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One of my favorite things, beside many, is how our streets can be closed for performers to setup. Today I watched people perform ragtime-like music, with a lady singing and people ragtime dancing.

Although I love them, I usually do not stop to watch because I’m use to them being there, they are nothing special anymore. This particular one just happen to catch my eye as well as many others as it drew a fairly large crowd. I could barley see from afar.

I wish I had my camera…

Lately I’ve been feeling down and up.

I got another partime job, now most of my free time should be taken, but I really want to not be stuck in the world so being prepared with two part time jobs will be good, I guess.

This bother worrys me for lost of personal time but I am glad because any extra money is good! (^.^)

Another thing is I don’t feel I have any specialties in anything. I thought I did before but now I’m always being overshadowed by someone better. Now I know there is always going to be someone better, but this person is not only better at everything I have strong points in as well as weak points, but is constantly around, like a constant reminder I’m no good as I thought I might have been. I’ve been quiet about it but it kind of came out when I got abit irritated by him constantly always bragging about being the best. I admit, this person is good…at everything, and for the most part I don’t really even mind. But it’s uncalled for to constatly brag and bring it up, say your the best, and even say your perfect.

Still I cannot say much. If I do, this person will get upset and then I would have to apologize or else we’d be feuding forever.

BUT don’t worry! I’ll find my calling, lol.


I made a Gia account along time ago but got bored with it. Today I decided to bring it back to life. Right now I’m only enjoying fishing at not much else because I find it a little difficult to get gold, especially with all the itmes costing so much yet the games give you very few points….unlike neopets…lol.

Another site, like neopets—but not as good, is Ichumon. I just joined today too. It’s like neopets but you get and persona (avatar) and can have 10 pets and I’ve seen more. I’ve just ‘hatched’ (yes hatched) my first two pets. They resemble lepords. I named the first, a red boy named Koa then the second a girl name Nalani. I’ll post pictures later thoughh.

That’s all for now, just a random update.

C-U L*ter ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Cheza

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