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I’m Aprille Chariline

abrieLLa^_^ in Hello Kitty Online


In this entry, I will be summarizing all my experiences in the game.

So come! Read through my thoughts… ^_^


October 9, 2008: 1st Day in Sanrio World

After making my character, I was sent to the Dream Rooms. It was soo cute and it was such a shame that I wasn’t able to take screenies of the Dream Rooms. It’s like the tutorial part of the game. All was just so gurly and so cute. :D

Finally, after knowing all the basics in the game, I was teleported to the Sanrio Harbour… my 1st stop in my journey to Hello Kitty’s world…

I arrived in Sanrio Harbour with a very big question mark in my head. “Is this really for real?”. I’ve played other online games, but this is the 1st MMO game that really tickled the feminine side of me. Everything was just so friendly looking and just, may I say it again, cute! :D

My 1st day was kinda hectic. There were lots of bugs in the game. I got stuck in the “Cleaning Work” quest, where I was asked to “stun” (this is the first MMO where I have to stun monsters and not kill them) crabs to obtain there claws. It was hard coz that day, the combat system was bugged. I had to click a million times so that I could attack the monster. 1 hit and the monster is already hitting me 5 times! T_T





Next stop… Florapolis!

After killing the “fierce crab”, I am now sent to Florapolis, the city where Purin, Kuririn and Sakura, and Chouchou lived… and are asleep.

The main quests here is to wake up Purin, Sakura, and Chouchou by obtaining the keys to their houses.

I also have a new set of gear… the Hunter set.

I’m now off to kill some rats and get their tails for one quest.

abrieLLa^_^ is now shining because of my new Owl Badge Necklace.




Hello Kitty’s hometown… London!

I think their main delicacy here is strawberry cake, there were strawberries all over the place. Heheh

So Mary taught me how to make strawberry cakes. I had to plant strawberries in my farm. Yup, we had farms in London. ^_^

In this city lays the most patience-driving quest… The “Rolling Burry Balls” quest.

The materials are soooooo hard to find. It really need lots of patience to this quest and I needed to level up my crafting and forging skills. So to test my patience, I went through it.

I also bought a new set of gear… The Noble London set.

Here’s a screenie where I woke up Hello Kitty. ^_^




And the last city that we could go during FB… Paris!

There’s nothing much in this city… yet.

I think it would be formally active during the upcoming Open Beta.

Anywayz, I went to Paris out of boredom. My adventurous side drag me into going there. I gotta say, Paris is really the “city of love”. It was soooo pink an flowers are all over the place. I took some screenies during my visit to Paris… ^_^

After exploring the different places in Sanrio World, it’s time to reminis other memories during the Founder’s Beta. ^_^


I am so glad that I became a part of this guild. This is where you could find the friendliest, the nicest, and the best crowd of people.

When the guild system was fixed, a lot of guild sprouted. So I was thinking of looking for a guild to join. I read the forums and I happened to stumble upon this thread. The rules was kinda catchy:

[1] Help those in need to the best of your ability.

[2] Don’t be a jerk.

[3] Seriously, just don’t be a jerk.

It was so simple so i opted to inquire. The guild leader, Shadow, is so accommodating. I became one of the pioneer members, my name was still in the 2nd page of the guild window when I joined. My fellow Misfits were very nice too and Shadow was so helpful and so patient in answering about the quests that I’m doing.

To my dear Misfits:

You really made my stay in Founder’s Beta fun and memorable. *mwahz*

Here’s one of my fave screenies together with my guildies, it was taken during the last moments before FB ends. We went to the Moulin Rouge in Paris. ^_^



There were lot’s of events during the Founder’s Beta. They’re both for individuals and for guilds… First event…



This event had 3 segments, which includes Kitty’s birthday celebration.

We won the Grand Central Station.

Congartz to all of us Misfits!

But before the building of the landmarks happened, here are the 3 segments of this event:

Pochi, who came from the future, ate too much of the food in our time and had a very bad stomach ache. He needs somebody to gather him more fruits and vegetables and in exchange his giving a very important reward, the EMPIRE KEY, which could become very useful in the future.

I got the Empire Key for this one.




Keroleen’s pets ran away and she wants us to help her find them.


I got the Liberty Key and a T-rex Card. I now have a pet dino and named him butingoL^_^.


(acknowledge GM Abby for the pic above :D)

The 3rd segment involved baking Hello Kitty a cake. It starts with Choco Cat in Florapolis. His the one who taught me how to make Kitty’s birthday cake… ^_^

I got a birthday shirt and the Grand Central Ticket… ^_^

Now it’s time to start party-ing for Kitty’s bday!




Kitty and Mimi’s bday were celebrated for 2 days. First, it was in London. In the 2nd day, it was in the Harbour. But the Misfits were busy making food for the Charity Event so we just went to the Party Room and pose for some screenies. ^_^





For this event, guild mates will have to cooperate and gather as much crafted food items as they can in the game. Based on the total prepared food donated by all guilds, Sanrio Digital will then make a donation to UNICEF and the Asian Youth Orchestra.

After The Kevent, the top guild sponsors of this event were announced…

We were shocked that us, The Misftis, had the 3rd spot… We anticipated and were contented to have the 4th place…

 We became one of the Silver Sponsors in this Charity Event.




 We were very curios what The Kevent would be, so we all rushed to the Harbour to witness this finishing event. When we arrived there, the area was infested with lots of… Kevs!

We the Misfits just stayed in one corner of the Harbour.

Shadow was with us through the event. He’ll always be the best guild leader ever. His being there with us really showed that he still cared and was continuing to guide us Misfits. We miss you Shadow! ^_^



 During the last few moments before FB ends, we joined GM Neverneder and Hello Kitty in the Sanrio Harbour Beach in their Nude Party. A bunch of people were their all waiting for the server to disconnect, in their undies! :D



This had been the rantings of

…a dose of Cinnamoroll with Mocha, a cup of Cappucino, and a pinch of cuteness

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