Happy Kougra Day!!

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

Happy Kougra Day!!


Having a yellow Kougra, Eien_no_Ai, of course I would celebrate Kougra Day in honor of him! So today Eien and I wanted to just wish every neopian, and their kougras a happy Kougra Day! Kougra’s have always been a favorite neopian species of mine and every Neopets account I’ve ever had included a Kougra.

I think these are the two I’ve decided between for what I would like to paint him. I love pirates and white tigers…but I’m not sure yet. I’ve probably had/have enough to paint at least one pet but I still trying to figure out distinct personalities for them.



Of most all the animals, maybe just except the tweetok, I love Kougra themed food because it’s usually cool looking to me and it seems like something yummy I would eat! (^.^)V. Also Kougra themed toys are the cutest! Here are the blocks and I also had a neat Kougra pogo stick I came across one day that I bought for Eien.



This is a Kougra/Neopets item bought at stores like claire’s. There are baby Kougra door hangers and I think they are too cute also!


Til the next Neopian holiday!!!

<<<333 Chez&Eien KOI

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