Nissan 350z

Lately, especially with my new job, i have been thinking about a car!!! My My first!!! Of course, since i going pay for it my self, i am not sure if i can afford brand new one—although-for my many odd reasons, i want the version 2003 and not the latest. First i have to see, since i got new job, what my regular schedule is once i done training to see how much i make. Then i try to get second job maybe. If it is good, i get brand new version (2006-2007) ORANGE!!!! I dunno what it is about orange cars but i really like them. Everytime I play Need for Speed (Underground 1 & 2) my car always end up being orange. whether or not i get orange car depends on my steady income. If i can affornd new Nissan 350Z-then i get it orange, but if i can only afford what i can, it will be what ever color I can. Another problem with getting orange kar is i want to ‘trick it out’. Lol, i know i know-me? I guess i watch too much Tokyo Drift along with playing the game too much as well! Lol. Daisuki… But yea, i think it would be a bit tougher to find and orange body kit? Hmmm…I shall think on it.Well, i was just thinking, just wondering…

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