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October 31st, the day Candy122 gets hyper!!!!


Hey today is Halloween and I am so excited about it! What I love about Halloween best is the candy! Yummmmmmmmy!!!!!!!! I always am hyper in Halloween sooo eager to get myself LOADS of candy! *EATS CANDY YAAHOOO!!!!* Im going to explode!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH! SOMEONE CALM ME DOWN. Kuromi: Calm down Candy122, the candy isn’t THAT important. What is important is scaring people away and feeling evil about it mwahaha! This year I am planning to scare my rival sister, My Melody. Me: Aww don’t do that! She is so innoccent. Kuromi: TO YOU SHE IS BUT TO ME SHE IS THE DEVIL AND WILL SOON DIE IN HE||!!!!! Me: Wow don’t be like that. You are the one who need to calm down about that! My Melody: =( Kuromi, you always hurt my feelings! *cries* Kuromi: EXACTLY THAT IS THE POINT OF HALLOWEEN!!! Me: No it isn’t the point of halloween! You aren’t suppose to hurt people. You are suppose to celebrate it with your family or go trick or treating. In fact, My Melody is your sister and she counts as your family! Kuromi: I DON’T CARE I AM GOING TO KICK MY MELODY IN THE YOU KNOW WHAT! My Melody: I’m scared!!! =( Me: Show some respect for your sister! Kuromi: WILL YOU STOP TELLING ME WHAT TO DO? >:( Me: I WILL STOP WHEN YOU LEARN HOW TO BEHAVE WITH YOUR SISTER!!! Kuromi: ALRIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me: Prove it to me. Kuromi: *cough cough* Suddently I feel sick. Me: *takes temperature* You are a lier! You are faking it. Kuromi: Someone take me to the Sanrio Hospital! I need Nurse Hello Kitty to heal me. My Melody: No way. After the way you treated me, no I won’t. Kuromi: *Turns green* I feel like…… @_@ I am going to have a headache. Me: Oh my goodness you are such a lier now please stop faking it. Kuromi: I am not, I feel like this when I try to be……. nice…….. Which is why I am evil most of the time and if i am not I get sick…. Kuromi: Aww I am so sorry My Melody here have flowers.. My Melody: Um no thanks… Me: My Melody, don’t listen to Kuromi. If she treats anyone any nicer she will get even more sick. Kuromi: Uhhhhhhhhh. Sorry I can’t help it. When I am sick I just can’t control my nice behavior. Me: My Melody! I have a plan. Try to be mean and selfish like Kuromi was to you. That should do the trick to get her back. My Melody: That’s just not my personality… I don’t know how… I have never been like that. Me: Just act like Kuromi acted before this whole mess happened. My Melody: Uhmmmmm ok……. KUROMI I AM GOING TO KICK YOU AND CHOKE YA AND STEAL YOUR PRECIOUS DEMON OUTFIT. BEFORE THAT, I WANT TO DO SOMETHING. *SLAPS* Kuromi: Omg what happened?! I feel like someone slapped me and why is my face blushing? >:( MY MELODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE GOING TO PAY FOR THIS YOU EVIL CREATURE. Me: Haha it’s good to have Kuromi back as her real self. *Jumps into pile of candy and stuffs into mouth* YEAHH NOW I FEEL EXTRA HYPER!!!!!! HAHAHA =)

Halloween Candy Story


I see Candy Corn and Hello Kitty’s Candy Wand! O_O Must.. not.. eat.. candy.. Voice: You.. must.. eat.. candy! I will give you candy that lasts forever if you eat it! Me: You are right! *Eats candy corn and Hello Kitty Wand* *OMNOMOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNMOM* Voice: HAHAHAHAHA!!!! I can’t believe you!!! Hahahaahaaaaaa you fell for it!!! Me: Kuromi?! Kuromi: Yes it was me bwahahaha!! Me: You tricked me into thinking you would give me candy that lasts forever?! :mad: Kuromi: Yes I am that evil right? :p Me: I wanted to stop eating candy for once and you ruined me! :( Now I have a stomach ache again just like any other halloween. Kuromi: I am so sorry LOL I couldn’t resist fooling you. I didn’t know you were trying to stop eating candy. :eek: Me: It’s ok I guess.. Next year can you please stop fooling me? Kuromi: Ok. Well, I think I know a few healthy candy brands. Me: Oooh give me!! Kuromi: Hahaha Candy122 will never stop loving or eating candy. :)

A Kuromi-Licious Story!


So obiously you know I love CANDY!!!!!!! My favorites are Kitkat, Hersheys, and much more! Anyways I wanted to introduce myself. Im awkward and random. I love Kuromi! Mwahahaha she is so evil! Kuromi should be a candy stealer! O_O Let me tell you a story I made up. I hired Kuromi to steal candy and give it to me to eat. Then by accident she ate a sleepy spell candy. 0kuromi3.gif She fell asleep! So then I had to wake her up and she was dreaming about her rival Mymelody and in her dream she was like: AHHHH! GET OUTTA HERE MYMELODY YOU ARE THE WORST SISTER EVER!!! So then I gave Kuromi a candy called Kuromi Candy Cure and she woke up!  Kuromi: *EATS CANDY* Me: KUROMI YOU ARE FIRED FOR EATING MY CANDY! IM SUPPOSE TO EAT THEM, NOT YOU! Kuromi: OK OK, Im sorry. Can you please hire me? I need money for new Kuromi Outfits. PWEASE HIRE ME!!! Me: NO!!!!! Kuromi: *sigh* Me: I was just kidding! xD Kuromi: OHHH!!! So then we all started to laugh and we could not stop. Our laughing was unstoppable. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! 0kuromiprofile.gif

 That’s all! LOL Ok bye now! Thanks for reading my story.

Ok bye now!

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