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I Hurt My Tail!

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

I am very sad!

My tail, it hurts so bad! I can’t go out to play with evribody! I really want to play but wen I am having fun, my tail moovs and it really hurts!

It’s a good thing Cinnamon iz with me all the time taking care of me. Mocha too, and everybody else! They are fussing about me! heehee! It’s kinda good but then wat I want to do is PLAY!

Happy Birthday Badbadtz-Maru!

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008


Happy birthday Badbadtz-Maru, from all of us at Cafe Cinnamon!

Lerning How too Type!

Saturday, March 29th, 2008

Hello everyone! My name is Milk and I am the youngest and most cutest, hihi! I am so lucky Cinnamon is helpin me lern how too type on this keebord! Cinnamon is tha bestest teachur!

Yaay! Mimmy is here! I like Mimmy! She playz wit me all tha time and she is so nice! I also like Hello Kitty but (ssh, don’t tell anyone) I like Mimmy many-er! *hihi* Wen pochi is sleeping, I am sure Mimmy will go out to play wit mee!

I am a little lonely here in tha store now becoz Cinna and tha others are still out helping to look for Keroleen’s bracelet! Mocha was all krayzee wen she heard it was from a “Tifany”. I think she is tha one who is looking for it tha hardest among all of them!

I think I am gooder now at typing! Thanks agen to my most favoritest ever, Cinnamon! Wil go get my milk bottle now and weit for them to come back :) See you all!