It’s free to dream. As I approach my double 4 year on earth here are my heart’s desires…

The DELL STUDIO 15 Notebook

I own a DELL laptop and it is my friend and constant companion. She is the sole witness to the most private of my thoughts and rants. The Studio 15 is available in your choice of seven colors: Plum Purple, T

angerine Orange, Flamingo Pink, Midnight Blue, Ruby Red, Spring Green or standard Jet Black. I want this baby in Spring Green. If you are a good friend of mine, you will know that this shade of green has long been my favorite color.

I love my Dell but lately I’ve been having to share her a lot with the a senior high school student at home who burns the midnight oil doing research and all. Maybe it’s time for me to get a new one in my favorite color. The Notebook Review Website lists the following positive points…


  • Beautiful design
  • Solid selection of available configurations
  • Reasonable battery life
  • Nice keyboard, touchpad and media buttons
  • Great component layout makes for easy upgrades/repair
  • Good value for the price
  • The Cons to me were negligible.

    I’ve always been happy with my graphite grey Dell. Here’s a picture of us together (10 pounds ago… the

    owner, not the PC). If God grants my wish, I’ll miss my old Dell but I know she’ll be in good hands. We look like a Dell ad in the photo but we’re not :) Dell and I have been crafting my weekly Philippine Daily Inquirer column “Roots&Wings” together for the last year or so. Many of the major changes in my life have often been marked by the purchase of a new laptop. Thank God there haven’t been that many changes over the last five years :) But change is always good. It’s the one thing (outside of God’s love for us) that is constant and what keeps us moving forward.

    Tomorrow, part two…




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