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Argh T_T

At the moment, I’m redoing 3 weeks worth of work ’cause my flash drive DIED!

I was working on my assignment for Type 2 on a PC in the school library, and it kept saying it was having a problem reading my flash drive.  I tried getting it to work twice, but it was still being finnicky so I went to the Macs in the library, ’cause I guess they have CS3 on them now.  So I started doing my grids again, and then Illustrator freezes up and I call one of the librarians over, who says the only thing I could do was to shut the system down from the tower.  So yeah, thats what I did, and my flash drive fried in the process.  T_T  I lost EVERYTHING!

:/  So yeah, redoing all of it now.  This sucks major.  At least I’m working pretty quickly though, and I could possibily have everything done by the time I go to bed tonight.  Then after that I have to do the homework that’s due for next class.  *sigh*  Well I know never to use the library computers now, at least.

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