Casio Elixim. I might end up selling it to help pay for a Canon perhaps…like the one I use to have. I miss that camera. But this takes picturea still so I’m having some entertainment with it I guess.

There was a fire too. Two blocks down from us. Smoke filled the air so thick that it seemed the fire was a few doors down. It was a little frightint since there was a great fire that nearly destroyed our city years ago. It’s part of our history.

Recently…as in just a few minutes ago I had abit of an argument w/ my boyfriend. Sometimes he acts a little to cocky for my liking.

He’s one of those people who are good at everything, which I don’t mind because If I need help doing anything, such as playing games on neopets, I have one of those ‘ultimate people’ lol.

Just now he was saying again how he can do anything, I sarcastically started asking if he knew about creating websites usuing html. He ‘claimes’ he can. The basics are pretty normal for people who generally use computers to know now adays so I give him that. But he got cocky with it, especially when I said that one code error could make everything or atleast the majority of it not work. I said this because I know of one thing he cant do and that is spell, which is pretty crucial that you not mispell codes which is almost another language, a computer language. So if you can’t spell in this language….get where I was going with that? As well he’s not even a computer user. I could live on it, he’s gets bored with it, as if there is nothing to to on it where I have limtied time (I feel sometimes, lol) for all the internet has to offer me. He claims her knows html because his sister showed him on myspace, but it’s much harder than he thinks.

I guess I got a little upset again because I thought computers were the one thing I was better at than him, that he couldn’t surpass me in.

I have to be honest though, at times I do feel envious. Usually its when I think I pretty good at something, then he does it better. It didnt get to me at first, but when he seemed to do all I thought I was uniquely good at just as good or better, usually better. I don’t mean to be that way, but I have the emotion like others and it comes out sometimes and I get frustrated with him and I can be a bit rude about it.

I fear my envy might turn this into a competition between us, causing much tension. I really really don’t want that.

If anyone reads this, and has and idea of what I can do to not feel this way, please help.

S.O.S. ////ChezAi


by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

Hello, Today I am Mizz Understood

That’s how I feel lately.

My boyfriend keeps saying I’m weird, because of the things I like.

He thinks I’m childish because I listen to Jpop, while one of his main hobbies lately is to make paperplanes.

And if they do fly, he gets all giddy. “Look look! Did you see that!”

I nodd, trying to be as polite as possible, but even sometimes I tire of watching his countless paper creations crash.

But he never tires of my Jpop, why? He never gives it a chance.

Well, he claims him giving it a ‘chance’ was sampling from what he heard brieftly.

But okay, your a male and American, so your not going to like it, but don’t make fun of me for what I like. I don’t even listent to it much anymore, but it still refelcts on me.

Still with the Gackt thing. I thought I got over this years ago, being tormented for likeing Gackt. People think I’m in love with him. I did admit to people that he has a ‘nice body’ with beautiful looks, but if Gackt physical features were a mystery, I would still love him because I fell in love with his music…not neccesairly him. To tell you the truth, I can’t really tell if I like Gackt, because I don’t know him and he’s hard to read.  Personality wise, from what I took in watching interviews and even just from his music it seems like it would be a dream to maybe share interest, but no more. To have Gackt as a good friend would be nice, but I DO NOT believe that I am in love with him.

But if his music were a real…lol. This is making no sense. lol

Anyway, I think people may get confused. When I say I love Gackt, I really am talking about his wounderful music.

Then there is the common question that pops up: How can I enjoy music I don’t understand?

Words really  don’t matter.

Is Rammestein not a popular band to the rockers of America, yet they speak German. This is not weird for my friends to like this band, but for me to like Japanese music makes me and outcast in a way? Not too fair neh?

One of our most famous musicians used no words at all, yet let the music do the talking.

You will have songs that have amazing lyrics, but If that rhythm behind it, is not pleasing, than it will do no good. Forget the words, the first thing people experince from music is it’s sound. From that alone they will determine wheather they like it or not.

But this is a general theory of mine. There are a few songs I think may go against this theory, but for general use it works.

I may not always know what Gackt’s saying, of course there is numerous lyric translations, but  it feels like I do. Something with his musis is different to me, it clicks in my head a new place. I swear I feel his words, I feel emotion in his music. It’s so odd at times, like it’s a drug.

I want to stop now.

I was just meaning to type a max 5 sentence post, but my passion for his music must of taken over. I even sensed myself being defensive in my blog, which I didnt mean to.

-sigh- Just forget this one…

His Dear ,

Cheza Ai

ChezKoi Gallery ….Temp. on Haitus (0.o)!??

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

As you may have noticed last week, there was not new Art. That is because my scanner is not working at the moment. It’s hooked to a computer that won’t load so I can’t get to the file even if I did scan it. So, I have to put this section on Haitus. I was trying to think of something to fill in Tuesdays with, a new section, but I’m not sure what to show.  I have been very much into making houses on the Sims! I love the game! Just recently, I bought The Sims 2 Double Deluxe which features Nightlife and Celebration packs included.  So really it was two expansions and the game all for $30? I think I spent at GameStop. We also got Command and Conquer, Red Alert. That’s a pretty neat game, but I myself am more of a Starcraft player, lol.

Lately I’ve gotten that game again too. I remember when my brother and I use to play over our network together, that and Diablo Two. Now, years later, I have been replaying with my boyfriend. We play us against two or three different computers.

I’m glad to say I didn’t lose my Starcraft-iness, lol.

So yes, back to what I was saying the Art is temp. down. I’ll think of something soon, I’ve just been so busy lately.

Well toodles for now,



by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

Dreams are so vivid and close sometimes.

But I cannot reach them, I think I’m too short!

Few days I wish to be taller, but that is also another impossible dream.

Sometimes I think they are there to tease most of us, with things we desire but can’t have.

Maybe we are not all suppose to have them, but to believe we can so that we work harder to try and reach something we really can’t have.

Or maybe they are to entertain us, give us escape from the harsh real world.


It’s so harsh and I dislike that.

Work to live, live to work. We are not ants.

But we are not ‘luxury living’ household pets either.  Someone has to do the work so others don’t have to.

But that’s not fair right?

Maybe we could take turns?

I want to own my own business…or perhaps a few.

But I’m still too short. . .

for now anyway. (-.^)V

Cheza Ai(z) Tu!

Cheza’s A-Z Loves

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

 Mi amoures::

Bijou *my hamster (^.^)*
Chocolate Chip Frappacino
Quentin Tarantino

¡Y tú!!!

¿Te amo, Me amas?

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