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Okay, I’m not too crazy about the Spice Girls but when I saw them, I still got starstruck.

My anak-anakan Dagth Perez had the rare opportunity to see them in the flesh at their one-night only show in Los Angeles last week. Dagth who takes awesome photographs was blessed enough to bring “Turtles” (her beloved camera) into the jampacked Staples Center. The results are the photos you see on this page.

To boot, she got a close-hand look at Tom Cruise with Suri and Katie - best friends of the Beckhams. And, the David Beckham himself buying cotton candy and popcorn for his kids. At the end of the day, these celebrities are just like ordinary people too — except that there are millions of dollars in assets between them and us.

Dagth says the show was really awesome and Victoria, the woman who bought a $50,000.00 pllayhouse for her sons (walang magawa sa pera) was the “fakest” but neverthless, she was the star of the night. Prettiest was a tie between Emma and Mel C; Jerri was the hottest and Mel B was the “scariest” whatever Dagth meant by that.

You are one blessed girl Dagth! Thanks for sharing your photos with the rest of the world. Sana susunod si Mc Dreamy na ang makita mo ng up close and personal.

Enjoy the photos below…
Tom Cruise was the evening’s opening act

Followed by papa David Beckham

If you wanna be my lavah…

because friendship never ends…

It’s not everyday that you get the chance to be serenaded. All the more, up close and personal by one of country’s best violinists and someone I have long admired since he came into the music scene.

I’m talking about no less than, Jay Cayuca.

As you can see from the photographs, it was one enchanted evening and both H and I were giddy with delight. These were taken at the 45th wedding anniversary dinner of my BFF’s parents. I know, right? Forty-five years is certainly something to celebrate! And how do they do it? They both said that they never stopped dreaming together. Awwwwww.

It was definitely a musical week for us. In a span of three days, there was the awesome Jay Cayuca one evening, The UP Singing Ambassadors and my all-time favorites, Robert Sena and Isay Alvarez on a Friday night at a fabulous dinner given by a close family friend. The UP Singing Ambassadors were a sight to behold as well. First in their all-whote ensembles and then in their colorful outfits. Their fantastic voices made our jaws drop several times! Robert and Isay, specifically, Robert, really belted it out that night and we were afraid for a moment that the drinking glasses would break. I’m pretty sure everyone in the vicinity of Banyan Road in Dasma that evening, benefited from the vocal prowess of these world-class entertainers.

Then, on Saturday night, at the Ateneo De Manila University 2007 Homecoming there were…

The original Spirit of ‘67 boys from, what else, HS 1967

The rocking and gorgeous Marc Abaya with Kwan from HS ‘97 (ang bata pa niya!)

And everyone’s favorite crooner, Jose Mari Chan, Coll ‘57, whose music spans many generations.
Imagine, having the chance to listen to all these first-rate entertainers in a matter of days?! What a great blessing indeed! Aside from feasting, music has always been an integral part of every Filipino celebration. The partying has clearly begun. Now let the giving be even more, especially towards those who have less in life, as Christmas fast approaches.

I love hate my friend Anne for getting me into this addiction. Kainez ka :)

Now my workdays are peppered with moments when I steal into my Facebook to see what’s up in my friend’s lives and check on who else has been added into my site, who poked me, hugged me, sent me a gift, wrote on my wall, joined my “Grey’s Anatomy” team, sent me a magical gorwing gift or hatching egg, and the list goes on and on. Super addicting I tell you.

I have Friendster and I still love Multiply but this Facebook is in a totally different league, man! I’ve found long-lost friends, colleagues, students, classmates etc… in a matter of days! I’ve only been in it for five days now and I already have 51 friends :) Suddenly, ang corny na talaga ng Friendster.

Facebook has been described as “the model of a great social networking site. Excellent functionality, easy to use, clean interface, and witty features. Being able to tag your friends in photos is simply brilliant!” on the Big Marketing for Small Business website. It’s founder,Mark Zuckerberg was a student at Harvard when he created the awesome social networking site, the young genius is only 24 years old, and has already landed on the cover of Newsweek magazine.

They say that Facebook appeals more to Generation XY I am definitely a part of Generation X and I agree that Facebook appeals to a certain age group and possibly, even a certain type of personality. The heaviest users, myself included, appear to be those in their mid-30s to mid-40s with obviously, time to spare and lots of creative inclinations. P doesn’t have Facebook and has no intentions of getting one in the near future. “I don’t have the patience for it…” my 16-year old tells me. I believe her generation is the Multiply breed. “It’s so much easier to navigate,” she explains, “And to upload and access everyone’s photos and to comment on them,” she adds. Okay, okay. I still love Multiply too because yes, it’s simpler to navigate and because of all the online shopping sites that I’ve recently discovered. Neverthless, the good thing about these tools is that it has made our mother-daughter bond even stronger - so many sites and stuff to talk about over dinner, after homework, and beyond.

Working at home has become even waaaay more fun!

This Christmas I want to give gifts that give back.

One of the nicest ones I’ve found online are these bags from Ichay Bulaong that are super reasonably priced and give back in many ways. That’s what you call a truly meaningful gift with a bang for the buck. Even better, they are already packed in gift bags, ready to be given! Check out the rest of her bags here and read about the wonderful ways by which her livelihood program is helping the women of Batangas. These bags really make cool, Christmas presents. If you know of any other vendors who make gifts that give back, please send me a link to their site.

Once in a while you come across a shoe that really, literally, blows your socks off.

Being a sneakers and tee type of mommy, I live in my jeans and casual tops and walk around either in wedges or very comfy shoes. A few weeks ago I got myself a pair of the new Women’s Relay Stretch  by Merrel and I’ve been loving and wearing it since.

I wondered why it felt so different from theother athletic shoes I had worn before. Checking the literature that came with the shoe, I note that it has a

“patent-pending technology that is 100 percent tailor-fit for women: Q-Form™. The Q-Form™ technology, which was specifically developed because women move differently, combines properly sequenced cushioning with a supportive and naturally aligning midsole. Upon initial heel strike, the Merrell Air Cushion® absorbs the brunt of the shock and centers the heel. As the foot rolls toward the medial side (inside) of the foot, a firm, supportive portion of the midsole gently redirects the foot toward the lateral side (outside of the foot). A neutral-density cushioning zone aids in the transition of weight and pressure to the lateral side of the foot. As the center of gravity shifts to the lateral side, the foot is further stabilized by a second firm midsole zone. A softer portion within the midsole provides cushioning under the peak pressure zone of the foot. Simply put, Q-Form™ compensates for a woman’s pronounced “Q angle” (the angle between hip and knee) to alleviate discomfort. This also reduces the wear and tear of shoes, enabling them to last longer.”

Q-angle. You learn new stuff everyday.  Whatever. I wear this everywhere now especially since I’ve been hitting the stores, trying to complete our family Christmas list. I’m loving this shoe and do hope that it lasts me a long, long time.

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