Whoa! This movie was not what I expected at all! I was thinking it was going to be a pretty decent movie having to do with things around the lines of superman and spiderman, but it was way off. First of all I really wanted to see it alot because I was informed that it was going to be in 3-d when it was more like H-D, but still pretty cool movie. It was funny when the beggenning screen is of Dr. Manhattan, the big blue guy, is doing something and the camer comes up (literally) behind him…and he’s

naked and like hundreds of feet tall at the time! Oh dear…did not expect that. Besides that it was very edgy, the heros were alittle more realistic but odd as well. I don’t really want to babble on about the movie but, even if it’s not in 3-D, still manage to see it! It’s wild!


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