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Can’t sleep

It’s 3:12 AM where I’m at, my mom woke me up when she went to bed at 1 AM and I can’t sleep.  I’m trying to get some homework done but my ADD is in full swing right now.

I just clicked on the Kitty Shop.  O.o;  So much new cute stuff!  Someone tell me, what is Girl’s Day?  The collection is so pretty, I want the cellphone charm!  I also know Chinese New Year is next week, does any one celebrate this holiday?  Are there special foods that you eat that are significant to Chinese New Year?  It sounds exciting.  :D

I’m really liking blogging at Sanrio Town.  It’s such a nice community and I never expected anyone to comment my blogs.  O.o;  I don’t find myself terribly fascinating, but I enjoy other people’s comments very much.  I’m suppose to be writing daily, to improve my writing skills.  I hope it’s working, ha.

I really need to get myself a laptop soon.  I don’t know how the heck I’ll be able to afford one, but it’s hard to do my homework seeing my family only has one mac.  We have a really old PC downstairs but I can’t run CS3 on it and I have to use photoshop/illustrator/in design all the time.  Plus, I don’t know how Word documents would transfer from an old PC to Word on a mac.  At school, we only use macs.  The only time we use PCs is in liberal arts classes (like English or Art History) and our library has mostly PCs.  When we needed a new computer last year I was able to talk my mom into getting an iMac, which are a lot easier to use if you’re doing design things on a computer.  I don’t think my family will ever buy a computer that runs on Windows OS again.  It really would be helpful to have a macbook though, ’cause my mom is selling a lot on amazon so she has to check it ever few hours, and my brother frequently watches youtube videos so he can learn how to play Nintendo songs on his piano lol.  (Which by the way, he’s pretty good.  He can play some songs from Zelda and Mario.)  I’m sure I can last another semester without a macbook, and if I work this summer maybe I can save up enough money to buy one.

- Callie (who’s tired and needs some caffeine now)

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