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Eye of the Hurricane

by cathyziqinxie:hellokitty.com

Finally, a moment to eat some ice cream before the typhoon winds return. Last week was absolutely MISERABLE, what with 8 exams (2 Biology, 4 Neuroanatomy, and 3 Physics), 3 final papers, and 4 physics lab reports. Total, I slept about 15 hours for the whole week. I don’t know what I was running on at the DFW Writer’s Conference, but whatever it was, I need it distilled in a bottle for future use. ^_^

Tomorrow morning, I get the exciting task of waking up at 4am to drive to Bush Intercontinental and board an 18 hour flight to Shanghai, China. I can’t wait to be there with the rest of my family, but the packing beforehand… Spent all of Friday moving my entire apartment into storage. I discovered I can accumulate alot of junk in the span of a school year. >_< After driving 4 hours from Dallas back home to Houston, I’m immediately thrown into the mind boggling task of packing. (How on earth do you fit everything you’ll need for 4 months in 2 suitcases? O_O) I will also be getting school credit for blogging daily about my Shanghai adventures. Imagine that! Getting credit for doing something I love? *GASP*

When I get settled in Shanghai, I will update the blog with a post about the DFW Writer’s Conference. There will also be 4 soon to come interviews with author Victoria Hanley, literary agents Gina Panettieri, Diana Fox, and Jason Yarn! I’m super excited to get some input from the other side of the writing business.

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