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Back from China!

by cathyziqinxie:hellokitty.com

I finally returned from Shanghai yesterday and I’m still doing my best to recover from jetlag… XD The World Expo was absolutely amazing! There were so many visitors and just being able to see the architecture of the many different pavilions from all around the world was well worth the 18 hour flight! ^_^

I made many wonderful friends, Chinese, American, and from all around the world. It was my first time living in such a multicultural environment and literally every morning as I walked out from my room into Expo Village, I could hear so many different languages floating through the air. In America, we like to think we live in a melting pot society, but I don’t think most of us realize just how small our melting pot is in comparison to all of the cultures in the world.

Unfortunately… Internet access was the main downpoint this summer. It was near impossible to get internet access and the few times I was able to use the computer at work to get online, I was mortified (yet not surprised) to find the majority of the websites I’m used to browsing block… Including my email and this blog, which is why there haven’t been any updates since I left.

As I adjust to life in the states again, my first priority is studying for the MCAT which I will be taking at the end of January so until then there will be no more updates.

But after that I will be posting two interviews that are long overdue, from young adult fantasy author Victoria Hanley, and our first ever agent interview with the president of Talcott Notch Literary, Mrs. Gina Panettieri!

Once again everyone, sorry for the extended hiatus, and look forward to the updates when I emerge from my cavern of enlightenment! ^_^

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