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Fantastic Finale for Figure Skating

Posted on Feb, 25, 2010

The figure skating part of the 2010 Winter Olympics has ended, and what an end it was. The ice dancing was just as inspiring as the pairs and the men’s singles, and the female’s single was just the most epic finale.

I was rather disappointed with the ice dancing pair from
Russia, Domnina Oksana and Shabalin Maksim. I felt that they did not perform to their potential, and I was not pleased with their style of Aboriginal dance, especially since the Aboriginal leaders declared that their performance was not culturally correct.

On the other hand, the team from
America, Meryl Davis and Charlie White, and the team from
Canada, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir were astounding. You could really feel the friendly competitive drive between these two pairs.

I really loved Meryl and Charlie’s Indian dance, and I loved that they took Indian dance lessons and used real Indian costumes to give an element of cultural accuracy to their performance. The performance itself was artistically beautiful, riddled with superb twizzle combinations and difficult lifts.

Tessa and Scott really brought their A game though. Their performance for both the short and long program moved me to tears. I couldn’t even think of taking my eyes off the screen while they were on the ice. Not only were their moves elegant, but their twizzle sections were carbon clones (only one as a female and one as a male ^_^).

The female’s single skate was peppered with fantastic, talented, competitive women. First, Joannie Rochette gave an amazing performance, despite her recent family tragedy. Both her short and long program even moved the commenter on NBC to tears. She is so courageous to go out and give it her all after her mother’s death, and her mother would definitely be proud of her.

Mao Asada and Kim Yu-Na were definately the icing and the chocolate caramel drizzle on the cake. I really admire the tenacity of these two women. Both performances from these two young ladies were unimmaginably difficult and top notch, but Yu-Na’s really resonated with me. I was moved by her artistic interpretation of the music, and her technically perfect jumps. Both of them also set records, Mao by being the first female to land perfect triple lutz’ in both the short and long program and Kim by setting the highest record for female figure skating, making this Olympics’ female figure skating unforgettable.


I can’t even imagine what it is like to carry the weight of all your country’s hope and honor on your shoulders. And for Yu-Na and Asada to prevail under such high pressure is incredible. This is a life lesson for me. No matter how impossible everything seems right now (getting into medical school and getting published), its nothing compared to the pressure these two women suffered, and if they could overcome their hurdles so magnificently, then I can too.

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