Nothing else…nothing better…

Hmm…Lately it’s been pretty lame ’round here. I haven’t been able to manage in some time to blog in the past week. I either didn’t have privacy or when I did go to blog, my mind was blank. Really I have nothing special to talk about, not really any good news…

The times aren’t going as well as I had planned. . . like always.

I’m looking right now at a lady with a dog. His name is Mr.Jingles. She put two ponytails on side of his head.

I want a dog.

I want to dress it up too! (^.^)

可愛さ, !!!

I don’t like a lady I work with. She’s really rude. She looks at you mean and when I say Thank you or Bless you, she walks away. I’ve tried to talk to her, but she shuns me away. I could care less if she didn’t like me, because now I don’t like her too much anymore, but at least I’m not rude back. That only makes me adespiteful person back if not more.

She just did it again…was rude…and i walked away…again…


Am I a bad person? There are a few people, two to be recent, who make me feel as so. The people I speak of now, are my best friend and my boy friend.

She feel:: that I don’t spend as much time with her anymore.

I feel:: That when I came back she was the only person around me I really knew at the time so I spent most of it with her…but now that I have a boyfriend, i want to spend time with him. So i don’t spend as much with her and now she is upset.

Now —-

She feel: I over do my time spent with him.

I feel:: Loss of freedom - I can’t do what I want with my boyfriend without her being there–that goes for being there physically and mentally. The guilt is ruining my relationship with him.

At the moment, I feel both relationships are failing. Right now, I’m trying to please her so that she doesn’t feel that way and at the same time so she won’t be too mad with him either…but then I’m losing a relationship with him. But if I go the opposite way, I’m losing a relationship with her.

Guilty truth:: I have been spending more time with him overall.

Reason Why:: Well I work during the day and she starts as I get off. Then when I am with her, she’s always in a bad mood and I hate being around upset people so I tend to either stray away or just not talk and move, afraid to say something or do something inappropriate at the moment due to my immense aggravation of a best friend who is always mad at the world that it’s ruining hers and everyone close to her’s day/time/life.

It’s quite depressing…

And the only thing I know, that lets me escape this probelem, is listening to my ipod with my music…

But everyone uses it or I have to share it…not that I mind but I would like just to have it to myself more often than when i ride to and from work…still not even then.

Oh well…there it is…my blog post finally…and all i did was complain! even i am upset that this is all I have to talk about, but it’s all that’s going on.

But if you read this and have advice…you can still comment. It would be appreciated.

I think i might go look for solutions right this minute….

Till next time….


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