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Long time…

by chezkoi:hellokitty.com

WOW! I have not updated since, well for a very long time. I haven’t really been busy but lets just say i kind of moved and do not have much access to a computer these days…but def. not too busy, esp. for this. ALOT has happen though… Mostly things i do not want to mention right now and do not have the time at the moment since i have work in about 4 hours and i have some errands to run. Lately, esp. the past few day i have had very bad days. I think a lot had to do with my work. Not that I hate it or that it is hard much, but its the fact that i’m almost ALWAYS there. I’m so very independent and a traveller. I like to go places and i fun but right now i feel traped and very much bored most of the time which stress me out because i dont know what to do. My choices of places are VERY limited, right down to the only two nearby places i can go since i am yet to get a car…

About that, i cant seem to get a car because i have no credit, even though i have more than enough for at least the monthly payment. BUT then i do not even know how to get credit…its a crazy loop thing that is very much confusing…doushite??!!

Anyway, basically if i am noty working, i am hanging out there because i literally have nowhere to go. From 11pm to 7am i am basically @ SNS. NOOO!!! I can’t seem to get away and i feel trapped and i dont like it one bit!!! SOME ONE COME AND STEAL ME AWAY!!!

So far, this year has not been so kind…

actually they have not been so kind since 2005….

BUT I HAVE HOPES!! datte next year is suppose to be very good and “prosperous!” {Hopefully}

Doushite ga hanasemasuka? Datte i can just feel it. I feel it is going to be good. (^.^)! {Again :: Hopefully}

So yes, i have BIG plans for next year…(which i wanted to start this year, then it got moved to this summer, but now i HAVE to make it next year! I just must! Its now or never! But i have something…or someone….delaying me abit… ::Sigh:: (-.-’)

The past few months i have been geting my nails done reguarly again! I will post many picture later on…

Lately i have become much good friends with Kuma-kun! He i guess can be a reason i hang @ SNS when not working…but its not like i have anything else to do or anywhere else to go… ALTHOUGH…kuma-kun has gotten me into a bit of a gambling problem. LOL. He keeps buying Lottery scratch off tickets and i’m addicted! I always ask to get more! hehe. Not only that but maybe once a week we go to gameworks and spend like a couple hundred!!! Mostly we play those new sega games where you grab the stuffed animals! We are sooo good! I have soo many!!! I have many picture too i will show sometime. Then while he is at the bar, i go an play my other favorites games…the racing one! I’m not very much competitive BUT I LOVE TO RACE!!! hehe…i guess i have a need to speed!

AAHHH~~ that reminds me to say¬† already have a SPEEDING TICKET when i don’t even have a license!!! So much for getting a car anyways nee~??! (>.<)! {Bad Cheza!}

Ok, anyway i’m going to wrap this up before i continue to blah blah blah.

So bye for now!

PS:: I’m thinking about putting this blog on an atlleast two month haitus until the new year. This all depends on if i can get here to use the computer or not.

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