Oh My!!! How could I forget??!!!

I bought a hamster…

about 1 month ago…

It’s ♀ and her name is Bijou.

I kind of got her on the spur of the moment. I just went into the pet store to look and came out with a hamster. She’s fairly good, likes to nibble on lettuce, and very patience with all the attention it may not always want. For the first week and a half I did not know what to call her. I was too unprepared. Soon, because she was a big dwart hamster and liked to eat, people started naming it Sheila! I was like nooo! It reminded me of the tank from Red vs. Blue, lol. So I quickly came up with what came to my mind first that was cute and suitable. Bijou! I remmebered the cartoon Hamtaro that I use to watch and since she was a girl, I named her after the main girl.



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