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Falling in Love

Sunday, November 23rd, 2008


It is generally believed that love is transitory and if you have found it then you should hold onto it. As women tend to fall head over heels in love with a man whom they are interested in. What happens when he doesn’t reciprocate his feelings or isn’t interested the way you are? Every woman wants their man to fall madly in love with them at all times and this is possible if only you can follow a few rules which are golden to keep your man glued to your side.


Self-confidence is the foremost attraction men find in women. They love and adore women who are confident and have a strong heart. Any woman who can stand on her feet and never fakes just to attract her men and who is natural is always liked by men. Expose your true nature with all flaws and weakness and just be your own true self. Men like women who are like this as they don’t like females who just move around to impress them by doing things their way. Whatever baggage you carry be comfortable with it and balance your life as a confident woman will truly help you get your man.

Don’t be Cheap

Self-sufficient women are also great icons in the eyes of men. A man feels comfortable seeing a woman self sufficient and she may not be a big CEO or run a company for that. Even if she earns a meager amount and she can take care of herself very well, without depending on others then it sure will attract men to your side. Don’t expect him to pay for all dates and outings but offer him a dinner or host a date he will be thrown off his feet and will love you just for that. He will adore your self esteem and will value your friendship more. Though many men might not like it they will still love to be taken care of the bills once in a while and so impress him by your timely actions.

No Issues Please

Don’t talk about past relationship issues that failed into this new relationship. Men hate women who carry and bury themselves in the past. Empty your cup before refilling it with a new relationship and don’t forget to wipe your slate clean before the new man can write his love on it. Don’t compare or link the actions of your present boyfriend with that of your ex. Do not complain about his actions when he is late and don’t even mention that your ex too did the same. Men hate to even picture your ex and you together. So leave your ex behind before setting foot on this new man’s zone.

Be Yourself

Stay cool and be yourself when you meet someone for the first time. Try to show him your true nature and always don’t fake your character. Let him know from day one what kind of person you are and how you act and react to situations and events. Your individuality and carefree nature will make you more attractive in his eyes.

Many men have tried over the years to figure out the magic potion that will indeed make the girl of their dreams fall in love with them. It is a difficult potion to brew, but the following three steps will show you how…..


Be a Knight In Shining Armor

All girls want to meet that knight in shining armor. You may think that playing that role will be difficult, but if you look inside yourself, you may be surprised to find that there is a little of that hero within. Many women are attracted to the strong, silent, protective man. Do your best to portray an air of power and quiet strength. Try to do good deeds and help those around you. These traits will be seen as very attractive and desirable.

Be a Good Listener

Everyone wants to feel that they are important. A good way to get a girl to fall in love with you is to make her feel that you are truly interested in her and her ideas. All girls want to feel that they are admired and accepted for their thoughts and that they are interesting, kind, and funny. Make her feel like she is the smartest, funniest person you know by listening to her and encouraging her to express herself to you.

Be the Fun Guy

More than any other attribute, girls love men who can make them laugh. If you are that guy who is genuinely funny and great to be around, the girl you are interested in will find it easy to fall in love with you. Laughter makes you feel good and makes you a joy to be around.
If you follow these simple rules you will learn how to make a girl fall in love with you and be on the road to romantic fulfillment.

There’s always a possibility that a person can get attracted to another. It’s human nature. It’s not wrong. But the reason why your in a commitment is for you to discipline yourself…
One may get attracted to numerous prospects and it’s ok. As long as you don’t nurse the feeling and won’t do something about it…
The borderline between cheating and faithfulness is to recognize the reality that you already have the person that can give you more than what you can get from the cheap thrills of attraction…

Hamsters through the years

Friday, November 21st, 2008

Hamsters belong to the Rodential orders of mammals. So, what exactly is a rodent?

Rodents are by far the largest mammalian order. Rodents are characterized by front teeth adapted for gnawing and cheek teeth adapted for chewing. Rodents have enlarged, chisel-shaped upper and lower front incisors that grow throughout their lives. These have hard enamel on the front surface and soft dentine on the back surface, so that unequal wear keeps the chisel edge sharp. There is a gap between the front teeth and the cheek teeth. When the lower jaw is in a forward position, for gnawing, the upper and lower incisors are in contact but the upper and lower cheek teeth are not; thus, wear on the cheek teeth is avoided. The cheeks are drawn in behind the incisors when the animal is gnawing, so that bits of hard material cannot be swallowed. When the lower jaw is pulled back into the chewing position, only the cheek teeth make contact.

The approximately 1800 rodent species are divided on the basis of their anatomy into 3 suborders. The Sciuromorpha, or squirrellike rodents, include the various species of squirrels, chipmunk, marmot, ground hog, prairie dog, gopher, pocket mouse, kangeroo rat and beaver. The Hystriomorpha, or porpupinelike rodents, include the porcupine, cavy, guinea pig, chinchilla, as well as many species whose name include the term rat (e.g., the South American bush rat).

Hamsters belong to the third suborder Momorpha, or mouselike rodents. Other animals in this category include the great variety of mouse and rat species, as well as lemming, vole, muskrat, gerbil, dormouse and jerboa.

The rabbits and hares were once classified as rodents because of their large, chisel-shaped incisors. However, they are quite distinct anatomically and have a long, separate evolutionary history; they are now classified in an order of their own, the Lagomorpha.

In 1839, British zoologist George Waterhouse reportedly found an elderly female hamster in Syria, naming it “Cricetus auratus,” the Golden Hamster.

Around 1930, zoologist and Professor at the University of Jerusalem Aharoni found a mother and litter of hamsters in the Syrian desert. By the time he got back to his lab, most had died or escaped. The remaining hamsters were given to the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, where they were successfully bred as Golden Hamsters. They were a bit bigger than the ones Waterhouse found, so they were named “Mesocricetus auratus”, although they were probably the same species.

The hamsters were shipped to labs all around the world. They arrived in the United Kingdom in 1931, and in 1938 reached the United States. Just about all Golden Hamsters are descended from the original litter found in Syria except for a few that were brought into the United States by travellers who found them in the desert. A separate stock of hamsters was imported into the US in 1971, but it isn’t known if any of today’s North American pets are descended from them.

The Dwarf Campbells Russian, Winter White Russian and Chinese were all introduced to the pet market in the United Kingdom in the 1970s, and the Roborovski hamster came from Holland into the UK in 1990.

Hamsters are now used for scientific research. Because hamsters are so disease-free and breed so rapidly (they can have a new litter every month!) and because they are so friendly and easy to handle, they are a popular choice among scientists. They are often used for cardio-vascular research, as their cardio-vascular system is remarkably similar to that of the human.

In the wild, hamsters are a nuisance to farmers. Hamsters have been known to hide in excess of 60 pounds of grain to feed them through the winter.

Next, we will be talking about the different breeds of domestic hamsters. I have a pair of hamster right now. They’re both cute and adorable and feisty. Heheheh…

We will also be talking about breeding them and how to take care of your pet hamsters. ^_^


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