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by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

I’m so so sorry!

I really want to blog more often and I’m trying so hard to not forget or to find time to do so but it’s difficult. Especially when I have to share the very limited time I already ahd w/ someone else who has come. Just so happens they share my same time, same schedule and even wores is that another comes @ the end of the month so it may be harder but I will for sure find some way by then to get on. I guess I will just have to go visit the libray instead during my free time.

But i’m liking it less and less and less…

I was only suppose to be here for two months:

  • The Good news is that this set timing stay is half over.
  • The Bad news is that I might have to stay longer.
  • The Ugly news is that it could be a way longer stay in a place I just can’t seem to find anything good in.

There are some good places I have been to, or maybe just one. When we went to go to this family get together, surprisingly I did like it there. The mountains and atmosphere was refreshing. Another thing I have just realized that I do enjoy here is how, unlike my city life, you can smell the rain strongly right after and that’s very nice thing to experience.

just can’t help it though. I’m from the city, I’m use to the city and I never want to live anywhere but near a city. I don’t like this having to drive 20-30 miles just to feel like I’m somewhere on the map! (Which no surprise this place is not.) Lot of people here think the city is more dangerous. Of course we do have the typical city gang violence but I rather be shot by a gangbanger in the city than dragged to an excluded place in the country where I’ll be hacked into little peices!!! (O.O)!!!

Lol…okay maybe my movie instincts got too much into that last comment.

I’m doing pretty good on Neopets now for the little time I have. When I can get on I’m usually good at making around 20, 000 in the hour I can get in if possible so I have a little over 100,000 nps now. It would be soooo much easier if I could just buy them right? Lol, but that really would throw off the balance of the site BUT if they ever did offer it, even for a day, I would surely take advantage of it. Paintbrushes are very expensive! Most cost around 500,ooo and up! (-.-’) I’m so far behind…

Anyway someone already just got home from work while the other one just got up an another will be home in about 45 min and I have to be to work myself in soon so I have to go now. I WILL update later and try not to be so spacious w/ posting as well. C-Ya! (^.~)V



Haa~lo! V(^0^)V

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

Hey hey

I’m still in this place…and i’m liking it less every day.

I met this person from work. I thought he was cool…but i see past that now. We still hang but he’s too much … and trouble-prone, sry to say. I don’t mean that he’s not cool to hang out with, but I mean that’s about it.

Then I got my money stolen and was dragged out on this long trip very much out of my area that i’m not even from into another place i’ve never been too with brainless idiots (so say blandly) giving directions. I mean these people didn’t even know where “they” live.

Before yeasterday I got really sick, had 104 fever and had to go to the hospital. It’s besically all gone now except for my soar throat. The doctor said the test came out negative but noticed it was red and swollen. That made me mad. Because the test were wrong, I had to suffer with this pain of not being able to eat or drink anything or even talk. But it’s slowly going away now.

Nothing else has really been anew. Just work then sleep then work…same. I did take some pictures, though and when i finfish off the rest i will post them.

Well i just wanted to come update really quick. Update later…that is if anything exciting even happens…(”>.>)

BAI BAI xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Cheza


by chezkoi:hellokitty.com


It’s been a few days huh?

Well i’ve been pretty busy lately w/ my summer job and when I do have free time to get on the internet I’m usually on Neopets anyway… (-.-”)! I made new pets so I have to take care of them i guess! I mostly been addicted to my favorite game on there called Evil Fuzzles from beyond…or somethingh like that. But yes, as I mentioned I did creat new pets! I created Zabuza_Kunz a day or two after Chez_Aoki. I wanted to just name him Zabuza but of course it was taken then Zabuza Kun was taken so I added the Z to kunz. :p Then yeasterday night I created two more! I couldn’t help it! I wish I could have more! (^.^)! So i’ll post them right now::


Chez_Aoki likes reading and learning. For her I decided to collect books to make her really smart. She is the oldest sibling.

Chez_Aoki wishes:: Books and to one day be painted either cloud or striped. I personally think she would look so cute w/ the pink paintbrush but she dosen’t really favor the color much.


Zabuza_Kunz, named after the fierce Nemisis Zabuza of Naruto caring the tough exterior personality but he is really protective of those close to hi, especially his siblings. He is going to be my battle pet. I always wanted to battle but never did. Currently he is training to raise a level at the training school. The only thing was I bought a Bri? Codestone but he needs the Tai Kai? Codesyone. I didn’t know there was a certain on for each subject. But before they never had the ninja school and I just saw that so I am going to make him train there form now on cause Ninjas are cool! :p I haven’t really decided on what I might paint him yet though…


Eien_No Ai, meaning “Eternal Love” is very friendly brother and very close to twin sister ChezKoi. (Their not the same species though but were created seconds apart.) He’s my little gambler. Basically he’s a good guy but with some bad habits but very friendly, caring, and loving. I’m thinking a bout painting him Pirate and having him be a collector of somehting but I haven’t decided on that either yet.


ChezKoi is the youngest. She’s basically the cute little sibling. She’s very adventerous and innocent but always has a knack for getting into trouble accidently. She is obsessed with Fearies and FearieLand as she likes to visit there alot. I want to paint her too someday but I might find one that sticks with the pinkish coulor. That’s what she request anyway since it’s her favorite color. She likes all things cute and loves plushies so that might be a thing for her.

I have some asperations for my neopets::

  • A Neohome

  • Petpets

  • Painted

There are some other things but I’m not sure on really how far I’m gonna go with this. I definetly want to craete their pages on the site and even give them personal pages on my blog sometime when I get bored and have time.

Other than that, nothing much has happened…well anythingexciting anyway. I’m already meeting lots of coold, fun, and nice people at work. It just sucks that I’m only here for the summer. Who knows, we could keep in touch and I’ll always come back.

Oooh… Yeasterday Caro called me! I haven’t talked to hers since a few months after I moved and my phone broke and I lost all my contacts. I’m so glad she called. She was one of my favorite friends from there.

Anyhoo I only have a few monents so I hoped on here really quick. I’ll try to get back on tomorrow or what not…well maybe b/c I have work eraly & get off late but maybe tonight if not then then tomorrow night in the early morning. That would make it the day after I guess but to me it’s never the next day until I got to sleep and wake up, not matter what the time! (~.^)

So baibai for now Sanrio people!


Oh My Buddah!!!

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com


So I decided to use my new candle for light that I bought the other day and when I awoke the next morning, the end of my pillow case was burning in the flame. I freaked and jumped and when I did I knocked over the candle! (O.O”) Luckily it was a SOY lotion candle so instead of burining everything, it just burned it and melted the case. I guess i was luckly it was that type of candle. So now I recommend it even more.

Today at the store I saw some NeoCash cards at the store. This made me sparatically fall in love w/ Neopets again as it brought back memories of when I use to play on the site years aga. Thus causing me to re-join so look me up! V(^.^) V My first pet was a blue Xweetok.


I named her Chez_Aoki

Neopets has changed soo much since I last been on. But when I saw this pet, I had to have it! Isn’t see a cute one? (^3^)! * I always wanted to have a battledome pet but never did. I don’t know if i’ll use her, but I definetly want one.

While I was doing that the “What’s This” song from The Nightmare Before Christmas oddly popped in my head so I went to youtube to play the song and dicovered some current covers of songs from the movie::

  • Fall Out Boy’s did a version of “What’s This”
  • Panic @ The Disco did a version of “This is Halloween”
  • Marilyn Manson did a cover of “This is Halloween” too.
  • Then Fiona Apple did a version of “Sally’s Song”

I guess I liked these covers b/c I just loved the original songs so much! It’s something different and I like that. So check them out @ youtube and see what you think. I would post the videos myself but Sanriotown blog dosen’t seem to want to let me post foreign videos besides the ones you can make on the site. So if any one knows how to do this, or if an admin sees my bog post and can given me any answer like if it’s allowed and if so, how do I do this, Thanks.

Well, that’s all the news for now. C-U-L8ter! ;p!


Adult Swim

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com



なつかしい Chi-town y Kuma-Kun…

Today I bought a very cool candle. It’s Passion flower and it’s 100% lotion! Is than not cool?! You burn it, then when it melts, you pour it into your hand and it becomes lotion! すごい ね~?

I didn’t take any pictures today. (u_u) ごめんなさい… I forgot my camera. I promise tomorrow I will try to remember.

Hehe…ATHF is on. (^o^) My favorite character is Master Shake! He’s sooo funny! I like when he messes with meatwad. These are my favorite three episodes::

  1. Video Ouija - I just thought it was so funny when Shake kils himself just to beat Metwad in the game but when he does, Meatwad dosen’t want to play anymore.
  2. Dumber Dolls - The only part I really like here is at the end when shake says. “Let’s see how much your a** knows about flying!” And throws him off the cliff. Then he jumps
  3. MC Pee Pants - I LOVE the I want candy song! (♥.♥)

The show is soo funny. (I think any way.) But alot of people don’t seem to find it as humourous but that’s okay.

It’s only my second though. My first favorite show from adult swim is The Boondocks! I even bought the 1st season! (^.^) I’m sure more people would find the humor here alot funnier. I even bought the book of all the comic strips. Riley is my favorite character here. My favorite ep is “Let’s Nab Oprah” I like this one b/c it also feats. Ed and Rummy and they are CRAZY! I like how Rummy likes to repeat quotes from Samuel Jackson’s Juels character in Pulp Fiction.

Well i wanted to post videos but it’s not letting me.


Maybe later i’ll figure something out but for now it’s already 2.am and i think i’m gonna get off now…




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