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Cheza’s Back…Back Again! (>.^)v!

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com


HK Online! (^.^)!

It’s been awhile! But i’m back and for good!

Today I left my new recent home and traveled just abit away. It will only be for two months. Well ‘originally’ it would be two months but i might be only one. Regardless, I have easy access to a computer and internet. usually had acess but it was on this Verizon Pocket PC but it would never let me long onto this site! Besides that updating my blog would be a pain on such a device anyway… But Cheza has returned!

Mostly likely if possible I will be gain to post almost daily like before, updating my blog with post of my random days. Eventually i’ll put up pictures, but at the moment i do not have a charger or a piece to connect it to the comp. Bust soon, within the week, i should get this.

Preievously before I had posted of how I read that this year was going to be a good on for me, and I felt it as well. So far it has been okay, I guess abit better than the past few, but overall just ‘fair’. But soon that will all change. I will be moving to Chi-Town perfectly. (I’m already getting into all this local crazy Cubs/Sox Baseall drama! The fans are so funny when you meet two from opposites sides. Oh…the battles are adrenaline rushes of excitement themselves. All competive commens and talk it so exciting to be a part of. As well, Kuma-kun has been getting me into the Bears. At least this is a team all of Illinois can agree on. Even though I have newfound admiration for the Bears (and the sport), I will still stay true to my original team, but that’s a *Secret*. Kuma-Kun has been getting me into alot of these sports lately. Even soccer. He’s a big fan of Chivas and i have com to like them as well. This became when we watched their match against America not too long ago. Any one seen this remember? It would be unforgetable to true fan since both teams are on top at the moment.

But i guess I got a little off subject…(-.-’)

The year is now at the midpoint and this is where belive it will be better. Besides getting to visit here and get away to this country place, I will soon go back to my beloved city for it to only get better. I’ll be having my ‘OWN’ apt. finally! No parents…or strangers. Of course i’ll be sharing. (>.>)……

It’s gonna be so much fun…

So much freedom…

So much independence….

These are things I like to have/feel. I’m just so excited, I just can’t wait. As well I have some other things coming ahead, projetcs, it will keep me unbored at least.

Anyhoo…I’m going to go now.

Goodnight. (^.^) *

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